Thursday, April 17, 2008

Memoir Tag

Nancyface tagged me for this memoir tag. I have thought about it all day--still not sure what to do.

Here are the rules:

1. Write your own six word memoir.

2. Post it on your blog and include a picture if you want.

3. Link to the person who tagged you in your post.

4. Tag at least five more blogs with links.

5. Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

Nancyface's memoir was "She Knows Jesus is the Christ".
I'm going to tag Sheila, jodi, chel, jess, and pj. If you'd like to play along, please do.

I thought about: "She lived life to the fullest".

Or perhaps: "Loved the Lord, family and life".

But I finally settled on: "Grateful for life, and Jesus Christ".

Our friend, Troy's funeral was today. His wife, Nikki, wrote a message on facebook on Tuesday. I am so uplifted by her faith and her strength. She is 33 years old and is wise beyond her years. I just want to share with you a portion of what she wrote:

"Thanks to all who have sent their love and prayers to me and my children, it means more than you can ever know. Troy touched the lives of countless people. We were so lucky to have had him in our lives for the time that we did. It was far too short. Please love your families, I am so glad Troy always showed his love for me and our children. He had such a happy life, may we all live like Troy did with joy and enthusiasm. Thanks again to all who have sent us their love. While I am full of so much sadness right now, I find some peace and comfort in knowing that he is watching over me and one day we will be together again as a family."

I am going to take Nikki's challenge and live like Troy with joy and enthusiasm. I don't think I ever saw him without a smile on his face.

I was so touched by his obituary which asked that in lieu of flowers, we give our loved ones a hug and play our favorite Beatles song while sharing memories of Troy. I have been listening to Beatles songs today.

Sidenote: For a good laugh, go visit my DIL's blog and watch the video that my son, Neal, did for my grandson's birthday. You can get the link to the video here.


Chel said...

I loved that! You had some great memoirs, but I love the one you settled with. You're amazing.

I'm up for the challenge. Thanks for the tag.

Nikki sounds amazing. What a sweetheart. She has a good head on her shoulders.

Magirk said...

So sweet, what your friend wrote. I'm crying after reading it. And I think I'd like to take that challenge too. I need to. My husband is that way - always so happy and joyful.

He's always saying that each year is 'the best year of his life' and that 'it just keeps getting better and better.'

I really should do better, because he's right, you know. :)

Loved your 6-word memoirs of yourself. They all seem to describe you perfectly!

Amber said...

So sad for your friend but so inspired by your memoir! What wonderful sentiments!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh Yvonne, I love this tag...and I love what you came up with. I may even want to play along, only if I can come up with something.

Tonya said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with your memoir.

The rest of your post really touched me. We should all live the way that your friend lived. I need to do better and I'm thankful for the reminder.

aurora said...

Loved your memoir! I think that they all lead together.

I was so touched by what your friend wrote about her husband and for our challenge. I need to be more that way. I was overwhelmed and sad today, but now realize that I have absolutely no right to be.

Thanks for sharing!

Jodi said...

Thanks for the tag! I am excited to get thinking. That's a toughie!

I liked all three!

Sheila said...

Tag complete! Thanks again for thinking of me...
toodles, Sheila

Nancy Face said...

Thank you for joining in! I love all three memoirs you came up with! (Mine didn't sound right to me in the past tense, so I decided to change it to the present tense.)

Thank you for sharing Nikki's was so beautiful and touching. I've been praying for her.

Klin said...

I love that you came up with more than one. Now why didn't I think of that? Oh, yeah. It was 2 AM ish;)

Sorry to hear about your friend. His wife has great faith and advice.

Nancy Face said...

I'm going out of town for a bit..."see" you later! ;)

annie said...

All your memoirs are great Yvonne!

michelle (a.k.a. smellychelli) said...

Good job on the memoir tag. Thanks for adding the message from Nikki.

LOVED the video for your grandson. Adam had to come over and watch it (since he's obsessed about everything Japanese these days.)He was mesmerized by it. :-)

Suzanne said...

Those are all great 6-word memoirs! You really have lived life and I can tell how much the Gospel and family means to you.

I can't imagine the strength of your friend! I can't imagine even being able to function if I lost my spouse. What great advice to love those around you!

Heidi said...

It's so nice to have life put into perspective occasionally, don't you think?

utmommy said...

Love all your memoirs. They are amazing!

Nikki sounds like a wonderful person. I'm so sorry for all that she's going through. Thank goodness for eternal families.

Yvonne said...

chel: You are so sweet. I can't wait to read yours.

Yes, Nikki is an amazing woman.

magirk: Believe me I have shed so many tears over the past few days, I know it's a great challenge for me. So important to always look for the positive.

Doing the memoir with only 6 words was a challenge.

amber: Nikki is a wonderful woman.


alice: Your memoir was GREAT. I loved it.

tonya: Thanks--I really had to think about that memoir.

As I've read all the thoughts that people have written about troy I have been so touched by his positive attitude in everything he did!

aurora: Doing the memoir gave me lots to think about.

I, too, realize I have nothing to complain about. I need to focus on the good and stop worrying about the little things that may not be "just right".

jodi: Can't wait to read yours.

sheila: Loved yours--great job.

nancyface: It was a fun exercise (hey that's an oxymoron ; ) I thought yours was great!!!

Thanks for your prayers for nikki.

klin: I can't even think at 2 am--I loved your memoir.

Troy was a great man who absolutely adored nikki and she knew how much he loved her (and so did all of the rest of us) I'm sure knowing that families are eternal is what's getting her through this most difficult time.

nancyface: Enjoy your trip!!!

annie: Thanks, annie.

michelle: Thanks. Nikki's message was such a great reminder to me of what's important.

I'm so glad you clicked over and watched the video. I'm glad adam enjoyed it.

suzanne: Thanks--the 6 word memoir was a lot of fun.

When I read Nikki's message on facebook I was amazed because I knew I would be in bed with the covers pulled up over my head sobbing for days--I think that's why it touched me so deeply.

heidi: You are so right--we all need that perspective.

utmommy: thanks--they were fun to do.

Nikki is a wonderful person. We are so blessed--how would a person get through something like that without that knowledge?

mindyluwho said...

Yvonne you amaze me. Ziplining and flying in the air! I love the "She lived life to the fullest". I think living life to the fullest is our way of making a statement of gratitude to the Lord for giving us our lives. It sounds like your friend, Troy, did just that.

You are an inspiring woman!