Monday, February 4, 2008

If Only We Could Afford a Plane!!!

Allan and I have been trying to figure out our schedule for the next 5 months of this year. I'm sure to other people we look like idiots who have to plan EVERYTHING WAY IN ADVANCE--well, we have to to keep everything straight. Actually, we have a pretty quiet February and then the fun begins.

March we are going away for a week--a nice relaxing little vacation. We are going ALONE!!! I don't think we've been away with no responsibilities, no family, no anyone for a week for years. (I love travelling with family, but it is so wonderful to think that I will have my hubby all to myself for a whole week. For my birthday, Allan gave me a trip to a nice warm place, so we are going on a 7-day Mexican cruise. It will be great.

After the cruise, we will kiss each other good-bye in LA and I will head north to visit Stephen and Daphne. Allan will go home and then off for some business meetings.

April we are off to Utah for General Conference. On Sunday we grab Brent and head to Arizona. Allan has a trucking meeting, and Brent will go with us so he can take us around to the various places he served. It will be so fun--I know how excited he is about the trip ; )

The end of April we go back to Utah to attend Heidi's graduation at BYU. That will be such a fun time for us. Can you believe my little girl is graduating from college--I can't!!! It seems like yesterday she was graduating from Joy School--of course, that was 21 years ago. I am so proud of her.

In May we have to split between two coasts--Allan will go to Reno to attend our son-in-law's graduation at UNR, (no, he and his wife, do not have any children--those are their nephews, Brandon and Drew)

I will go to Boston because our granddaughter, Amanda,
(in this picture with her little brother, Garrett) is graduating from Boston University the same weekend--one on Saturday and one on Sunday. We could take a chance and do the red-eye thing, but I wouldn't be able to stand it, if we missed one of them.

The beginning of June we are off to Indiana for the high school graduation of our grandson, Josh. His graduation is on Thursday and then on Friday we have to leave and go to California to attend the graduation of our granddaughter, Kiah. She is graduating on Saturday in Auburn.

After all of those graduations are over, the end of June we all fly to Hawaii for a few days to celebrate my beautiful mother-in-law's 90th Birthday. (Allan, Heidi, Brent, Kyle and I are going to spend a few days there together before everyone else arrives. I'm trying to decide if I have the energy to sew Hawiian shirts for all 25 of us--looked on-line and they were a tad too expensive. (There are actually 45 going, but 25 are our kids/grandkid ;)

Anyone know where I can get matching Hawaiian shirts for less than 60-70 dollars each???

Sidenote #1: I received the loveliest gift today from Nancyface and Lauren. Thank you both so very much. You are so sweet.

Sidenote #2: I'll write about the David and Goliath experience this week. It was fun.


txmommy said...

wow! You are going to be busy. I think it's so great that you are going to be at all the graduations~ you're a good mom/grandma :)

Good luck on the shirts, it does sound like a cute idea.

Magirk said...

I have no idea about the shirts, but good luck if you decide to make them!! (what I mean is, are you insane? LOL) :D J/K

That is quite the itinerary! Sounds like much fun, and with family - the best part.

I am actually looking forward to a fairly quiet summer. Last year we dragged around twin 6-mo-old babies to all kinds of reunions, vacations, etc, and I think I've paid my dues and deserving of a nice quiet summer. (knock on wood - we'll see how that goes!)

Good luck with all your plans and arrangements! :)

Macy said...

What cute grandkids!

If we are doing shirts for the reunion, don't go to the work of making shirts. The fabric would be really expensive and it would be a ridiculous amount of work.

One idea would be to do a Hawaiian surfing style t-shirt design and have them custom screen printed for less than Hawaiian shirts. You could even design a smaller version of the same logo and embroider polo shirts since many of our crew (cough...Neal...cough) don't wear t-shirts much. less than Hawaiian shirts too. Just a thought. I can figure out a logo if you want.

annie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun plans!!!
Here's a site that has shirts for about 35 each...
Good luck finding cute shirts!

Ashley said...

I am going on the same cruise in May. Cabo San Lucas, and Matzalan(I know this is spelled wrong). I am so excited. You will have to give the heads up on things. Anyway, Wow! You have a lot to do on your plate. Luckily it involves a lot of family time!

Theresa said...

Hawai'i again!!! Oh, I'm jealous... I've fallen in love with those islands. Anyways, my mom gave me strict orders to buy a shirt for David on my observing trip, since we had missed out on that in December, and I realised that if you go to sears/macy's, you can actually get stylish hawaii shirts (as opposed to the horrifying ones at hilo hatties and the like), and I found a bargain there for him on sale. Could be worth checking out! Also, cruise guests went to walmart on our cruise. I thought they were totally insane, since I don't even like it in the first place, but apparently they bargained all sorts of hawaiian stuff to bring home for families (such as calendars etc), so they'll probably have hawaii shirts there too.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Wow, you guys just need to hand out Books of Mormon whenever you get on a plane, and you will have yourselves missions served all over the world...amazing..I could not keep up...hate to travel.

utmommy said...

Holy cow! You are going to be quite the travelers. How fun!

Carrot Jello said...

Holy smokes!
Conference will be exciting, I'm sure.
Rest while you can!

Tonya said...

Wow, you guys are busy little travelers. I think it's awesome that you are able to go and do all these fun things.

Is it wrong to be a teeny bit jealous about conference? :o)

Nancy Face said...

WOW!!! :0

That's a lot of traveling, and every trip sounds special! I wish you didn't have to "divide and conquer" for the graduations! You have such a beautiful and accomplished family, and you must be so proud of them!

It would be unbelievably tedious to make that many shirts! I couldn't force myself to do that for anything! I hope you find a good solution! :)

So glad you got your gift before Valentine's Day! ;)

Whitney said...

I can't tell you how jealous I am that you get to travel so much!!! Of course, when you're out here for BYU and General Conference you'll be in the SNOW! With ME! :) He he. Hopefully it will calm down by the time you get here, it's just too insane right now.
That's so cool you have so much family graduating from so many different places. You're awesome to go to all of them!
That sounds like a busy next few months, it sounds like it will be so much fun!

JustRandi said...

Boy do you have a LOT going on! I think a private plane is the perfect solution.
I know, you'll get right on that.

Corrine said...

you just make me tired reading all the things you ahve to do! good luck with your plans

PJ said...

That is a great kinda busy!
I need to get my Yvonne map and red pins out to track ya! ;D

That is A LOT of matching shirts! Can't wait to see pictures!

Holly said...

Wow. You've got quite the year planned. I can't wait to hear all about it and see the pictures!!

Melissa said...

We like to plan things out in advance too. I wish we had as many fun trips as you do planned! So many great things to do with the family!! :D

aurora said...

Sounds like a total blast! :)

Check here's the link-

Yvonne said...

txmommy: We definitely will be busy. I feel so blessed that we get to go to all of them.

I hope I can figure out the shirts.

magirk: Yes--insane!!!

being with family is the best part. I hope you have a wonderful, quiet summer.

macy: I have cute grandkids and pretty great looking kids (and daughters-in-law, and son-in-law, too) We'll figure the shirts out. I don't think Neal is alone in the t-shirt thing.

annie: It will be fun. Thanks so much for the link

ashley: I'll let you know about the cruise. Family time is the best ; )

theresa: Hawaii is fabulous. (You went at the right time--when it's so cold here ; ) My problem with the shirts is I want them to match--not all 25, but in groups according to individual families ; )

alicewills: That's a great idea!!!! We try to be good missionaries, but maybe I'll have to make it a goal to give one out in every location.

utmommy: Yeah, it's going to be such fun times.

carrotjello: Your "holy smokes" comment touched my heart--my FIL always said that. Thanks--it made me smile.

I LOVE going to Conference.

tonya: We are so blessed to be able to do all this traveling. I love going to Conference--I still remember the first time I went in 1982 and Pres. Kimball walked into the Tabernacle. That's when I knew he was The Prophet.

nancyface: Every trip will be fabulous. I wish we didn't have to "divide and conquer" either, but no way around it--and both Amanda and Tony understand.

I thought I'd just send some of the fabric to you--Mrs. Madeallthosebeautifuldressesforyourdaughter
Ha, ha, ha!!!

whitney: I'm sure when I come to Utah for Conference it shouldn't be as cold as here--so I really don't mind ; )

It will be busy, but so worth it!!!!

justrandi: You would just die laughing if you saw what Allan brought home yesterday--a catalogue for planes. IT WAS TOO HYSTERICAL--as if!!!!

corrine: Thanks--I'm so looking forward to each trip

pj: You are so right--a great busy. LOL at your map comment.

I hope I can figure the shirt thing out.

holly: It will give me some blogging material ; )

melissa: It's always so great when we can spend time with family.

aurora: All of the trips will be great.

Thanks for the link.

Lauren said...

Umm so I wish I was you! I love to travel and hope to do a lot of it someday! Holy Cow, that is a ton of graduations! You are so awesome to go to all of them!

Chel said...

I love to travel and it looks like you will be doing a lot of it. It will be great to travel with just me and Dame... no kids! Not that I don't love taking them places, but it seems like it would be so carefree and EASY :)
What a great mom/grandma you are to not miss a thing. WOW! I love that about you!

hmmmm... did you say, Arizona?? I thought so. :)