Monday, March 17, 2008

March Madness

I am so excited because yesterday was Selection Sunday. The NCAA Tournament starts this week. We are big College BB fans--well, we're tournament fans. So I'm grateful that this Friday is Good Friday and I don't have Seminary because I can watch ALL THE GAMES ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY and not have to worry about preparing a lesson. (Of course, we have started studying Isaiah, so that will definitely mean EXTRA STUDYING ; We do have our Service Project at the shelter on Thursday and it will be great because I won't have to worry about what time we will be getting home.

Back to basketball--I keep track of our family "pool". I actually do it through CBS Sportsline, but I also do it manually. (It's that control part of me that has to double check ; ) The majority of my kids and grandkids participate as well as a few friends. It's interesting how some make their picks. Some are die-hard fans for Duke--right Heidi, and BYU--Allan. (Allan always jokingly says he's picking BYU to go all the way. Fortunately for him, he gets smart before the picks have to be submitted.) I remember when one of my granddaughters was younger she made her picks based on the color of the uniforms. This is our 9th year of giving out an award to the winner--and believe me it is a coveted award for many. One of my grandsons has won it twice--way to go Brandon. LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR--THE AWARD IS A PLAQUE (really just a frame with a typewritten award that has the winner and previous winners listed ; ) Of course, bragging rights are always included!!!

We have had the Championship party here on the Monday of the final game for several years--this picture was from the game in April 2003. I don't know why Kyle is not in the picture) This year we will not be home. It's probably a good thing because one of the guys that comes to the party now has a big screen TV--we do not. I would be very sad if the party wasn't here--aren't I a spoiled little brat?!? Well, I guess not spoiled enough...I don' want the party here bad enough to go buy the big screen TV!!!

Sidenote #1: I guess Allan and I really missed out on our vacation. I notice that they now have "newd" cruises (I really don't want people googling "that" to find me)--now at the beginning perhaps some wouldn't thinks it was too bad, but can you imagine what it would be like at the end of 2 weeks of all that eating--REALLY UGLY!!!

Sidenote #2:
I'm giving up chocolate again. My eating has been horrible since I've gotten back from the cruise--maybe if I have to be accountable to you all I will work harder ; )


JustRandi said...

I can't believe you thought up an excuse to cancel seminary so you could gamble. Yvonne, I am shocked. ;)
Looks like fun!

Ashley said...

My hubby LOVES Basketball. I mean we have to order extra channels so he can watch it ALL the time. To be fair he works long hours and so the weekend is all him. And...if he is stuck at home watching the games, he can also watch the kids so I can get out!

It is great that your whole family gets involved during the tournaments, it makes it so much more fun.

The "newd" cruise made me chuckle. Even with the new options, I think I will stick with the one we have scheduled. :0)!

aurora said...

Ewww! I mean, even at the pool I like to hide behind my coverup! :)

PJ said...

We just lost to Georgia, I'm hiding under a pillow peeking out for when we go up against Indiana!

Newd huh? Yuck. :D

Melissa said...

My family is into the basketball stuff... I usually make my picks, but it's been a long time since I've ever won anything :)
My sister in law is going to pick for the first time this year. She is going to find out all of their mascots and then put them in alphabetical order... whichever comes first in the pair will win, I think... :) Good luck!

Tonya said...

We aren't huge BB fans so I don't get the March madness but I do get having fun with the family.

Let's hope the "newd" cruises aren't offered in Alaska..hehehe :)

Tori :) said...

I remember winning money in my high school health class when Duke beat Michigan. I was so relieved because I didn't have any money to pay up with!! :)
Your family is so fun!

annie said...

I'm lol at the thought of a naked cruise! I don't think I would ever do that!!!
Good luck giving up the chocolate... I bought a embroidered pillow for matt's aunt Jane Ellen's birthday this weekend that read, "I'd give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter!"

Mel said...

Hey, we love basketball too! I think its cool that your family does this together.

I've been eating bad too! Ewww... the "newd" cruise would be way too weird!

smellychelli said...

Give up chocolate? Really? I think there are other things I could give up first... like breathing. Without chocolate I just might, oh ... wither away and be skinny. ;o

Have fun with the basketball pool. (I wonder if you can attach some chocolate to the winner's certificate?!)

Whitney said...

How fun!!! That always makes watching the games a lot more fun because then you REALLY want your team to win!!!
I like how you spelled "newd" :D That would just be an interesting cruise, I would be covering mine and my hubby's eyes the whole time!!!

Chel said...

woo-hoo! Tell Allen we are on HIS side! Go BYU!! oh wait... are they even playing :) haha... I'm usually in the kitchen making snacks for the games... go figure.

hmmmm.... not so sure about a "newd" cruise. What is this world coming to? :)

Lauren said...

Newdy cruises?! I agree, after all of the eating people would be wanting to cover up! I gave up chocolate/sweets today too. I ate too much in Mexico, but it sure was fun!

Holly said...

There was a lot of cheering here as BSU got a slot. I love March Madness.

txmommy said...

Basketball sounds fun at your house!

I am seriously going to start dieting after Easter.

Nancy Face said...

I admit it...I am completely clueless about picks and tournaments and such...but it sounds fun! :)

Newdie cruises, eh? Sounds awesome! Oops, I meant it sounds AWFUL! Actually, it's enough to gag a maggot or to make a dead cow puke. ;)

I need to give up sweets again, too! HELP ME PLEASE! :0

Yvonne said...

justrandi: Yeah my kids in the states think it's unfair that we get Good Friday off ; )

ashley: You mean you don't watch with him?!?

I thought about the "newd" cruise--imagine how little bags you'd have to take ; ) (My husband would love not having to worry about formal nights ; ) (I sure hope EVERYONE knows I'm only kidding!

aurora: Isn't that unimaginable.

pj: I can't remember how far I have Arkansas going in the tournament.

melissa: I did win one year--believe me it was a fluke.

Love how your sister in law will make her picks ; )

tonya: Sorry you don't enjoy the basketball, but I knew you would love the family fun.

I can't even imagine the newd cruise anywhere but especially Alaska.

tori: Good for you--Was that the year Christian Laettner took that amazing shot???

We do have a great time.

annie: I could never do the newd cruise either.

I have a fridge magnet with that same quote about the chocolate ; )

mel: The BB thing is such a fun thing for us--whenever our family gets together there is always a basketball game ; ) (When I was a young girl everyone played baseball, but it doesn't seem like anyone does that anymore.

I can't even imagine a "newd" cruise, except that I wouldn't need so many pieces of luggage.

smellychelli: I had to do something--I eat way too much chocolate and cutting back never works.

I'm excited about the pool.

whitney: Just having everyone participating in making picks makes the tournament so much better.

The idea of a "newd" cruise was such a laugh for me.

chel: Allan will be thrilled to know he's not alone--actually I don't even know if he has BYU winning the first game ; )

I can't even imagine a "newd" cruise?!?

lauren: I can't believe a "newdy" cruise either.

Giving the chocolate up is a hard thing.

holly: I bet you were excited when BSU got in the tournament. It should be a lot of fun. I love March Madness, too.

txmommy: We have fun during March Madness.

I'm working pretty hard with my eating.

utmommy said...

Hubby is a total basketball fan. He watches ALL the games, ALL the highlights and recaps. He loves March Madness.

Yvonne said...

nancyface: You must have been making your comment when I was making mine ; )

The tournament is fun--we love it.

I keep thinking of how much money we'd save on not buying all the photos the photographers would take on a "newd" cruise.

You have so much willpower I highly doubt you need any help giving up sweets.

utmommy: Yeah for your hubby!!! He must look forward to this time of year like we do ; )

Magirk said...


You're so awesome to do the family pool. I won our family's pool the first year we were married. It was sweet! Bragging rights for this tourney are highly coveted.

Good luck!

(uh, no thanks on the newd cruise - I don't even walk around my own house NEWD! Well, at least not too often - to hubby's dismay.... ha, ha!!)

Heidi said...

GO DUKE!!! I wish I was still home to attend those wild and crazy parties:) I am keeping the tradition alive down here though mom--no worries!