Monday, May 12, 2008

Life is Good

It was a great Mother's Day. I had a chance to talk on the phone with each of my children (except Kyle who was right here all day waiting on me hand and foot ; ). Allan's daughters sent me an e-mail and a text message. It was great.

As I was talking to Stephen today, he mentioned how many miles we have logged or will log over the next few weeks. He reminded me that on top of all the graduations and then our Hawaii trip, we have little Miss Hannah being baptized in September. I'm just grateful we are able to attend all these wonderful events.

I'm also grateful for technology which allows me to see pictures of events that I miss. I would have loved to have been in the Sac. area when Kiah received her YW Recognition Award. Here is a picture of her back in 1991 when they came to visit us in Toronto. (Not only does she look like her grandma, but she has her vices ; )

Fast forward some 17 years later--could this be the same girl.

Sidenote #1: I was very excited to get on the scale this morning and see that I lost another 3 pounds--that puts me down 8 pounds. Yippee!!!

Sidenote #2:
We are studying Joel tomorrow in Seminary. I love the verse that Pres. Eyring quoted a few years ago. What a great reminder of what we should expect of our youth: "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:" (Joel 2:28) As was mentioned in his talk, it doesn't say "may" it says "shal"l--we should expect it and help them to live for those kind of experiences.


annie said...


annie said...

Congrats on the eight pounds! It's not easy!

Sheila said...

I definitely enjoy technology. When families have to be far away from each other... it's not quite so bad. (if everyone has a computer, cell phone, digital camera, etc.)One thing I have decided I need is a scanner. Maybe one day. Since I have a daughter that has a chocolate messy photo, yes, I know it happens & all too fast. Messy little girls turn into beautiful young women. Congrats on you YW recognition Kiah. toodles,Sheila

Sheila said...

How could I forget Yvonne... I meant to say congrats on the weight-loss too. I hope that I can see some progress this week.
toodles again... Sheila

Chel said...

What a beautiful young woman! You are very lucky that you travel around and attend so many things. I want to be just like you! Supportive and always there during life's special events and happenings!

Wow, 8 lbs... I envy you.

Suzanne said...

That is such a cute picture of her eating the chocolate! I'm so glad that you had a good Mother's Day! Congrats on the weight loss! :)

Corrine said...

8 LBS that is awesome way to go!!, I'm up 8 so I guess I found yours :)

You are so lucky and blessed to be able to see all your family and celebrate their events!

Jodi said...

When is your Hawaii trip and which island? Can I sneak in your suitcase? I already ready to go bacK!

Congrats on the 8 pounds! Your grand-daughter is a beauty! Takes after her Grandma!

Tonya said...

8 rock!!! I'm glad you had a great mothers day.

mindyluwho said...

Wow, 8 pounds! Go Yvonne!

Amber said...

Eight pounds? HURRAY! How is it they just seem to be melting off on you as I struggle through it. Make sure to leave a comment on my weigh-in blog on Friday - you deserve the pat on the back!

Tori :) said...

She is beautiful!!

Happy Mom's Day! - belated and CONGRATS on the weightloss! You rock!

aurora said...

Beautiful Girl! Wow. You have many, many reasons to be happy. :)

8 pounds?? wow. You Rock!

aurora said...

Haha, for the first time, I didn't read all of the comments before I left mine, and I dittoed Tori's 'you rock!' That's funny, since I rarely say it... :)

JustRandi said...

Congratulations!! Wow, 8 pounds! That'll be great for Hawaii, too.

Ashley said...

Nice job on the eight pounds...I think that is close to what I gained last week. :0)

What a gorgeous girl!

Happy belated Mother's Day!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you had a good Mother's Day! I know I enjoyed talking to my mom for awhile :)
And congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome!!

PJ said...

I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day!

What a beauty she has grown up to be:)

8 lbs...YOU ROCK!

aurora said...

check back in my comments to see why i am afraid of sharks... :)

txmommy said...

whoo hoo on the weight loss!

SHe is beautiful, time goes so fast!

Nancy Face said...

Kiah was adorable as a young child, and she is so beautiful as a young woman! :)

I'm glad you had such a nice Mother's Day! You deserve everything that's good and happy! :)

Hooray for 8 POUNDS!!! How fabulous! :D

That is a great lesson for Seminary! :)

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

So glad you had a beautiful mother's day! You are an amazing mother and grandma!

Yvonne said...

Annie: Thanks—it wasn’t easy, but I’m excited.

Sheila: You’re right—technology helps. I love my scanner and use it all the time. I’ll pass your congrats on to Kiah. Thanks. And thanks for the congrats on the weight loss. Good luck this week.

Chel: Yes, she is a beautiful girl. I feel very lucky that I get to go to so many of their special events.


Suzanne: Isn’t that picture funny—I love it. Thanks, Mother’s Day was great.

Thanks for the congrats.

Corrine: Thanks—LOL at your comment.

I love being able to travel and be part of all the special times.

Jodi: We leave for Hawaii the end of June and are there about 10 days. We are going to Maui. It’s going to be a great celebration of my MIL’s 90th birthday.

Thanks for the congrats and the sweet comments.

Tonya: Believe me I’m thrilled about the 8 pounds. It was a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Mindyluwho: Thanks so much.

Amber: I wish they were melting off—but it’s been hard work. I will come by your blog on Friday. (I always do ; )

tori: Thanks, I think she is such a beautiful girl--and she is so sweet, too.

Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. I'm so excited about the weight loss--actually I'm in shock.

aurora: Thanks. Yes, I do have lots to be happy about. LOL that you and tori said the same.

randi: Thanks--I'm working hard so Hawaii will be more enjoyable.

ashley: Isn't it funny--but I know you felt like you ate all the time, didn't you.

Thank you--I hope you had a great Mother's Day, too.

melissa: I'm glad you had a chance to talk to your mom--I'm sure she loved it, too.

I just keep hoping I can keep losing.

pj: I did have a fantastic Mother's Day.


I have to work hard so I can keep losing.

aurora: I checked back.

txmommy: I'm excited about losing 8--just need to keep going.

Thanks--yeah time goes way, way too fast.

nancyface: Thanks so much.

Thank you--you know how I feel about you--I'm glad you had a great day (I hope singing at Church wasn't too stressful ; )

I just have another 14 pounds to go--but it's nice to see progress.

gina: you are so sweet--thank you.

utmommy said...

Hooray for the weight loss!!

Love the chocolate eating picture. It's crazy how fast our little ones grow up. You are so great and supportive to your family. They are lucky to have you.

Lauren said...

She is so beautiful. Seriously...I am in awe of her beauty.