Monday, February 18, 2008

The Wisdom of Youth

It's the goal of every Seminary teacher to see their youth take the lessons and apply them into their lives. On Friday, as we finished our Scripture Mastery, I asked the youth to share their favorite Old Testament story of something they've learned this year. One of the girls said that as we've studied each of the kings, she thought it was interesting to watch how they each started out so good--so humble and wanting to do what was right. Then they fell. She said it taught her that each of us has to always do those things we have been taught--like reading our scriptures and saying our prayers, trying to stay close to the Lord.

Then another one said he liked the story of David and Goliath because it reminds us God will always be there to help us. Such a simple thought but so true.

I love when these are more than just "STORIES" to them!!! You can understand why it is such a privilege to me to have this time with them int he morning. (Today is a holiday (no, not President's Day). We all got to sleep in!!!)

Speaking of being inspired by young people, I don't know if anyone saw Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night. They were building a home for the family of an incredible young man who was blind and in a wheelchair. Ty asked this young man about his positive outlook on life. He said he sees blindness not as a disability but more as an ability and sight more as a disability. He said this is because some people with sight tend to judge others by what they see on the outside whereas he doesn't see that--he only sees that which is within a person. (Reminded me of the scripture mastery in 1 Samuel 16:7) This young man was absolutely incredible. What an inspiration.

We had a great experience with Kyle on Friday and Saturday. He competed at the "Indoor Games" at our University. He did the long jump Friday night and came in 4th. On Saturday afternoon he did the triple jump. I'm a mom who sits in the stands and is quite nervous when my child is competing (I'm horrible at a piano competition) Anyway, when Kyle over-toed one jump I felt so bad. I know it's got to be so tough on the next jump because you are so afraid to do it again. Kyle went out and jumped a personal best!!! He ended up getting a silver medal.

Hope your weekend was a good one.


Chel said...

Way to go Kyle!! That is AWESOME!

I love how you had the students talk about the stories-- It always amazes me which each one of us can get out of the same story. That is great!

I didn't see Extreme Home Makeover last night, but I try to watch it when I can... but I always cry :) I think the stories are all pretty inspirational.

JustRandi said...

Oh, Yvonne! That is wonderful - about both your students and about Kyle!
I love days like you had last Friday - where it just seems to be worth the effort it takes...

Nancy Face said...

I love reading about your Seminary students and the wonderful lessons they are learning from you! :)

I'm so glad Canada scheduled "National Sleep In Day"...tee hee! :D

I would have LOVED seeing Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night and having a good cry! To me, that is one of the few shows worth watching!

Yay, I'm so happy for Kyle! :D

ANNIE said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job not only teaching the bible to those students, but also teaching them to apply the wisdom in their lives which is the whole point!

I am watching Extreme Home Makeover this morning. I tivo it. Matt won't watch it. ever. We were watching it the evening of Isabelle's near drowning and it is just too raw for him still... I cried when I watched the dad help with the marching band. It's amazing to see how people overcome obstacles! I remember whining about such silly things in the past and then when real adversity presents itself you realize what is really important (I still whine about silly things time to time :O)
Congratulations to Kyle on the silver medal! That is AWESOME!!!

Holly said...

Good for Kyle! Those kids are so blessed to have you for their seminary teacher. Of the 4 teachers I had for seminary, 2 really stand out because they loved us and they made the scriptures come alive. I think you're the same kind of teacher!

Melissa said...

I would love to come and sit in on your Seminary lessons! I'm guessing that you are a pretty amazing teacher :)
And that's great about Kyle!! Very cool!

Tonya said...

Congrats Kyle!

I love Extreme Home Makeover but I didn't see it last night. It sounds like a great one.

Thank you for sharing your seminary stories with me. It almost makes me feel like I'm there :o)

Magirk said...

Well, you know how I feel about seminary... And I just think you're awesome for being a seminary teacher.

Congrats to Kyle and his silver! That's wonderful!

A beautiful story about the blind young man. How wonderful to have that kind of insight about life, and especially about a 'disability.'

Hope you enjoy your day off. :)

Klin said...

3 cheers for Kyle. Hip, hip hooray. Hip, hip hooray. Hip, hip hooray.

I love the seminary stories. They show that the youth are being and can be taught good from evil and that they can recognize it.

I totally saw Extreme Makeover last night. That was an amazing young man. His family was quite amazing, too, as they helped him do the things that he wanted to do, but wouldn't be able to on his own; like be in the Marching Band! I wish I had tivo'd it. It's worth watching again and again.

mindyluwho said...

I love it when the stories really get into their takes an awesome teacher to get them there!

Yay for Kyle!

Tori :) said...

What a happy, uplifting post!!!

Congrats to Kyle!!

utmommy said...

Yeah! Congrats to Kyle!

Sleeping in is definitly a holiday in my books:)

Amanda said...

Hurray to Kyle!!! Way to go!!!

I bet you are such a great seminary teacher! Your students are lucky to have you. What a rewarding calling it must be when you see them 'getting it'! :D

Alice Wills Gold said...

I did see the episode of Home Makeover... I was so glad that we decided to watch TV this Sunday night. We haven't been and last night I had the thought to watch just that show.

HOW INSPIRING!!! I just fell in love with that guy. WOW, I didn't need another reason to be all stuffed up. I've already been sick, but it was well worth the cry.

Loved the kids' scriptural insights. If they can apply the scrips, I guess your job is done.

Yvonne said...

chel: Thanks. You are so right how the scriptures have different applications to each of us.

You're right--lots of tears watching that show.

justrandi: As you know, there are days where you wonder and then days like last Friday ; ) Thanks goodness for those days.

nancyface: My Seminary students are wonderful.

This holiday is a funny one?!?

I am sorry you missed that show--it truly was incredible.


annie: Yes, it is the application that is so important--that's why we have the scriptures to read.

I'm so sorry that the show is so hard for Matt to watch. That must be so hard. It's amazing how experiences help us put things in perspective. I remember before we got Brent's diagnosis I was so worried he was deaf. I thought--Oh my goodness, he will have to wear a hearing aid. (Gosh, as if that was a big thing?!))

Kyle was pretty excited about the silver medal.

holly: It's important to me that the youth see the scriptures as more than just words on a page. I try to tell them and show them how much I love them.

melissa: We'd love to have a guest in our class.

It was pretty exciting for Kyle.

tonya: Thanks.

I don't know if they ever do repeats of Extreme Makeover, but if they do, try to catch that episode. I know they are all good, but this one was exceptional.

Like you, I never had the chance to go to Seminary so it's extra special for me to be there each morning.

magirk: I love teaching.

It was so fun for Kyle.

It was a great story.

The day off has been wonderful.

klin: Thanks for the cheers for Kyle.

Our youth are wonderful--as Pres. Hinckley has said they are very the finest generation.

I did tivo it, and I'm so glad.

mindylou: When it's in their hearts it truly does make a difference.

Thanks--Kyle was thrilled.

tori: Thanks.

It was fun to have Kyle be so excited about the medal.

utmommy: Thanks--I should post the picture of him on the podium.

Sleeping in WAS WONDERFUL!!!

amanda: Thanks.

Teaching Seminary is an incredible opportunity to learn and grow. It is so worth all the studying and the early mornings. The payoff truly is when they get it.

alicewills: It was such an amazing episode, wasn't it. I'm glad you saw it. Sorry you've been sick.

You're right--the application is what it's all about.

smellychelli said...

I am a BIG fan of the seminary program and I love good seminary teachers! With everything the youth are faced with each and every day, it's nice they have this opportunity to spend focusing on God and His plan for them. As a mom of a teen, THANK YOU for caring and embracing your calling!

I wish my daughter had early morning seminary. I think she might appreciate it more if she had to get up early and make a long drive to attend. As it is, she has release time and walks across the school's parking lot to get there. At least she goes!! That's something, right?

PJ said...

Good feedback from your students. It always makes my heart swell when my own girls say or do something that shows that what they are learning is sinking in!

Profound...that he as an ability not a disability.

Congrats KYLE!

Corrine said...

What sweet testimonies and way to go for Kyle. I did track and field and well anyway feel your pain :)

I miss seminary! I need to start my own.

Whitney said...

I love reading about your seminary experiences. It gives me my spiritual boost!
Extreme Makeover always makes me cry, no...that's an understatement. I bawl. And if I had seen it when this blind man was on it, I don't know if I would be able to see the TV my eyes would be so teary! It's so awesome when people that have a disability like that turn it around and make it into something completely positive that we otherwise wouldn't realize. That's so touching.

Heidi said...

Extreme Home Makeover is my four year old's favorite show. IN THE WHOLE WORLD. So we watch it every Sunday, and we loved that one, too!

aurora said...

Well everyone said everything!

Congrats to Kyle; I should have watched or tivo-ed Extreme Makeover; and you are no-doubt and amazing Seminary teacher!

There, I said it anyway. :)

Lei said...

Love it when the teaching goes beyond... says a lot about the teacher.:) And congrats to Kyle!!!

Yvonne said...

smellychelli: As a mom with children who went through the Seminary program--I love Seminary teachers and consider it a privilege to spend time with them each morning.

So true about your daughter--the important thing is she is there.

pj: Doesn't it feel good when you see the light go on!

The young man was amazing.

corrine: They are great youth.

It was a fun experience with Kyle.

whitney: I bet you were a great seminary student; )

Believe me I cried throughout that episode. I think it's amazing how some people can do so much with their life when many would just shrink and give up.

heidi: It was a good one, wasn't it.

aurora: I hope you get a chance to see it if they ever show it again.

Thanks, I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach.

lei: Application is the what we pray for.


Ashley said...

It would seem early morning seminary would go in one ear and right out the other. I think I learned so much more this way. I think it should be required of everyone. It is such a spiritual experience and also a great bonding one.

Congrats to Kyle. A silver medal is AWESOME!

I usually watch Extreme Home Makeover. Sunday night, however, my kids were in rare form. What a wonderful lesson we could have benefited from.

txmommy said...

whoo hoo! Kyle way to go!!