Wednesday, February 6, 2008


First things first: Today is the lovely Lauren's 20th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Lauren. She is the one who was responsible for my receiving 50 comments on my birthday post. So drop by her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday.

I said I would write about the David and Goliath experience Monday morning. It was fun seeing ping pong balls and marshmallows flying through the Cultural Hall. I would post a picture of Kyle as Goliath, but then it would be evidence of my subjecting my son to dangerous situations. (I don't think I really want to give him ammunition to be used against me later ; ) (I had him stand on the TV stand--straddling the TV) It really gave them a clue as to how tall Goliath really was. I thought just saying he was 9' 9" tall wouldn't help them to see it--but then again, maybe I'm the only one who is a visual learner. They were each given a slingshot. We started with ping pong balls and then tried marshmallows--big ones, not mini marshmallows. I was amazed--one of them actually used his slingshot and hit "Goliath" in the chest with a marshmallow. It was a fun morning.

As I watched the students each struggle with their "slingshot" I realized how different we all are--some seemed to get the hang of it right away, others struggled a little more. Anyway, it got me thinking about our differences. Isn't it fabulous--we all have our differences. I love that Allan and I had different experiences throughout our lives which molded us and allowed us to bring different qualities to our marriage. And it never ceases to amaze me how children raised in the same home can be so different. That's what makes this world such an amazing place. It would be pretty boring if we were all the same.

This morning we did a little more talking about poor King Saul and his horrible problem with pride and jealousy--which eventually drove him to attempt the murder of David on several occasions. As I was driving one of my Seminary students to school we talked a little more about jealousy. I told her that I am jealous of people who are funny because I am not. She assured me that it was o.k. because it wasn't like I hated anyone because they are funny or wanted to kill them ; ) It was so cute.

This blogging world has blogs that are humorous, blogs that are political, blogs that are filled with tenderness--there are those who write about their travels, their families--husbands and children, their jobs, and their struggles. I love the blogs I visit. I worry sometimes when I read a humorous post because all of the comments are so funny--and like I said, I'm not!!! But then I have tell myself I don't have to be funny, I just want to leave a comment so the person knows I enjoyed their post.

I appreciate all of you who have such wonderful gifts that uplift, brighten, encourage, teach, share, and touch my life in so many ways. Please keep posting. And, for those of you who visit my blog--thanks.

We talked yesterday morning about the new First Presidency. We have had a sentence to help remember the names of the members of the Quorum of the Twelve in order. (Note the first letter of each word) It has been--Please Put Nothing On Barbara When She Has Her Ugly Brother Calling (When Elder Uchtdorf was called, the students chose the word "ugly", and I knew they would never forget it ; ) Until a new Quorum Member is selected, it will now be Please Put Nothing On Barbara When She Has Her Brother Calling!!! It's amazing how it has helped them remember their names.

Sidenote #2
: I have dropped 7 pounds since the beginning of January. Still quite a ways to go but at least there is progress ; )


Chel said...

I loved how you interpreted all of our differences and that we don't have to be like someone else. I often think my posts are pretty boring and basic-- but then I realize that I am not blogging to tell stories or to make life seem better than it is or to necessarily make people laugh, cry, etc.
I'm posting about my life. I'm just living my life trying to be who I am and enjoy my precious family and time here on earth.

I've been guilty here and there of trying to be like someone else because I thought they were smarter or funnier or did this or that... sometimes I have to step back and realize I'm not so bad if I just be ME. My life has been far from easy, but it has molded me to the person I am and I wouldn't change that for the world.

I love that you are so real and thoughtful. I love that you haven't tried to be someone else.

I'm so thankful you found me because you have been a shining star in my life!

JustRandi said...

Congratulations on the 7 pounds! I think that is fabulous!!

I love reading your blog because you're such a great example of loving people for who they are. Like your seminary student... Just saying that she was cute and not necessarily judging her comments.
I would like to be more like that.

Ashley said...

You really are a great teacher. You students will remember all the great activities and lessons.

I am not funny. The only person who laughs at me is my husband, but I think it is only when he is lovingly making fun of the goofy things I do!

Congrats on the weight loss. Close to ten pounds would make me so happy. I have never had a hard time trying to lose weight until after my third baby. 10 pounds for me would be huge. (although I culd stand to lose more)

I just love reading your blog!

Tori :) said...

I think your lost 7 pounds FOUND me!!

Great post as usual.

Ashley said...

Yvonne, I did leave you a little something on my blog.

Magirk said...

Congrats on the 7 pounds! I'd be happy with one, at this point... :P

And that's a cool device to remember the apostles' names. I'm going to try something like that.

There are some days that I fall into that trap of comparing myself to others, especially on the Blog Front. There are some authors who are just hysterically funny! And I feel like I am so NOT funny. Then I feel sad becuase I think that no one will want to read my blog if I'm not funny...

But I realized that I don't just read funny people's blogs. Some I read because they're serious, some I read because they're about motherhood, some I read because they're about politics, some are spiritual,... I have lots of different needs, and I have a variety of blogs to fill those areas of interest for me.

Most of them, though, are pretty well-rounded - a little of everything at some point or another. More than just funny, mostly, they're all just FUN.

I love your blog!!! :)

(And I'm glad the David and Goliath lesson went well! It sounds like fun. I have so many fond memories from seminary... I love reading your stories about it!)

aurora said...

Great Post, as always!

I would love to have seen the David and Goliath battle! It sounds so great- and the memorizing of the apostles is fab!

Congrats on the weight loss- you should be very excited about that.

Love your blog! :D

Whitney said...

I love your blog. You always have something that makes me think, and you always make such a good point. I love how we all have differences, like you said, it would be so boring if we were all the same!
All of my friends blogs that I read are all so different, I get my dose of everything I need every day. I especially love yours, I look forward to reading it every day!

Alice Wills Gold said...

You sound like such an awesome teacher...a visual learner like me would love the classes that you engage everyone in.

And, I love your comments. It's all about ANY comment in my blogging world.

annie said...

I am constantly amazed by the content of the blogs I read. I have really grown to love and appreciate my blog friends as much as my face to face friends. It was an unexpected blessing and each time I find a new friend I am surprised again. I'm glad that I have found you and your blog. I love your comments and appreciate that you take time to read my posts and comment from your ♥! Thank you.
Congrats on the weight loss.

Jess said...

First of all congrats on the pounds lost. So much fun.
I just wanted to say that you are such an inspiring example with your visual teaching aids. My favorite seminary lessons were always ones that I could visually remember something. I am sure that your kids totally appreciate and love it. Keep up the great work.

PJ said...

I am SO happy, happy that you are in the blog world Yvonne.

I really try to accept and enjoy other people's "quirks", I'm not always good at it. I think it is a choice to love others differences. The hard part is accepting my own quirks.

I love your David and Goliath lesson! That would be fun to do (scaled down a bit) for FHE! Of course you couldn't scale down Goliath. Tee,hee. Is writing tee,hee a quirk? :D

Nancy Face said...

You are such a sweetie for giving Lauren a shout out for her birthday! And sending a present! :D

I'm so glad you described the David and Goliath experience! I love that Kyle was on the TV stand, straddling the TV, hahaha! Great mental image, since we don't get a picture, tee hee! It's also fun imagining all those ping pong balls and marshmallows flying as the students tried to pelt each other! What a fun and memorable lesson!

I love how you talked about our differences! The blogs I read vary greatly...the most important thing to me is the commenting, because that's how we make friends! I'm not wildly funny by any means, but I like writing about the silly things in everyday life...which inspired the name of my blog. Sometimes I feel bad that I don't write much about my religious feelings, but that just doesn't seem appropriate for a blog called "Nonsense of Nothingness! :0

You often say you're not funny, but I love the little tongue-in-cheek things you say when you comment to me! You rock! :)

Congrats on the 7 pounds, woo hoo!

txmommy said...

YEAH on the 7 lbs!

Cool lesson :)

Fun memory tool, you are awesome!

Tonya said...

First of all, way to go on the 7 pounds. Congrats.

Second of all, I think you are FAB-U-LOUS just the way you are. I love your blog because you are real and kind and loving and so many other things.

Third of all, if we were all the same it would be a very boring world.

Don't go a changin :o)

Holly said...

I loved this. We all have our differences and strengths and I think that one of your strengths is in your insight and thoughtfulness. You never fail to lift me up when you leave a comment on my blog, and I appreciate it more than you know.

Congratulations on the weight loss! Now you can try that cocoa! ;)

Nancy Face said...

I have an award for you on my blog! :)

Yvonne said...

chel: I think you're posts are great. I post for the same reason--just writing about my life. Your love for your family is so evident.

Thank you--I'm thankful I found your blog, too.

jusrandi: I try to love people--I don't always do a good job ; )

Only 20 more pounds to go--I'm excited.

ashley: Thanks--I just really love my students.

Isn't it great that our husbands will laugh at our silly joke?!?

The older I get the harder it is to lose weight--that's what is so frustrating. Oh well, I'll just take it one pound at a time.

Thanks for the sweet award.

tori: ha, ha. I'm still laughing when I think about your comment about working your butt off, but it was still there ; )


magirk: Like I said, one pound at a time.

You're so right about all the blogs--they each have something to offer--and they are fun.

Thank you very much.

aurora: Thanks--it has been fun to watch the students become more familiar with the Apostles. One day I played a CD with the voices of different celebrities and the Apostles to see which they could recognize.

I am very excited about losing the 7 pounds.

whitney: Thank you. I'm glad the world isn't a boring place. I love what you said about getting a dose of all you need from the different blogs you read.

alicewillsgold: Thank you. You are so right about the comments--they are important.

annie: Very true--like you, I am so amazed by what people write. And I have grown to love and appreciate my blogging friends.

I am so glad I found your blog--you inspire me each time I read your posts.

jess: Thanks. I love teaching.

pj: Thanks. This blogging experience has been great fun.

What a great comment about it being a choice to love other's quirks. Very true. And yes, it is harder to accept our own.

If you do the David and Goliath lesson for FHE, post pictures. I love tee, hee--makes me giggle.

nancyface: That Lauren is such a sweetie--like her mom ; )

The mental image is probably funnier than the real thing. Believe me the ping pong balls and marshmallows were going EVERYWHERE.

How could you say you are not wildly funny--you are hysterical. Yet, I know there is a serious side of you as well. You are so balanced.

Thanks for the award.

Thanks for your sweet comments--you always make me feel so good.

Thanks for the congrats.

txmommy: Thanks. I thought you'd like the little remembering the names tool.

tonya: Thanks for everything you said. I'm excited about losing the 7 pounds. Every time I read one of your comments, I think about the name of your blog "The Sweet Life"--because you are so sweet.

holly: Thank you very much. I love leaving comments on blogs because I know how much comments mean to me on mine.

Yes, I'm going to enjoy the cocoa this weekend when Allan's out of town and I sit to watch a movie.