Monday, February 25, 2008

Pride & Joy #5, Heidi

I thought about not doing Heidi, Brent, and Kyle because they are our children that are sort of still at home--even though Brent and Heidi are not at home. But then I thought--no, I still want to tell you about these guys. It's funny but doing these are almost harder because there is so much I could write, and brevity is not easy for me, but I'm going to do my best.

So today's post is all about Miss Heidi. I have to tell you that all through my pregnancy we referred to her as Jim Billy Bob. Allan and I were so thrilled when we found out we were going to have a baby, and she was such a wonderful addition to our family--once again we were very naive and thought that because we loved each other, everyone else would just love each other and we'd never have a problem!!!

Here she is at about one week old--you know I remember the day this picture was taken. It was Stake Conference Sunday and Allan left to go on a business trip right after Stake Conference.

Like I mentioned the other day, Nancy loved putting Heidi in odd places and dressing her up. She won a costume contest at a photo studio when Heidi put her in a little grass skirt and top. (I don't think Heidi would enjoy the photo ; )

She grew up in Northern California. When Heidi was six months old her first nephew, Christopher was born. They have always been close and they've had lots of good laughs together--in fact, if you ever want to watch Chris laugh ask him to tell the story of Heidi and the Burger Bundles ; ) She and Chris are absolutely hysterical together.

In fact, you would get such a laugh out of reading their jabs back and forth to one another on our family website. She is a fantastic Aunt to each of her nieces and nephews.

Her brother, Brent, was born when she was almost 2, she was so happy. I think she loved being a big sister. She has been very protective of Brent. She loves having him at LDS Business College and they have a great time doing things together. (She's even set him up on a couple of double dates ; ) And in 1991 when Kyle was born, Heidi was like a little mother. She just adores her baby brother.

Heidi loves her family--and has really enjoyed the times that we lived close to family. When we lived in Reno, one of her favorite things to do was go walking with her dad to her grandma and grandpas. The time she and Allan had together as they would walk were so special--she still talks about them. She looked so adorable when Stephen and Daphne got married. I couldn't believe how grown up she looked when Wendy and Tony got married.

Heidi has been a great student--since the days of Joy School. She is a bit of a perfectionist--heck, she'd agree she is a perfectionist. She is very hard on herself and Allan and I are always trying to get her to lighten up. Here she is her first day of kindergarten in So. California.

She participated in sports in Junior High and High School--was on the basketball team. At one of the tournaments she received an award.

and she did the high jump and the hurdles.

She decided to be a cheerleader one year, and was very good. It was fun to watch her do that because getting out there and being all bubbly was not easy.

She and her little brother (who are not so little anymore) get along so well. They had a blast this past summer when they went to Disneyland. I know they will have a ball in Hawaii in June.

After graduation, she went to BYU. She would have loved to have majored in Dance, but didn't think about that until she had already declared her major and was unable to minor in it. She is doing her student teaching right now. She just completed doing lead teaching in a kindergarten class, and will start a 3rd Grade class this week.

We are so looking forward to seeing her graduate this April. She is a delight to have as a daughter. I think she is amazing. She is very talented. Besides everything that I mentioned above she plays the piano and sings. (Considering she has parents that can barely carry a tune, we are amazed.) I have posted this picture before, but it is one of my favorites. It was taken when her dad was in Utah celebrating her most recent birthday.


Lei said...

Whta a fun idea this is. Thank you for sharing your family with us! Your children are very lucky. :)

smellychelli said...

Half way done and I can't wait to "meet" the rest of your children! I find myself looking forward to these posts. You're a great mom.

JustRandi said...

Awww, she is very beautiful! I love to hear you talk about your kids!

Ashley said...

She looks so much like you! It really is fun to read your spotlights of your children. I bet they enjoy reading them too.

Nancy Face said...

I'm so glad you ARE doing spotlights on Heidi, Brent and Kyle, too! Heidi was such a darling baby, and she grew up to be a beautiful young woman! Her many talents amaze me...I'm sure her parents are so pleased with her! :)

I'd love to see her in the grass skirt, haha! She is so cute with her nephew, and of course, with her brothers. She looked beautiful in the wedding pictures! :)

It's so cool that she did basketball, track and well as music! I'm happy for her to be graduating, yay! :D

aurora said...

She seems like a wonderful daughter, sister and aunt! Congrats on her graduation!

Tonya said...

I'm glad you decided to do Heidi, Brent and Kyle. It's so fun to get to know your family more and more.

Heidi sounds delightful and she has a great smile.

Corrine said...

what a wonderful thing to do to post about your kids! You are a great mom!

annie said...

She really is talented! It sounds like she is sweet like her mother too! (and pretty!)

PJ said...

What a beautiful little and big sister!

Whitney said...

Cute :) She is wonder woman, doing everything! Sports, Cheerleading, dance, piano, singing! I bet that was fun to have around the house :) That's so cool she goes to BYU too! (Have you noticed, anything involving Utah and I'm like Yay! he he).
That's cool her and her dad are so close too. She's beautiful, like a mini-clone of you!

Chel said...

She sounds so awesome! She's also very pretty. You should be so proud to be her mother.
I love that daddy/daughter picture too.

Magirk said...

Sounds like a beautiful, accomplished, loving, thoughtful lady. :)

You have a beautiful family - all of them! And I just love reading these bios from you. You tell it so wonderfully.

Jess said...

I have to agree with everything you say about Heidi. She was my first visiting teacher in Winnipeg and she treated me so special. She is an awesome girl and a wonderful daughter!!!!

Tori :) said...

Great post as usual!!

Lauren said...

Wow, she is so outgoing! That is so cool! She is gorgeous and sounds like an amazing daughter :)

Holly said...

She's beautiful. Your family is amazing Yvonne!

Melissa said...

So fun! Sounds like a very talented gal!!

txmommy said...

she sounds like an awesome girl! She looks a lot like you :) how fun.

I guess it's a good thing we are nieve or maybe nothing good or hard would ever get done :)

Yvonne said...

lei: Thanks--it's fun to share.

smellychelli: Thanks. They have been fun to do.

justrandi: I love to talk about them. Thanks.

ashley: Most of them don't read them--but I'm hoping that this will be like a journal and maybe they'll read them one day.

nancyface: Heidi was a beautiful baby, and she is such a lovely young woman. (I keep trying to get her to believe it ; ) And yes she is very talented. I love that she has tried to develop all of her talents.

aurora: It will be so fun when she graduates--we are so excited.

tonya: I'm so glad you feel that way. Thanks.

Heidi is a great person.

corrine: Thanks so much.

annie: Heidi is a wonderful young lady--you would really love her.

pj: She is, thanks.

whitney: She is a little wonder woman--I'm so proud of her seeking to develop all her gifts. It is fun that she is at BYU--we love it. I think it's great that you love Utah. Thanks.

chel: She is awesome and we are very proud of her.

magirk: Thanks--it is so fun to do this. I love my family very much and I love talking about them--can you tell?!?

jess: Thanks. I didn't know she was your visiting teacher. That's so cute. She thinks you're pretty special, too--we all do.

tori: Thanks.

lauren: Thanks, Lauren. You are very sweet.

holly: Thank you, holly.

melissa: She is very talented--thanks.

txmommy: It's hard for me to see the resemblance--I think she is beautiful.

I think you're right about our being naive--otherwise we'd be afraid to try anything!!!

mindyluwho said...

I love the picture of her doing the hurdle. I'm so glad you're doing the rest of them!

Heidi said...

Thanks mom...I am pretty sure I do not deserve a lot of the things you said! You are an amazing mother and I am sooo blessed to be in our family and just love everyone in it and am so grateful for all the wonderful memories I have:) I love you tons! Everyone was sooo kind in their comments--thank you!