Thursday, April 10, 2008


Allan and I got home late last night--our plane was late, which made getting up for Seminary this morning REALLY TOUGH!!! I do have a question, why can the airlines change your flight, delay your flight, do whatever they want, but if you try to change anything it costs at least $50????? (Just wondering)

I just have to say what a marvelous trip it was. I know Brent will be excited to have me post pictures of all the places he took us to see, and I promise I will get to that tomorrow. Right now I am trying to get ready for our 8 extra kids we are going to have this weekend. (We have a Tri-Stake Youth Conference this weekend and they were having trouble finding billets for the kids so we are taking an extra 8 kids. (I need to go down and get the basement ready--I don't dust the basement every week, and I really don't want these kids to go around writing their names in the dust on the furniture ; )

If you saw chel's comment, you saw that I did get a chance to go by and see her yesterday before we went to the airport. So glad that I did--she is so wonderful, gorgeous, and sweet. I felt bad that I didn't call her ahead of time, but I was so afraid we'd get stuck in traffic and not make it, so we just decided to give it a try. I was so excited to see Miss Scarlet who is so adorable. We used the timer on our cameras and when I took my picture Miss Scarlet didn't look up--I was so sad. I even got to meet Jak--he is so cute.

I am determined that next year we will have lunch together and have more time to visit. I felt like I was visiting with someone I had known for so long--it was GREAT!


JustRandi said...

I'm so glad you got back safe and sound. Airlines can be so frustrating. Sometimes I don't know how they stay in business.

Chel said...

You are always welcome... you don't even have to call! It was a much welcomed surprise, especially after being bummed that I had missed you this year while you were here.
Funny, my picture of us looks the same! Little Scarlet didn't want to look up at nothing :( We will get better ones next time.
Funny how it feels like we didn't skip a beat.
That meant so much to me to have you drive an hour out of your way to see ME!
...and wouldn't you know it, I really needed it to. Your like a mother to me and your hug is just what I needed!!

Tori :) said...

What a fun surprise!! I wish you were traveling thru Texas.

Adorable pic.

Macy said...

I just looked up billet on I've never heard that term before. Glad you guys got home safely. Have a fun weekend.

Melissa said...

I think it's so great that you were able to meet some bloggin buddies! I'm sorry you had trouble with your flight though :S Sounds like there's a lot of airline problems right now...

Lauren said...

Aww how fun! I am so glad and Chel got to see each other!

I am excited to see the pictures of the places you visited!

Stupid airlines...

annie said...

How fun that you're having all these irl bloggy meet ups!

Jodi said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Too bad the airlines are such a pain! How fun that you got to meet some blog buds! Next time you come this way...WE are going to meet up!!! What fun!

Theresa said...

let me guess, you came by chicago..?? :)

Ashley said...

Man, those stinkin people are just getting worse every time I fly. I am really not liking how some are only allowing one bag and charging for each additional one. They will squeeze you for every little thing. I am glad you all had a good time and were able to catch up with some bloggity bloggin friends.

Jess said...

You are amazing 10 extra kids. Good luck with the dusting
I think it's so cool that you have made such great friendships through your blog.

Nancy Face said...

YAY! It's so wonderful you got to meet adorable Chel and Miss Scarlet! :D

I hope you got a nap sometime today! It's so challenging to jump right back in to life as usual without enough sleep! :0

I'm excited to see your post of the things you and Brent did together! :)

You're so nice to put up all those kids for Youth Conference...I bet you'll have a blast! :D

Tonya said...

Welcome home! I'm sure that Chel didn't mind you just stopping by. Anytime you are in my neck of the woods you can do the same for sure.

You were a internet superstar this week as you traveled around so it was like you weren't even gone :o)

PJ said...

That's a lot of youth! Good luck:S

I'm a tad jealous, but mostly happy you were able to meet up with some bloggin' buddies!!!

Glad you are back safe and sound:)

Whitney said...

Airlines will do anything to make THEM money :p like they don't have enough already...
That's so fun that you got to see Chel, too!!!

Corrine said...

well if you are ever in texas give us a buzz..or in hawaii for the nest six months :)

yeah i think airlines should pay us for putting us out...

smellychelli said...

I agree that airlines should compensate for all the hassles they put you through.

A tri-stake conference sounds like fun. We haven't done that since we lived in OR... maybe there are just too many stakes where I live now.

However, writing in dust is lots of fun! I'm sure the kids could have played tic tac toe, then you could hand them a dust rag and say, 'finish the job.' :o)

Yvonne said...

justrandi: It's always great to get home. It is sad to see so many of the airlines go out of business.

chel: I have always loved reading your blog, but I love it so much more now because I KNOW YOU!!! I was going to comment on how much it was like spending time with a daughter.

tori: And when I do travel through Texas you know I will stop by ; )

macy: I should have explained the "billet" term. When I read your comment, I asked Allan what I was supposed to call it because that's all I've known for years.

It's great to be home--only 11 sleeps til I see the little guy.

melissa: I wish I could meet everyone I've met while blogging.
The problem with the flight was only annoying because I knew I had to get up the next day!!!

lauren: I'm glad, too.

The whole trip was just incredible.

annie: It has been great. Just wish I could meet everyone.

jodi: We did have a great time. It would be so fun to meet you, too.

theresa: You know it wasn't Chicago, it was Minneapolis. But, I guess I was just grateful I wasn't on American ; )

ashley: I am so irritated by the whole 2nd bag $25. (Again, you can't charge them anything when they LOSE your bag--you're just supposed to smile and say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FINDING IT!!!)

It was great to meet up with friends.

jess: No, no, only 8 extra people (3 or which are adults ; )

The blogging world is so fun.

nancyface: I'm so glad Allan is so great and that we were able to stop by.

No nap for me--I sleep better at night when I don't have a nap ; )
It always takes me a few days to get back into my regular routine. (The toughest thing--cooking again)

I don't have any assignments for Youth Conference, just Allan, and I don't even have to feed anyone here--they have all their meals taken care of at the Church.

tonya: Believe me if I'm ever up your way, I'm stopping by!!!!!!

ha, ha!

pj: We survived the first night.

I hope one day we can meet.

whitney: I feel a little sorry for the airlines--with the price of fuel and all.

It was a fun trip and meeting bloggy friends was such a treat.

corrine: Well, we will be in Hawaii in June--only Maui.

I think they should offer some sort of reimbursement or at least not charge when you have to make a change.

smellychelli: It would be nice if the airlines would compensate--but somehow I don't think that will ever happen.

I know these tri-stake youth conferences are such fun for the youth. The guys and girls in your Stake are never very cute, but somehow the ones in the other stakes are???

LOL at your comment about the dust.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

So neat you just stopped by and had so much fun!