Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am not going to post every week about how I'm doing with my "accountability list", but I'm just so excited about a couple of things and wanted to share. First of all, I LOVE having my menus planned. It is so wonderful when I'm not rushing around at 4:00 trying to decide what's for dinner!!!

Secondly, I love my prayer journal. It is making me so aware of everything. I got the idea from this book by Stephen Covey
I go through my day thinking about the things I prayed about in the morning and I just feel so much gratitude throughout the day. It is wonderful. Then at night as I reflect and write about all that happened--WOW!

The exercising and watching my eating is not going as well as I would like--but at least I'm working at it. That feels good. I made cupcakes today for one of my Seminary students and didn't eat one (I wish I could type this in a smaller font--I did eat some frosting, though ; (((((((

I have been practicing piano and was scheduled to have a lesson yesterday, but unfortunately my piano teacher is sick, so I will just have to keep practicing my scales and a few hymns for my 20 minutes a day.

#6 is going pretty well, wish I could say the same for #7. It sure would be nice if I could just write a note to everyone and tell them exactly what I WOULD LIKE THEM TO DO AND SAY. Some time ago my son, Neal, gave me this book and I was reading and taking notes and it helped me a lot--guess I better read it again. I am going to be 57 next week (in a previous post I said 58, goodness why would I add a year???) and I always thought I would be so wise by the time I was THAT OLD!!!

It does feel good to be working on improvements. I just need to remember (which reminds me of a quote I used in Seminary this morning by Pres. Kimball that "remember" is probably the most important word in the dictionary). So I need to REMEMBER: baby steps!!! I can't expect to change in a week, right?!?

Sidenote #1: I picked up my van today!!! Yippee!!! It looks as good as new. I don't know who is happier, me or Kyle. He just texted me from work asking how the van looks. I'm so mean I told him it looked pretty good until I smashed it pulling into the garage. Silly boy believed me ; )

Sidenote #2:
Rock Band pictures will be posted at a later date.


Melissa said...

Yeah for the van! That is funny that he believed you :) My brother is always calling my parents saying that he's been in an accident or something like that... it's never true :) We are teases... it's in our DNA!
It sounds like you're doing really well with your goals! That's great! I haven't even looked at my goals this week... sigh... :S Time to revisit them and make some smaller goals so that I can reach the ones I have set!! :)

Holly said...

Good for you! I haven't even gotten my resolutions written down, although I think I have them worked out in my head. Both books look interesting, I think I need to look into both of them.

Tonya said...

I'm glad the van is back and better than ever.

You are doing great on your goals. I think I'm going to have to put that Stephen Covey book on my list to read.

I like the idea of a prayer journal. I'm horrible at journal writing, thus the blog.

Keep it up you rock star you!!

txmommy said...

whoo hoo!! Go Yvonne!!

JustRandi said...

Thank-you so much for sharing those books that have been helpful to you! I'm always looking for good reading material, and I love hearing what's good from others!!
And yea for your goals. Sounds like they're coming right along.

annie said...

It sounds like you are doing awesome! Good job! I actually have given up coke! It's been easier than I thought it would be... I'm trying to greatly reduce the amount of sugar in my diet.

Lauren said...

Woohoo, Rock Band pictures!

After you posted about writing down things you are thankful for each day, I decided to do it too! I love it because I sit in bed at night and just keep coming up with stuff to write down! Thank you for the inspiration!

Nancy Face said...

I should write out a menu plan...hmmm, maybe next week? Nah, I probably won't do it, haha! ;)

Your prayer journal is a wonderful idea...and REMEMBER is truly a very important word, in every aspect of our lives.

HOORAY! I'm so glad your van is all better! I love what you did to Kyle, tee hee! ;)

MAGIRK said...

I am reading that book too (Bonds that Make Us Free). LOL about being wiser by the time you're 'older.' Wisdom, for me, always seems to be just out of reach!

I am impressed that you didn't have a cupcake! (I mean, how could you not! Or should I say, how could I NOT - if I were in your situation...) I don't think I could resist!

Congratulations on getting the van back! And looking forward to the Rock Band pictures.... ;)

Whitney said...

I couldn't agree with you more about how it's so much easier to have menu's planned for dinner. I hate running to the grocery store every night getting things for dinner, and taking an hour to decide what to even make!!!
Congrats on not having a cupcake!!! A little frosting never hurt anyone, and if you have just a tiny, you won't end up craving it so much that you splurge! So that's a good idea :)
By the way, I'm Whitney, I'm friends with Lauren and Nancy, and I'm just looking to make more blogging friends! Nice to meet you! :)

Whitney said...

You know what I just realized?! You're in Winnipeg right? My friend went/is on his mission there! He had to come home for health reasons (boarderline heart attack!!!) but we're hoping he can go back out soon! That's cool you're out there :)

Yvonne said...

melissa: I have a really weird sense of humor, but my family tolerates me ; ) Good luck with your goals.

holly: It's great that your goals are at least in your head. I think both books are fabulous.

tonya: Next to The Divine Center, this is one of my favorite Stephen Covey books. As I mentioned, the prayer journal has been great for me.

txmommy: Thanks--I'm trying.

justrandi: Let me know if you read the books.

Thanks for the support.

annie: Thanks. Good luck with the coke--I think that is great.

lauren: You're welcome. It's great when we really stop and look at how blessed we are, isn't it?!?

nancyface: You probably don't run around like a crazy woman hollering "What's for dinner???"
I needed a plan.

I'm really loving the prayer journal.

magirk: What do you think of the book?

Yesterday it was cupcakes, today I brought donuts in celebration of the van, and NONE FOR ME!!!

whitney: I'm so glad you stopped by.

My problem with the cupcake is if I have one, I can't stop. If I have none, it's not a problem. Silly, but that's me ; )

If you can find out what areas your friend served, I'll try to figure out if I know him. I hope he's doing o.k. with his medical problem.

Amanda said...

Sorry I havent been around much! It sounds like you have made some excellent choices for new year's, um, changes. ;) It looks like you are making good progress too. I started reading that Bonds book, but I never finished it. I need to start over. It was really good.

Yvonne, you are such an inspiration and I just love reading your down to earth blog. You are 'real' and I just love that! Have a great night!

Yvonne said...

Amanda: I was sooooo happy to see your comment. Yours was one of the first few blogs I found.

I'm glad you liked the book--it has been very helpful for me, but it's time for a re-read and a re-application!

Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot.

Chel said...

Okay. I'm still waiting for the Rockband pictures... you know I'm going to one up you on my blog after you post yours... don't ya? lol

I seriously can't wait. Hey... we could totally be in the same band!! We don't have to be at the same house we can do XBOX Live!