Friday, February 22, 2008

Pride & Joy #3, Stephen

This post will be different because I gave birth to Stephen--so there will be pictures from when he was little. For twelve years it was just Stephen and me. People have commented on the fact that he is my clone. We joined the Church when he was 4, and I was so grateful that he adapted to going to Church every Sunday. He has been a great son--very loving and attentive. When he was about 8 he made me a poster for "Father's Day" because before I met Allan, I was his mom and his dad. My sisters still laugh about the time when he was about 10 he planned a surprise party for my birthday and called each of them and made assignments--asking one to bring the cake, one the sodas, etc.

Stephen was quite athletic and participated in many sports. I was very involved--particularly in baseball. I was scorekeeper every year he played Little League. I served on the Little League board and was a team mom many times.

When I married Allan, Stephen was so excited. Not only was his mom happier than she had ever been in her life, this great man who Stephen loved and respected was adopting him. On top of that he was getting a brother and 2 sisters!!! I think there were a lot more adjustments than Allan and I realized. (We were so naive)

He was a good student and continued to be involved in sports--playing football and running track in high school. Many Friday nights were spent at the football field cheering him on--and I still remember the track meet when during the 4 x 100, the baton was dropped ; (

He and Daphne were married quite young and Jason was born shortly after Stephen graduated. Daphne worked hard and completed high school while taking care of a baby and a husband, and he worked and went to community college.

After he and Daphne had their second child, they left California and moved to Missouri. They both worked and he graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Diagnostic Radiology. (He had planned to go to work and pick up more classes and eventually go to medical school. But he opted to just work full time so he could enjoy his family--and really be more involved in the lives of his children. He has coached his boys in little league and has helped coach football.) While in Missouri, they had their 3rd child and moved back to California when B was 7 months old.

Upon arriving in California they lived with us until we moved to Winnipeg. Stephen worked as a salesman for a trucking company They have stayed in Auburn and have had two more children. Kyle has said when he grows up he wants to be a "cool dad" like Stephen, and Neal, too--they play video games!!!

I need to add that we are all so blessed that Daphne is such a wonderful wife and mother. She and I have a great mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship and I love spending time with her and their family.

This is one of my favorite pictures of their children.

Now for individual pictures of each of their children:

Jason with his very happy grandma

He graduated from high school in 2006 and is currently attending community college.

Kiah who will be graduating this June. I have to post this picture of her and Kyle wearing the little outfits I made for Heidi and Brent a few years before. (Kyle and Kiah are six months apart)

I can't find a current picture of Kiah by herself and her graduation picture hasnt' been taken yet, so I'm using this one of her and Hannah

Brandon who is probably the most tenderhearted young man you will ever meet

He loved spending time with his dad in the pool.

June 2006 in Hawaii

Hannah who is a ball of fire. I have to post these two--this one was when she was in Winnipeg to celebrate her Grandpa's 60th birthday. They share a birthday, so it was also her 3rd birthday ; )

I was tempted to put the picture of Hannah riding the mechanical bull, but opted to use this one of her in her Halloween costume displaying a cake she had decorated.

Drew--I've got to post this one of him the day he was blessed.

And this one was taken when I was there back in October/November.


Chel said...

WOW! I started to tear up... just because you must have been one heck-of-a mom to have a son be so amazing! Seriously!
He must be forever grateful to have you and forever appreciative about the decisions you have made in your life.
I love that football player/cheerleader picture. I love that they kept their young family together and continued their education and work hard.
Their kids are beautiful!
You should be so proud!!

Lippy said...

Once in a while, you read something that just exudes love, and this tribute certainly did just that. I'd love to someday read something so beautifully written about me!

Thank you for the privilege of sharing such a beautifully written outpouring of love. I'll bet he's a wonderful guy, and I have a pretty good idea why.

Melissa said...

You are such an awesome mom and grandma!! It's so fun to read these posts... I feel like I'm getting to know you a lot better as you talk about your kids and grandkids :)

Whitney said...

Cute pictures!!!!
I LOVE how he planned a birthday party for you, that is so sweet :)
It sounds like they have accomplished a lot, that's awesome! Their children are beautiful too. You have such a wonderful family :)

PJ said...

Thanks for another walk through such good memories!

I admire your strength.

txmommy said...

what a great family. HOw cute that he threw you a party :)
I'm really enjoying the family introductions!

Tori :) said...

Wow- he IS your clone!! This has been so neat reading about your kiddos!!

Tori :) said...

PS. I want someone to plan ME a surprise party. How sweet is that??

smellychelli said...

Yvonne, I love that you're paying tribute to your children in this way. The way you write about them shows the love and respect you feel for each of them. It's obvious you love them as individuals as well as their individual traits. I will keep checking back (and checking back) as you continue these.

utmommy said...

He sounds like an amazing person. That was a wonderful tribute to him. I'm sure he loves you so much, you are an amazing mom.

Klin said...

I have chills from reading that. Stephen looks like you and his younger pictures of him are so beautiful. My Kimi has planned parties for me. Only she did all the baking. It is something else when they put so much love into an event for you.

The story about them and their children is amazing. I so love that they defied the odds. That they are a successful family says a lot about their character and strength.

You have very good reasons to be one happy momma1 :)

Holly said...

Your family is beautiful. He's a testament to the fact that you're an exceptional mother! You inspire me Yvonne.

annie said...

That is so cute and thoughtful that he wanted your birthday to be special. Most 10 year olds don't even realize mom is having a birthday, much less plan a party! Loved seeing all the pictures, his children are all beautiful!

Nancy Face said...

Stephen DOES look so much like you! How sweet that he made you a Father's Day poster...and planned the surprise party for your birthday! That is wonderful at any age, but for a 10 year old it's completely amazing! :D

What a great mom you are! I ♥ that you were so involved in his sports.

You must be so very proud of him and Daphne...being so young when they married and became parents, and accomplishing so much together! I loved reading about their family and enjoying every one of the pictures of their beautiful children! :)

This was so special, and I loved it! :D

Yvonne said...

chel: Thanks, chel. He is a great young man ; )

They have worked very hard and I am very proud of both of them. They are a beautiful family.

lippy: Thank you, your words were so appreciated.

melissa: I love being a mom and a grandma, and it's been great sharing these things about my children and grandchildren.

whitney: Thanks. It was so fun--and I was totally surprised. They are a great family.

pj: Thanks--I'm enjoying sharing.

txmommy: They are a great family. I love writing about each of them.

tori: Yes, he is ; ) I am having a good time writing these posts. And the party was such a surprise.

smellychelli: I'm glad my love for my children comes through. I am so proud of who they have become. I'm glad that you are coming back.

utmommy: He was a fun little boy and it has been wonderful to watch him grow into such a fabulous man. Thanks.

klin: Thanks--yeah, he and I look alike ; ) The party really was a surprise and I was shocked. (How fun that your kimi threw one for you ; )

Their 20 years together has come with a lot of hard work--I admire them both so much. When their first child turned 17 they looked at each other and laughed and said--can you believe we were married at that age????

Yes, I am!!!

holly: You are very sweet.

annie: It was such a fun time that I will never forget. Thanks. They are beautiful.

Yvonne said...

nancyface: You must have been reading as I was posting my comments!!!

There is no doubt we are mother and son. He was such a thoughtful kid--still is today.

I loved being involved in his sports. It was a lot of fun for me.

I am very proud of them--they have worked so hard and it has paid off. It was wonderful to be with them June 2006 when they were sealed as a family in the Hawaii temple ; )


Lauren said...

Aww, what a sweet post! I love that he planned you a party :) how sweet!

I love the football/cheerleader darling!

What cute kids! Hey, the oldest one graduated the same year as me. How cool!

Tonya said...

Another great post! He sounds like a wonderful son and has such a beautiful family.

JustRandi said...

I love seeing all the pictures. And the matching outfits you made - WOW!

You have every reason to be SO proud of him and his family, Yvonne!

mindyluwho said...

This is so much fun! What a great kid, I love how he planned a surprise party for you. They have a beautiful family. And I think they only live up the hill from me!

Josi said...

I look forward to days I can brag like this. Beautiful tribute.

Yvonne said...

lauren: Oh, it was so fun when he had the party.

I love the football/cheerleading picture, too. It's one of my favorites.

That's fun that you and Jason graduated the same year.

tonya: He is a great young man.

justrandi: It was a fun post.
I loved doing the little outfits.

I am very proud of all of them.

mindylou: They are a great family. I think you are right.

josi: It will come sooner than you think. Thanks.

aurora said...

Love the latest installment.♥

I love the part where he threw you a surprise party at 10 years old! Wow, his sisters must have laughed at getting an assignment! ☺

Good Job on a Great Family. ♥

Magirk said...

I know you've already responded to comments 3 times, so you don't have to respond for me, I'm days late commenting anyway, after our weekend...

Anyway. Another wonderful post! Love the pictures. :) I can feel the love you have for your children - all of them!

They have such a cute little family themselves, and it sounds like they're all doing well. :)

Thanks again for sharing! It's soooo much fun to read.

Amber said...

This idea of posts is so inspiring to me. As a parent on the beginning of the journey, I love seeing how your children have grown and evolved into such wonderful adultts and parents. Maybe there is hope. :-)

Yvonne said...

aurora: Thanks. My sisters took the assignments very well--it was great.

magirk: Thanks--I hope you had a great weekend away ; )

It was fun to do this one. I'm glad my love for my kids comes through--we have truly been blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren.

amber: Thanks. Motherhood is wonderful and one of the greatest joys is watching them become parents themselves. It is so worth it all.

Heidi said...

Stephen is the best!!! I love him soo much! He has been such an awesome brother and is a great example to me! He is so thoughtful and loving and his family is so stinkin' cute:)