Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pride & Joy #7, Kyle

This is it folks--aren't you all relieved?!? I am delighted to tell you about my little Canadian. I feel a little funny doing his because I do talk about him quite a bit, but I don't ever want him to feel slighted.

I had this cute little guy when I was 40. Wow! Big difference having a baby at 19 and 40. The body just isn't the same. I was quite sick and in the hospital with severe dehydration for 2 months. The hardest part for me was worshipping the porcelain bowl in front of Heidi and Brent.

I still remember waking up Allan at about 11:30 after my water broke. (First time that ever happened) I felt so bad because right after my water broke I got sick all over the bathroom floor--I just couldn't get down on the floor and throw up in the toilet. (Sorry--couldnt' think of a better way to phrase that ; ) We took Heidi and Brent to the hospital and some friends came to pick them up there. Got to the hospital a little after midnight and Kyle was born around 2:30 on Saturday morning. It was the first time I ever had a female doctor deliver one of my babies.

We had expected Kyle to be born a week before so Allan's parents and his sister, Bev, had tickets to fly to Toronto and they arrived the day Kyle was born. On Sunday morning I was released from the hospital and Allan came and picked me up. We went home so I could get ready for Church--it was fast Sunday and I really wanted Allan's mom and sister to be there for the blessing. Allan's dad who was not active and hadn't been to Church for years was dressed and ready to go with us. No one said a word to him about going, we just all got in the car. (It is still such a choice memory for me.)

Kyle is the only Canadian in our family--and he is very proud to be Canadian--notice the Toronto Blue Jay's shirt (this was after they won the 1992 World Series ; )

We lived in the Toronto area until Kyle was about 2 1/2 and then moved back to the U.S. It was great for him to be around family for a couple of years. I love this picture that was taken when Kiah was visiting us (along with her family) She and Kyle are six months apart. In fact, when I was in the hospital with the dehydration, the nurses got such a laugh when they found out one of my daughters-in-law had just had a baby. (Of course, they were really shocked when I told them that was my 6th grandchild ; )

His grandparents came to visit and celebrate an early Christmas when he was about 18 months. He loved his grandpa

I know I'm his mom, but goodness he's a cute kid ; )

When he was young he loved the water, snakes, and trains.

We moved to Winnipeg when he was almost 5. Some of his friends have been friends since he was in Grade 1. It has been great fun to watch all of these kids grow up together.

Kyle has been taking piano since he was in Kindergarten. In Canada the music program is wonderful. Piano students are given a grade level. He started in a wonderful program called Music for Young Children and after 3 years went into Grade 1 piano. He is currently at Grade 9 level. I love this picture of him during his recital when he was in junior high. Notice the cast which is up to the middle of his thigh--he broke his leg playing soccer during lunchtime. I will never forget the phone call from the school--"Mrs. R. This is C Jr. High, the ambulance is on its way. (long pause) We think Kyle has broken his leg." (When I went the next day to tell them how he was doing I suggested it might have been better to say, "We think Kyle has broken his leg. The ambulance is on its way." It was an ugly break and he was in the hospital for about 5 days--in the Pediatric Ward sharing a room with a 3 year old who LOVED BOB THE BUILDER AND CAILLOU.

He plays the piano for Priesthood and plays just about every morning for Seminary. When he was younger he had perfect pitch. He has taught himself to play the guitar and the drums. He is in the concert band and the jazz band at school--playing the timpany, bells, xylophone, and keyboard. He and his buddies have started a band and today they competed in The Battle of the Bands at school. They will participate in the finals tomorrow.

He is quite athletic and over the years has played soccer, basketball,


and track (actually the field aspect--he jumps--long jump and triple jump).

I'm sure it must seem funny to be the only child left in the house. When we go on trips, he's all alone with Allan and me until we stop and pick up Heidi and Brent. We do have a good time whenever we're all together, but I'm sure for him having so much alone time with us has its pluses and minuses.

I have a hard time believing that he will graduate in a year. Each time he drives away from the house I'm in shock because as far as I'm concerned he is still in grade 3 or 4. Allan and I had always thought that it would be great if we put our mission papers in the same time he does, however, because of Allan's calling, we think we'll have to wait a few years.

I hate to do a sidenote, but we're off tomorrow for L.A. and will get on our ship on Saturday for our cruise to Mexico. This is what we were dealing with today. (They were recommending staying off the highways because the roads were so horrible.) Poor Allan had been in Ohio since Monday and was flying home on Wednesday and his flight out of Ohio to Chicago was delayed and he ended up missing his connection. So, he didn't get home until noon today. He sure has had to scramble to get packed.


PJ said...

Ahh..your baby is growing up! What a great guy, you are so blessed:D

Have a great trip to L.A.!

(As far as 'Lost' goes...I don't even know where to begin...except that I love/hate/love it!!)

annie said...

I've enjoyed these posts about your family Yvonne, and I'm not relieved that they are finished now!
Wow, sounds like a hard pregnancy this last time. I actually loved being pregnant every time!
I hope you have a wonderful trip and will pray for safe traveling for you and your family.

Ashley said...

He is so talented in many areas. I have noticed my other girls get older but the baby stays the baby. I have loved these posts. You have such a great family.

I hope you enjoy your trip and get time to relax and have fun together.

Holly said...

I have loved these posts! He's a handsome boy and a credit to the two of you! He'll be an awesome missionary.

And all I can say is you went to church and had him blessed the day you came home from the hospital? Holy cow! You really are superwoman!!

Nancy Face said...

You can NEVER talk about Kyle too much! You're absolutely right...he is so cute, and it's so fun that he's the only real Canadian in the family! :)

You deserve a medal or something for that difficult pregnancy...yikes! And I couldn't even believe my eyes when I read that you were released from the hospital on Sunday morning and when right to church to have him blessed! I had to go back and read it again to make sure! :0

How wonderful that he is so accomplished on the piano, and at so many sports! You've got to be a proud momma! :)

Have a wonderful cruise! Yay! :D

Tonya said...

It has been wonderful getting to know your children this way.

They grow up way to fast for sure.

Enjoy your trip and be safe.

Tori :) said...

So, does he have duel citizenship or is he only Canadian? Just wondering. My step-daughters have duel so just curious...
Kyle is like my little sister. She was born when my mom was 39. I was 18!! She's the loner at home now.:)

aurora said...

Sounds like a great kid! You must be very proud of all of his accomplishments.

I had to re-read the 'went right to church' part, too! Wow! Are you Wonder Woman? ☺

Lei said...

Again - this was such a fun idea for posts! I bet it's fun to look back and recall all these detials. The pictures are great... you have a great family!

Travel safely!

mindyluwho said...

Talk about a heart stopper telling you the ambulance was on it's way first!

What a great kid and I hope his band does well in the Battle of the Bands!

These tributes were so fun to read Yvonne. Have a great trip.

Magirk said...

A regular renaissance man! :D

I'm so impressed with his musical abilities. With ALL his abilities, actually!

He's a handsome guy, and it sounds like a good guy too. And you can't beat that combination!

I loved all the photos (again) and all your fun, wonderful stories and descriptions.

I still think you're an awesome mom. No wonder you're 'one happy mama!' ;D

Thanks again for sharing.

(I'm sure you won't see this 'til you're back, but I hope your cruise is fun and all your travel plans work smoothly! Can't wait to hear about it...)

Whitney said...

I'm so sad this is the last one, I have loved them!
That was so touching that Allan's dad went to church to be at the blessing.
How fun that you guys are planning on putting your mission papers in sometime also!!!
I'm sorry the snow is so bad, but you'll be in sunnier weather in no time!!! I hope you have so much fun!!!!
If you don't have internet access, (which I'm just guessing you won't- you'll be too busy for that!) I'll be missing you!!! But I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. For this next little while I'll miss your wonderful posts and sweet comments :)

smellychelli said...

I have been so busy I got behind on your posts and missed reading them. I was very excited to get online today and read more about your family.
Kyle sounds wonderful, and such a pride and joy for you!

Have a lovely trip! Enjoy the warmth and don't even think about the snow you're leaving behind!

Melissa said...

This has been so fun to read all of these posts about your kids! Thanks for sharing them!
I wish you were going to be in L.A. a little longer! I'm only 2 hours from there...

Yvonne said...

FIRST OFF--Got a text from Kyle--They won the Battle of the Bands. Isn't that exciting!!!

pj: He hates that he will always be my baby, but I tell him each of them are my babies ; )

It will be so fun.

I'm with you on Lost, but have to admit thought Wednesday was VERY INTERESTING!!!

annie: Thanks, you are so sweet. As sick as I got with my pregnancies, I still LOVED being pregnant. There was something about being a part of bringing children into this world made it all worthwhile.

Thanks for your prayers.

ashley: I love my family.

It will be great to have this time together.

holly: Kyle will be a fabulous missionary.

No, not superwoman, just wanted the family there.

nancyface: He loves his Canada.

It was so worth it being at Church that day with Allan's dad there.

It is so fun to watch him play the piano. (I'm so jealous because I struggle so much. He tries to help me ; )

The cruise will be great. So looking forward to it.

tonya: Thanks. You are so right--they grow up way too fast. I still remember the day they place Stephen in my arms like it was yesterday and that was almost 38 years ago ; )

The trip will be great.

tori: You know he has all the perks of being a Canadian and can have passports in both countries and can work in both. Other than that I'm not sure. I just know he will never have the problem poor Heidi has had crossing the border.

Was it tough on your little sister to be alone???

aurora: He is a fun guy and we are proud.

No wonder woman here.

lei: It has been fun to put it all in writing.


mindylou: Wasn't that funny?

Like I said they won, so I know they must all be excited.


magirk: He is a pretty good kid--I just love how he tries to develop all these gifts. It's fun for me to watch.


I hope to be able to get on the computer once in awhile. Not sure I'll get to all the blogs, but I'll do my best.

whitney: Thanks.

It was wonderful to have him at the blessing.

We have always wanted to serve a mission so it will be great when we have that chance.

The weather here in L.A. is lovely AND WARM ; )

I'll try to visit some blogs while I'm on the ship.

smellychelli: Thanks--doing the posts about the kids was a lot of fun for me.

The trip will be so fun--what snow????

melissa: I would love to visit with you--wish we were here longer, too. But, then again, there will be other trips!!!

Klin said...

Have fun on your cruise. This was fun. I think Kyle is a Q T pie, too.

txmommy said...

I loved these, how fun.
He's a handsome young man :)

Have so much fun on your cruise!, I"m jealous.

Nancy Face said...

They won Battle of the Bands? Woo hoo! :D

Lauren said...

I'm gonna miss these Pride and Joy posts! They have been my FAV! Kyle sounds like an awesome guy. I bet if I knew him in real life, I would be his friend.

I hope you have fun on your cruise! EAT LOTS OF FOOD! I know I would.

Lippy said...

That was so great..."The Life and Times..."

He's accomplished so much, and lives such an interesting life, and yet he hasn't even started yet! I'm sure there is going to be a lot more to share and be proud of. Have a smile Mom, you have plenty to be happy about!

wearethe"wright"family said...

I noticed you left a comment on my page! Thanks. I am new at this whole blog thing also, but love to meet new people. Thanks for posting!! Your Blog looks awesome! you will have to go back and look at mine, I posted some new pics of our cruise... scuba diving (first time experience)

Josi said...

So sweet, what a good looking guy! Have a great time on the cruise!

Jodi said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. What a great way to meet people you would otherwise never get to know! I am very new at this, but LOVE it! So, please keep stopping by! I would love to hear about your cruise when you return. Bon Voyage...

Nancy Face said...

Happy Monday! Hope you're having a great time! :)

JustRandi said...

What a great post.
I hope you have a fantastic time on your trip! Hey! Maybe we crossed in LA. I was in that airport twice over the weekend!!

Peter said...

That would be neat---- to be serving a mission the same time as Kyle. Who knows, maybe Allen will be released as Stake President nearer to Kyles' 19th bday. The lord works in mysterious ways.


Jess said...

I'll have to get that guy playing at priesthood sessions. You have amazingly talented kids!

Sheri said...

What a great family! Have fun on your cruise!

Amber said...

What a treasured collection of memories you are building...and I have enjoyed them all. Just as you will enjoy your cruise. HAve fun!

Amanda said...

How fun to learn more about each of your children. It is easy to see and feel the love that you have for each of them as well as your grandchildren. What a special family you have!! They are lucky to have you as well.

Hope you have a great time on your trip! How fun to leave the snow behind for warmer weather!!! :)

Yvonne said...

Thanks for all your comments--I will comment on the comments when I get back. This 75 cents a minute adds up--especially when it seems to take forever. It's fine when I can type off-line and then post ; )

Heidi said...

Oh....why did Kyle have to grow up???:( He was my cute little doll:) I swear he was the cutest kid ever and I still love him!