Friday, February 8, 2008


I have been the receipent of some wonderful awards the past few days and rather than hoard them all to myself I want to pass them on.

A couple of weeks ago Annie gave me this Everyday Kindness Award Award. I was introduced to Annie's blog through Nancyface. She is such a remarkable woman--if you haven't been to her blog, go and visit. You will be so uplifted.

And yesterday I also received the same award from nancyface. She and I always joke about being next door neighbors, but then I know I would have to live in Arizona because there is no way she could handle our cold weather. (She says that, not me. I think she could handle anything ; )

I would like to pass that award on to: chel who has become a great blogging friend. When you read her blog you are touched by her kindness; tonya my dear friend who is so incredibly sweet; whitney who is one of my newest blogging buddies but leaves comments that make you feel so good; corrine who always makes me laugh; and magirk, I think anyone who can blog while mothering 3 small children (including a set of twins) deserves an award!!!

A few days ago I received this E for Excellence Award from Tori. She is a remarkable woman--so full of life. Go visit all of her blogs. You'll find her here, here, or here--I wish I had her gift for telling stories. She has so much energy!!! I also received this same award yesterday from whitney. I think I found her blog through lauren--and I'm so glad I did.

I'd like to pass that award on to each of these bloggers: txmommy--although she makes me tired when I read her blog, I love reading it; pj--who is a great photograher and it's so fun to read her blog--she is an amazing mom and has so much fun with her family; and lauren who has such a great sense of humor and such enthusiasm. She has two blogs visit her at this one or this one.

Then I received this award from Ashley. If you want to go and read about 3 of the most adorable little girls, go read her blog. This award comes with a couple of rules:

"The rules for being A Roar For Powerful Words recipient are that I share 3 writing tips and pass the award on to 3 more bloggers worthy of recognition and esteem..."

My three rules would be:

1. Be yourself

2. Save your posts as a draft--especially if writing in the heat of the moment

3. Let your readers into your heart

I'll pass this on to these three bloggers: lei--go and read her post from yesterday and you will be amazed; melissa--we have been blogging buddies for quite awhile and I love how she posts all the time--and her posts are always interesting and mindylou who has such an amazing way of writing and on her most recent post tied in the scriptures so beautifully.

If you are a Lost fan, were you more confused after last night's episode?


PJ said...

First! Whoot!

PJ said...

Thank you Yvonne!

PJ said...

I agree with your thoughts on so many of these good women! I'm a little partial to MINDYLOUWHO, my SIL:)

And YES I was more confused at Lost last night. My brain has no more room for new characters! Ahhh!

Chel said...

Very cool and very deserving! You are so kind, excellent and have a great way of writing.
Sometimes I wish I was like everyone else, but I think we all just have our own blog style! :)
Thanks for the award-- you are so sweet!

JustRandi said...

Congratulations on your awards! And I agree with every one of them!

Ashley said...

Well deserved! Yep i did feel "lost" by that nights episode. I feel like maybe they are confused by their own story line. The shpw is kinda of lingering instead of progressing.

Holly said...

Terrific awards and all definitely well-deserved!

Whitney said...

Thank you!!! :)
Congrats on all of the awards :D Most definately all deserved!

Magirk said...

Wow! Awards! Congratulations! :)

And thanks for passing one on to me. You're such a sweetheart.

You deserve every award you get! In fact, I think you deserve ALL the awards! (which, it seems is happening... ha, ha!) ;)

Alice Wills Gold said... sure do have a lot of blogging friends...whenever someone awards me with anything...I always think, "Well which two of my friends are going to get it this time?" he he

Lei said...

Re: Lost - yes, I was. And thnaks for the award. I'm excited to pass it on!

Tori :) said...

Awesome Yvonne!! Congrats!!

mindyluwho said...

Wow...thank you Yvonne!

Now I'll have to go checking some of these blogs out as I only have been to a few of them, except PJ...who I love the mostest!

txmommy said...

wow! you got a lot of awards:) You deserve them all, I love to read your blog and your thoughts about your class and your love for your family.

Thanks for thinking of me!

Yvonne said...

pj: You are very welcome. I didn't realize that mindylouwho was your SIL.

I'm glad I'm not alone in the Lost department.

chel:You are so right--we all do have our own style. I love them all.

You deserve the award.

justrandi: thanks.

ashley: Thanks. I think it will get better as the season goes along.

holly: Thanks.

whitney: You're very welcome, and thank you.

magirk: thank you. A big thank you for your wonderful giveaway ; )

alicewillsgold: I have been very fortunate to meet some very wonderful people in the blogging world. It's been a great experience. I'm so glad gina had that link to your blog.

lei: It's nice to know I wasn't alone.

You're very welcome.

tori: Thank you.

mindylou: You're welcome--I hope you go check out the other blogs. They are all so great.

I didn't realize you and PJ were related.

txmommy: Thanks. You know how much I enjoy your blog.

Nancy Face said...

Congratulations on each of your awards! Hooray! :D

Yvonne said...

nancyface: Thank you--you are always so kind to pass them on, part of the reason I love ya.

Lauren said...

AWWWW! Thank you!!!!

I was confused by LOST when my friends were talking about it last night at dinner. I haven't been able to watch it because I work Thursday nights...but hearing them talk about it, I decided it would be better to tune them out then try to understand.

Yvonne said...
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Yvonne said...

lauren: You're so welcome--If I were creative I'd come up with an award for you and your mom!

You have to see it to try and figure it out--and I mean TRY to understand.

annie said...

You deserve them all. I'm so glad we've "met."
I wish we all lived on the same street and could sit and visit! Wouldn't that be fun? Nancy could show us how to sew pjs and you could bring your brownies... lauren could entertain us all! So much fun!

Sheri said...

I have seen you on Corrin's blog comments and decided to check out you blog after you sent her the award! THanks for the notes on the leadership meeting, I didn't make it and now I am really sad I didn't... lot's of sick kids!
Yes I was lost after Lost! When my husband asked me what I thought, I said " I think they just came up with a way to make another season!!" Anyway, Congrats on your awards! I will stop by more often!!

Melissa said...

You are too sweet! Thanks so much for the award!!!