Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pride & Joy #1, Neal

Now this may seem a little odd. As I read everyone's blog and they write about their children, I realize that because most of mine are grown up and gone I don't get to write about them very often. So, I thought I would do a post about each one of them. I'm going to start with child #1 (the oldest), Neal--now keep in mind, I did not "bear" this child, but he is a son to me. Here are some of my favorite pictures of this young man--there are lots of pictures of Neal, but I'm only posting some of those since I entered the picture

I still remember when Stephen and I lived in the same Ward as Allan and his children. It was so fun watching Neal grow up. He and Stephen were with Allan and me on our first date. When Allan and I got married, Neal was a senior in high school, and it was very hard for me when he left for BYU. He got married a few months later. He is such a hard worker.

After working for a number of years he ended up going back to BYU to complete his degree. I was so very proud of him.

Of course, while he was there he met his beautiful wife, Macy.

He graduated with a degree in Political Science but works in the video game industry. He probably travels almost as much as his dad, but I know he puts on more miles each year. He is our technology wizard. (In fact, he's the one who helped me get my blog started ; ) I probably bug him way too often with computer questions, but he's always so helpful. I have such a great time whenever I have a chance to visit with he and Macy. I don't get to see them as often as I would like, but grateful for the times we get to iChat.

Besides all of this, he has given me 3 fabulous grandchildren: Chris



I feel like I have been a very blessed woman to have this great young man as one of my children. He has always been so supportive of me in some of my struggles. He has often found himself in the role of mediator in many situations. He is loved and appreciated.


Melissa said...

Yvonne - What a wonderful post! I am looking forward to hearing about each of your kids! I love the pictures you chose!!

PJ said...

What a wonderful idea! I am also looking forward to hearing more:)

Magirk said...

I enjoyed reading this post very much. :) I know it seems like we mothers of younger children do a lot of 'bragging' and story telling about our little cuties, but I think it's just as fun to hear stories about the older ones! Because they are special to you, and you are special to me. It's your life! And I enjoy learning about them because it too is a glimpse into your life.

Thanks for sharing! :) The pictures were awesome!

Mel said...

This is very cool! I love hearing about your kids and look forward to more:)

annie said...

They are each special! Loved this post and the pics too!

Ashley said...

I am looking forward to more "kid" posts. You have some ADORABLE grand babies.

Nancy Face said...

I loved learning about Neal, and I can see why you chose the pictures you did...they are great! This was a wonderful idea, and I'm looking forward to the next one...and all the rest, too! :D

Tonya said...

Great post. I loved reading about Neal. You are another example (much like my mother) of being able to love a child as your own without actually bearing them. Thank you for sharing this.

Tori :) said...

What a beautiful post Yvonne!! I loved learning more about your son. :)

aurora said...

This was such a treat to read!

I love that you are going to post about your grown kids. I find that I post a lot about my younger ones, and I need to post more on my older girls.

I look forward to the next installment!

JustRandi said...

So sweet! And your grandkids are just beautiful!!

Chel said...

That is a wonderful post! What a great guy! I love that wedding picture... gorgeous!
It's so easy to talk about our little kids, but it's just as important to remember our older ones.
I am going to LOVE reading more and more about all of your children!

Neal said...

Thanks, Mom...I'm blushing ; )

Whitney said...

Way to go Neal on accomplishing so much!
That's cool his wife's name is Macy, I have a cousin Macy and I love that name, partly because it's so original. Almost no one has it!
I can't wait to hear all about your other kids! :)

Klin said...

Fabulous post. I recognize those Provo Mountains! I love that you are sharing about your kids. What fun. I am looking forward to the others.

txmommy said...

how nice, I'll look forward to reading the rest of them too.

You're a nice mom and I am sure he loves helping you with computer stuff :)

Lucy said...

You really have a great blog. I read it frequently and enjoy it very much. And I'm envious. I miss the snow. (I know. I'm nuts.)

Yvonne said...

melissa: It was a fun post to put together. Thanks.

pj: I thought--hey, why not? Thanks.

magirk: I love reading about all the moms and their children--younger or older. Thank you so much.

mel: Thanks. I will enjoy sharing them.

annie: Thanks--it was a fun post to put together.

ashley: Thanks--I think my grandkids are pretty great.

nancyface: Thanks--Neal is a pretty great young man. It will be fun to do each of the post.

tonya: Believe me I struggle with the whole stepmother thing--I hate the term, always have. But some really prefer it.

tori: Thanks--I loved sharing information about him.

aurora: It's fun for me to read about everyone's families. Sometimes the teenagers are not that excited about having everyone learn about them.

justrandi: Thanks.

chel: Thanks--he is a great guy. I hope that the posts for each of them comes together ; )

neal: I'm glad you saw it--you know I love you ; )

whitney: Neal is a great young man--and he and Macy are so wonderful together. It is so great seeing him so happy--it's what every mom wants for her children. I think Macy loves her name, too.

klin: I love sharing about my kids--they mean so much to me. Thanks.

txmommy: Thanks--he never seems to mind, but I worry.

lucy: Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment. I don't mind the snow, but I really dislike the cold weather.

Holly said...

What a beautiful tribute! I can't wait to hear about all your children!!

Yvonne said...

holly: Thanks, it will be fun to share each one of them.

Lauren said...

Aww, what a sweet post :) I look forward to reading all of the other spotlights!

Heidi said...

Neal is such an awesome brother!!! He has helped me sooo much and it was fun going to BYU and having him here for a little with me! I love Macy and of course, Garrett! It is so much fun spending time with them! They are so positive and helpful!