Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I started blogging because I wanted to post pictures of a trip we were going to take. I mainly did it so my friends and family could look at pictures and see where we were visiting.

It has become something entirely different. Like Chel, I want it to become a journal/family history of sorts. I even started by posting pictures of old trips. I had such a ball doing that.

But then I started visiting other blogs. I loved what was out there. I then started posting things about my everyday life. I didn't think the comments would be so important to me, but they are a sort of validation. I am so glad I found the blogs that I visit--you all have become friends and I love reading about your lives, your concerns, your successes, your love of family, and everything else you share. You have uplifted and strengthened me in so many ways. And I've had many laughs along the way. For all of that I say THANKS!

I'm just curious--Why do you blog? or What got you started blogging?

Sidenote #1: While Kyle was at school today, I went down to the basement and played Rock Band. First of all, it's not as much fun by yourself, but I still enjoyed playing. (I need to practice because I think there are those in my family who think they're taking the band on the road WITHOUT ME!!!)

Sidenote #2:
Heidi just started Student Teaching a kindergarten class in Utah on Monday. I am so proud of her!! I wish I could be a little fly on the wall to watch her in action.


Holly said...

I think someone needs to post a picture of YOU playing Rock Band Yvonne! I'll bet it's adorable.

PJ said...

I had no idea what I was stepping into when I started my blog.
I am so VERY glad that I did.
I get to keep up with people like YOU!

I would LOVE to see you playing Rock Band! Pictures or Video, oh please:D

Melissa said...

I blog because I can. :)
Okay, seriously... I started it as a kind of joke... then I tried to make it into a journal... now, well, now it's my only contact with adults during the day. I crave the comments, not as validation, but just to know that there are still other human beings on the planet. Now you know just how WEIRD I am. :D

annie said...

I started blogging to update friends and family on Izzy's status shortly after her accident... then I decided to have my own because I only wanted hers to be about her. I am amazed at the wonderful people God has brought me through bloggging... it's a God thing for sure!

Lauren said...

HAHAHA Yvonne you are so awesome! Playing Rock Band...you are one hip mom!

I blog because letting my thoughts out saves me from a brain cloud.

MAGIRK said...

I originally began blogging in 2006 when our twins were born. We kept them isolated by Dr.'s orders because they were born premature in the wintertime and Baby Boy had spent time in the NICU, so we weren't allowing visitors for the first 6 months of their lives. We wanted to post pictures and updates, though, to help family and friends feel involved to an extent. I quit after we 'introduced' them into society after 6 months.

I started blogging again a few months ago, mainly just to get my thoughts out of my head. I still feel isolated somewhat, because caring for twins is a LOT of work, so I don't get out much. I can't stand talking on the phone, I really only have one friend living close. My sister blogged, so I thought, why not!?

Now, I think it's so much fun! It just turned into something all its own. I love the awesome people I've met (like you!) and it gives me the sense that there's someone out there listening, when I feel desperate for adult interaction in the face of double the screaming and a 4-year-old's temper tantrums.

(Can you tell I need conversation!? The way I ramble on and on and on....) :-P

JustRandi said...

I'm not really sure why I blog. I just really wanted to. I'm astounded by the people I've met, though, and the things I've learned. I never expected that, for sure.

I can just picture you downstairs playing Rock Band. It sounds like something I would do - just try to get good enough to NOT embarrass myself every time we sat down to play. :0

Ashley said...

I started blogging to keep up with my friends in Texas who.....Uuuhhhhmmm....quit after a few posts. I really enjoyed it and my family who is far away can watch my girls grow up.

Plus you meet great people such as yourself!

Tonya said...

I started blogging because I am horrible at keeping a journal and I thought that it would inspire me. That part has been true. The wonderful side effect that I didn't anticipate is that I would meet so many wonderful people like you. It's been a very rewarding and I am loving it!!

I would also like to vote for the picture of you playing rock band.

Thorny Tree Lady said...

I started a blog as a journal of sorts. My personal journal (when I get around to writing in it) shows the deep, instrospective, spiritual, and often heavily depressed sides of me. I didn't want to have my kids and grandkids reading it after I die and think that that was the only side of me. I wanted them to remember the fun side, the silly side, the one they saw day to day. But then it evolved into the same type of blog as yours and Chel's: family journal with a bit of me, too; that has connected me to lots of wonderful people. It's cathartic, and it's a part of my life I love.

P.S. I vote for some Rock Band pics, too!

Nancy Face said...

I got started blogging because Lauren talked me into it! I liked reading her posts, and I would make comments on her friends' posts. (Not admitting I was her mom, haha!) She finally convinced me I needed my own blog, and I'm so glad! I love commenting and receiving comments, and the friendships I've made through doing so! I'm so glad YOU are my dear friend! :)

Haha, you're getting addicted to Rock Band! :D

Hooray for Heidi! :)

Chel said...

I started blogging because my sister was blogging... and I thought it was cool to read about her daily activities and see pictures of her girls all the time (she lives in Georgia). So I started up so that I could do the same thing... keep family up to date with fun pictures and words. I like it better than sending around emails.

Yvonne said...

holly: I will post a picture soon! (Don't think adorable will describe it ; ) By the way, thanks for answering my e-mail.

pj: I'm glad you started blogging, too. Picture soon--but no video!

melissa: I'm so glad you blog. Isn't it nice to have the interaction. No, not weird!!!

annie: I bet your friends and family were so grateful that you had the blog after Izzy's accident.

You are such an inspiration, and a spiritual giant.

lauren: How can you call me a hip mom--when you have the hippest!!! I just love your enthusiasm and am so glad you blog--and you have two blogs which is amazing to me!!!!

magirk: I just thing having twin babies would be so fun--until they both started crying at the same time, or needed to be fed at the same time, or diapered at the same time!!! I guess I just think going through one pregnancy and getting two babies would be so great! I'm sure it was great for your family and friends to stay involved.

I love that you share your thoughts and ideas with all of us.

justrandi: Like you I never thought I'd meet so many wonderful people. It has been so fun. There are so many clever, witty people.

ashley: Yeah, I'm grateful one of my daughters-in-law has a blog and we have a family website, so I get to see pictures. It's hard to be so far away.

I'm grateful I found your blog.

tonya: It is a much easier way to keep a journal. Like you, I'm grateful for the people I've met. I love hearing you write about your family and read about your experiences with Church. It is so wonderful.

thorny tree lady: I wish I could remember who said something about keeping two journals--one you burn and one you leave for posterity. (Not that the one you would burn would have awful stuff, but I don't want everyone reading about all of my "bad" days.) I don't think there's anything wrong with my great great grandchildren knowing I had a few bad days, but certainly wouldn't want them to think I was a hag/nag!!! I'm glad you are enjoying the blogging experience.

nancyface: I'm so glad Lauren convinced you!!! Your blog is so fun--you inspire me. I'm so glad that we have become friends--and you know I still wish we were next door neighbors, I might even run with you--gosh that should tell you what kind of a friend you are!!!

No Rock Band today--I'm starting the 12 Step Program ; )

chel: I agree that blogging is so much better than e-mails. I just wish I knew who in my family was reading???