Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Untitled Post

Sorry, I couldn't come up with a title for this post!!!

I am so excited that I won the re-design giveaway hosted by magirk. Thank you, Allyson. It will be so exciting to have a new look for my blog--I haven't changed it once said I began blogging. (Pretty boring, eh?)

This morning I thought I was going to have a crazy day (but then again maybe it doesn't take much to make me feel busy anymore.) I had the Worldwide Leadership Training at 10:00 and then our Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser at 5:30. I spent time before I left home making chocolate suckers for the bake sale. I've tried to make suckers every year so all the little ones can afford to buy something and feel like they're making a donation--plus get a little treat.

Well, when I got to the broadcast I found out the dinner was postponed until next week. (But when I got home from the broadcast I went ahead and finished the suckers (I think I have 80)--now I'll just have to make brownies for the bake sale--yippee!!!)

The weather was pretty brutal this morning and I really wasn't looking forward to the drive to the Stake Center. (Allan had left the house around 7:00 for a breakfast served by one of the counselors and then a meeting.) That meant I had to drive myself to the Stake Center for the broadcast which, by the way, was wonderful. I wasn't going to take notes, but I ended up taking several pages.

As I sat there I became increasingly grateful that I'm a woman. I'm also grateful to have my eternal companion. I was touched when they talked about the good people who've had an influence on our children--I thought about all the good teachers and leaders my sons and daughters have had. We have truly been blessed. So many of the comments that were made this morning about family reminded me of my early days in the Church when I was a single mom. I was never bothered when the traditional family was discussed--for that was the family I was striving to one day enjoy. I was so blessed to have good friends who were such wonderful role models for me. They took Stephen and me under their wing and taught us so much.

I think one of the sisters made the comment that the way couples work together and share responsibilities is different than it was when she was young. I found that comment so true. I look at my older sons who I think are fabulous husbands and fathers. (They had a terrific role model) They do far more around the house than their dad ever did--I'm not complaining--Allan was and is a fantastic help. Through three of my pregnancies when I was sick in bed or in the hospital he did so all the housework and all the shopping and took care of the kids. I know that both of my daughters-in-law know how lucky they are to have husbands who help so much. The point was made that things today are different and that's o.k. I also loved when someone made the comment that in our families it's not about who's right, but what's right. I loved that thought.

I was very comforted as we were reminded about agency. We were encouraged to keep praying, never give up, and trust in the Savior's Atonement.

I left the meeting feeling very uplifted, encouraged, and knowing that with God's help I can truly raise the family He would want me to raise. First and foremost they are His children. I'm grateful for that knowledge.

I don't think I've ever been so cold in the car on the way home. I left one of my gloves at home and my hands were frozen!!! I didn't wear my boots, so my feet were frozen, too!!! I could barely see the road because of the blowing snow. I was grateful to get home and thaw out.

Sidenote #1: One of our dear senior missionary sisters went home yesterday after serving here for 18 months. When she was in our home for our Christmas dinner, she took this picture of our family. In case she stops by for a peak at the blog, I just want Sister W. to know she is missed and that I hope all is well at home.

Sidenote #2: Allan had a flight to our branch that is a 10 hour drive. With the winds such as they are today we thought maybe his flight would be cancelled. The temps this afternoon were -26 with the windchill making it -43. (That means it's a pretty strong and cold North wind--of course our windchill tonight is supposed to be -49 ; ) Allan called me from the airport to say the airline said they are still flying. They said, "It's just a bit of a breeze." WHO ARE THEY TRYING TO KID. The snow is blowing like crazy!!! In fact, Allan said they couldn't even see the plane outside from in the terminal. I'm sure the pilot will tell them: Hang on to your seatbelts--it's going to be a bumpy ride!!! (I doubt there is a flight attendant)

He has landed and said the flight was smooth but that going to the plane and boarding was "an experience he will not soon forget". Can't wait to hear all about it.


txmommy said...

yummy suckers!

I hate to fly on the best of weather days, he's brave to get on! Yikes!
Glad it went well.

txmommy said...

hey, I was first! that's a first for me :)

Alice Wills Gold said...

Yvonne, I forgot and was thinking you live in Utah ans was laughing about how you were upset you had to drive to the Stake Utah, that would be like 2 minutes away instead of 1. Here in TN it is 30 minutes instead of 20...almost no diff.

Thank you SO much for your recap on the WWLBT this morning. I was unable to go with all the kids and I have been dying for more details than just, "It was about families again"

I can't wait until the broadcast is online.

You are an amazing provider of service...keep up your good work.

mindyluwho said...

We are watching the rebroadcast tomorrow. Our stake likes to make us wait.

I'm so glad I don't live in the snow. I like snow, just not living in it!

annie said...

You are so thoughtful to make the little suckers so the kids will be included! cute!

What a scary flight! I know just a little turbulence sends me into prayer instantly. I'm glad he made it safely.

That is so cold! When you wrote about forgetting your gloves I didn't realize the temps you were dealing with!

JustRandi said...

I loved the broadcast today. I just sat and soaked it all in.
I also loved that Sister Beck got a platform to clarify the difference between homemaking and housekeeping. I love that woman.

Yvonne said...
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Yvonne said...

txmommy: The suckers are a little waxy, but the kids never seem to mind ; )

I'm very glad he arrived safe and sound.

alicewillsgold: No, not Utah ; ) I wish the Stake Center was 2 minutes away. The broadcast really was great.
I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it.

mindyluwho: Are you watching it as a fireside?

When I drive in snow like today it is pretty much a white knuckle drive ; )

annie: The little kids just really love them. It's so fun for me ;; )

I don't like little planes anyway, but when the weather is bad it's a whole lot worse.

The steering wheel gets so cold.

justrandi: It was fabulous. I love Sister Beck, too. I think they were all trying to clarify and they did a wonderful job. Didn't you love the comment about creating an environment where something can grow!!!!

Nancy Face said...

Wonderful post! Your chocolate suckers are absolutely adorable! :)

The weather sounds awful, especially to a woos like me. I'm cold here in Arizona! :0

I'm so glad Allan's flight was safe. :)

Holly said...

We saw the broadcast tonight and it was so good! I loved it.

I can't wait to see what you and Summer come up with for your blog design! I'm so excited that you won!

PJ said...

Those suckers are so cute! Great job:)

I forgot about the broadcast:( I wonder how soon it will be on-line? I'm going to go check it out!

Glad he is safe and sound

Ashley said...

Man I just picture icebergs floating past you at those temps. OOOO EEEE! (okay enough sillyness)It has been cold enough for me here in Idaho.

I am happy you won the redesign. I am excited to see the "new look!"

Nancy Face said...

I have yet another award for you...

aurora said...

Probably the best 'untitled post' ever!

The suckers are so adorable! I need to make some of those, my little kids would flip out! :)

Thanks for the summary of the broadcast. I like to hear what others get out of things. Like you, I took several pages of notes. My hubby and I talked a lot about plans for our family over hot cocoa afterwards.

Happy Sabbath!

Magirk said...

That scares me just thinking about Allan's flight!!

I really enjoyed the Broadcast as well. It was just what I needed as a mother, a pick-me-up and let me know that I'm not alone in my efforts to raise righteous children. I especially loved hearing the women's points of view. ;)

The suckers are cute! That's a great idea to do something for the little ones.

Love the picture of your beautiful family! :)

Yvonne said...

nancyface: Thank you, thank you. The suckers are so easy but so enjoyed by the kids.

I'm looking forward to Mexico in a few weeks--maybe i can thaw out.

Allan is now home safe and sound. I know the little Branch appreciates when he comes.

holly: Yes, it was fabulous. We are so blessed to have things like that.

I'm excited to see what she comes up with, too.

pj: They were fun to make.

I don't know how long it will take to be re-broadcast, but so worth watching.

I'm glad he is home safe.

ashley: The problem is the rivers are all frozen--so no icebergs could float by ; )

I'm excited to see how the blog will look when she is done.

nancy face: You are too kind--thanks.

aurora: Thanks. The suckers are very easy and kids do enjoy them.

Allan and I only had a few minutes to talk about it. Hopefully tomorrow night we'll get a chance. There was so much to take in and ponder.

magirk: Your re-cap was fabulous. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think the brethren are trying to teach everyone that women's thoughts and ideas are to be valued and that both men and women need to show respect for one another. I loved the interaction so much.

Thank you.

No Cool Story said...

I missed that meeting :( *kicks self*

Oooh chocolatey suckers :)

Heidi said...

Mmmm. I want those suckers. You are a really nice mom. I just do sugar cookies for every holiday.

I pretend like my kids like them, but I LOVE to eat them, so they're really for me.

I've been seeing your comments all OVER the place lately, and thought I'd finally check out the source--what a lovely blog!

Lucy said...

re: Sidebar #2...Reminds me of my North Dakota days. I know I'm crazy saying this, but I miss them. I like the cold better than heat. I know....I know... :)

Chel said...

The suckers are lovely and they look yummy and so cute!

The broadcast was awesome. I loved your recap. It's great how we can all pull something a little different away from the same talk. It's so nice to know that we can relate the teachings into our own lives.

I get really nervous on flights... scary.

Whitney said...

Ooooh those suckers look delicious! Way to go on making 80!!!
That sounds like it was a wonderful meeting, I like the though "Not who's right but what's right". I will have to remember that one, thanks!

Melissa said...

We missed the leadership meeting... sigh... thanks for sharing your thoughts! The suckers look so YUM!!!

Summer said...

Hi Yvonne. I just wanted to make sure you had received the email (about your redesign) I sent to you a few days ago. If not, let me know. My email is on my design page linked to in my name in this comment.