Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pride & Joy #2, Nancy

Next is Allan's daughter, Nancy. When Allan and I were married I was the Laurel Advisor. Nancy was a Mia Maid. We had a good time together at many activities and I coached her in volleyball. Just like with Neal, I will only post pictures of her since Allan and I have been married.

Nancy has always been a gorgeous girl. School was not her favorite place to be.

Even though I had 5 sisters, I found having "daughters" was quite different than having a son. So it was (and continues to be) an adjustment for Nancy, Wendy and me. I have always hated the term "stepmother"--thanks to all those horrible fairy tales that portray us in such a wonderful light. However, for Nancy and Wendy it's a term I have had to accept.

When Nancy was young, she made the house lively--to say the least. She and Wendy always had a great time together. They loved to "model". I love this picture because that's Allan's dad watching.

When Heidi was born, Nancy's mothering instincts took over. She loved Heidi and Heidi followed her everywhere. Nancy was a wonderful big "sister". We would just laugh at the various places we would find Heidi--in a cupboard,

in a hamper

in a box while we were packing for a move

It was tough when she made the decision to go and live with her mother. Wendy had made that same decision a few years earlier. Life changed a great deal at our house. We had Stephen, Heidi, and Brent. Heidi really missed her big sister.

It was great whenever she came to visit. Her first son, Evan, was born a little over a year after she moved out East. It was always so great to have her and Evan visit. We had a blast when they came to So. Calif. for his first Christmas.

When we moved to No. Carolina we lived a lot closer. While we lived there her second son, Josh, was born. It was nice when she and the boys could come and visit more often. They even made a trip or two to Toronto when we lived there.

We had a great time when they came to Winnipeg to celebrate their Grandpa's 60th birthday--they even stayed with us for a few extra days without their mom.

Evan graduated from high school in 2005.

Josh will graduate this June.

Nsncy has tried hard to provide a good home for her boys. I love her--she has so many gifts and talents, but like many of us she doesn't always recognize how talented she is.

Because Nancy and the boys still live in Indiana, we don't see them very often. I am so looking forward to spending time with her and the boys when we are all together to celebrate Grandma's 90th birthday in Hawaii this June/July.


Nancy Face said...

I'm so excited to be FIRST! :D

Nancy Face said...

I am loving your idea to spotlight each of your family members!

My hubby has a stepmom, and we love her dearly, so in our world, that's a happy term! I'm certain you are the most wonderful stepmom to Allan's children. :)

The pictures you posted were so fun to see, and I LOVED the ones of Heidi in funny places around the house! Nancy's boys are cute! :D

JustRandi said...

I have some daughters who are wondering if you can hook them up with Josh.

Ashley said...

My Grandpa was my Dad's stepdad. As kids we never knew. It was such a well blended family. I know my Grandma never liked the term 'stepmom' either, but it became such a positive word as all 15 kids, 64 grandkids, (great and great-great) love her the same. Step grandma or not.

I think it is awesome that love grows as a family (all definitions of the word) grows. The pictures of Heidi are so cute.

PJ said...

How fun to watch them all grow in the pictures you posted!

What a special bond she and Heidi had:)

Tori :) said...

This is so fun getting to learn more about your family!!!
I'm a step-mom and don't like the stereotype either. :(

Whitney said...

What fun pictures, I love the ones of Heidi in all of the different places! So cute :)

Holly said...

I love learning about all your children. I'm sure you're the best stepmom there is, and everyone else could take lessons from you!!

Heidi said...

It's fun to meet all the members of your family!

Chel said...

Although the name stepmom might have a bad wrap... it's people like you that give it a good name!
It could be worse-- Ryker won't even call his dad's wife stepmom, he won't give her the pleasure of the mom word. He simply just calls her Tami.

I love the pictures. Nancy looks like a wonderful big sister to little Heidi... how cute is that!?

Klin said...

I have friends that are the "step-mom" who have never thought of the shared children as step children. My BFF Amy has called Dave's 2 from his 1st marriage "My boys" since they were dating. She has raised them and worried about them way more than the the ex. I knew them both so it's been interesting to see the whole picture.

You are an awesome mom. Who the heck thought up the other term anyway?

Nancy looks like a fun lady and she has some darling young men.

Magirk said...

She sounds wonderful. :) And such a pretty lady.

Love the pictures here too! Fun, fun!

Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

aurora said...

Another great family focus post!

You have a really neat family; thanks for sharing them with us.♥

annie said...

I think you are one step mom i wouldn't mind having :)!
My parents will be married 50 years next march! I guess my party planning skills are going to be needed!!!
I love all the pictures and the love you have for your family shines through your words.

jason said...
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Yvonne said...

nancyface: You make me laugh ; )
It's a fun thing to do.

Thank you--it's an interesting position.

Nancy and Heidi had a great time together ; ) Evan and Josh are great young men.

justrandi: Ha, ha!

ahsley: When each of my children were born, they had a tough time understanding that Neal, Nancy, and Wendy had a different mother.

It's wonderful when the blending of families is natural.

I love the pictures of Heidi, too.

pj: Nancy and Heidi definitely had a special bond.

tori: Thanks. There are lots of reasons I don't like the term.

whitney: Thanks.

holly: I've tried my best to be a good step-mom--thanks.

heidi: Thanks.

chel: Nancy and Wendy both refer to me as Yvonne.

Nancy and Heidi were so fun to watch.

klin: Every situation is different, and the girls prefer to be thought of as step-children, so that's how it has been. I told them from the beginning I was not trying to replace their mother.

Nancy is fun--it's hard for me to realize she's not a young girl anymore. She's older today than Allan and I were when we married!

magirk: Thanks. It was a fun post to do.

aurora: I'm enjoying sharing about my family.

annie: You are too sweet. Thank you. I think it's so wonderful that your parents have been married 50 years. Allan's were married 60 years when his dad passed away.

I do love my family and I'm glad you can sense that as you read my blog.

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Melissa said...

Looks like you've got a little spam going on :S
Great post! I love this idea... I want so badly to put up pictures again, but my Hubby really doesn't want me to. It's one of those compromise things...

Lauren said...

Her boys are very handsome...just sayin' ;)
Nancy seems to be a great mom. And I bet you are the best stepmom that ever was. You are amazing.

Lauren said...

Why must Jason post 5 comments? Not one, but FIVE!

Tonya said...

I have heard of all those "bad" stepmoms and believe me you are NOT one of them.

I love this idea you are doing with your kids.

mindyluwho said...

I love these spotlights Yvonne! It's so fun to read about your children and learn more about your family.

Nancy Face said...

Stinkin' Jason! >:(

Yvonne said...

melissa: Yeah, kind of dumb. I deleted the comment earlier and then I get 5 so I'm afraid to delete those.

I have enjoyed doing these posts.

lauren: I do have some good looking grandkids ; )

Nancy is a great mom.

tonya: Thanks--I try to do my best.

mindylou: Thanks--it is fun to share them.

nancyface: I know ;(

Heidi said...

I always had so much fun with Nancy! She is soo funny:) She truly is beautiful and talented! I love Evan and Josh--they are such great kids and I always have fun spending time with them! I love them all!