Saturday, July 26, 2008

What You Don't Want to Hear

As Allan and I were heading out of town yesterday, we really didn't want to hear this message from this message from Heidi: "I'm on my way to the emergency room."

She had gone to Idaho with a friend and earlier in the morning sent a text saying she was going out jet skiing. Well, apparently when she was out on the jet ski she fell off and the jet ski came around and hit her in the face. OUCH!!!

When we talked to her after the emergency room visit, she said she didn't need stitches--the doctors used glue and a steri-strip. Apparently she split above her lip to her nose. I told her how mad I was that she didn't have a camera to get a picture for the family website. SHE WAS NOT AMUSED!!! (I reminded her that when Kyle was being taken by gurney to the ambulance when he broke his leg at lunchtime when he was at school that I mentioned to the principal how mad I was that I didn't have my camera, and he said he had one and took Kyle's picture ; )

Heidi is just fine, just a little embarrassed about how "hideous" she looks (her words ; )

SIDENOTE #1: Allan and I were in Regina. When we came out of the temple Friday night, we walked around the grounds--the flowers were just gorgeous.

SIDENOTE #2: I haven't had Dairy Queen in ages and last night we went out to celebrate and I had a Pecan Mudslide. Yum, was it ever good. (Guess that means I'm really gonna have to work extra hard next week--I have only lost 2 of the 4 pounds I gained while in Hawaii ; )


Melissa said...

Oooh! OUCH!! That doesn't sound good! At least she's okay!
Dairy Queen... yummm... that sounds so good right now... hmmmm

Amber said...

Poor thing!

And did I know Regina had a temple? Bad, bad Canadian....

Macy said...

Oh no! I'm glad she's okay. I'm assuming she got to meet the people she went there to meet before the trip to the ER, right? She should have taken a picture. For posterity's sake.

PJ said...

That had to hurt!!

Now is she afraid of sharks and Jet skies?

annie said...

OH NO!!!

Jodi said...

Yowza! That is too bad! Just goes to prove you should ALWAYS have a camera handy!!!

Now I am craving DQ!!!!

aurora said...

OUch! I am so glad that she is okay. ♥

Mel said...

Ouch! I'm glad it wasn't worse.

I've eaten more than my fair share of icecream lately. It's okay to indulge once in awhile;)

Sheila said...

What a girl... takin' it in the face. She must be pretty tough. I have a sister that would totally sympathize. She biffed it on her bike and hit face first and she said everyone stared, gaulked... kids pointed & laughed. Girls don't handle 'booboos' to the face well. Then she healed up and fell at the grocery store and broke her front tooth out... I can't imagine waiting a couple days with a missing front tooth to get that fixed. I hope Heidi heals soon and with NO scars... including any emotional ones.

Lauren said...

I am so glad Heidi is ok. That would be so scary!

I am glad you went to Dairy Queen. You totally deserve it!

Tori :) said...

Kelsea and Karlea live 40 min from Regina. :)

I'm glad she's ok and didn't get hurt as badly as she could have. That's scary!

Chel said...

ouch! poor girl. I'm sure she is still as pretty as ever (just like her mom!)

Amanda said...

Poor Heidi, that sounds ouchy!! Glad she didn't get hurt worse!

I always love the temple grounds. Doesn't matter which temple, they are all so lovely. :)

Mmmmmm, pecan mudslide sounds so good! :)

Chelli said...

Oh my word!! Poor Heidi! Those jet skis are a blast... most of the time. A camera would have been great. (It was Calvin who reminded me... the obsessive picture taker... to take photos of his injured finger. In the drama of the moment, I forgot all about it.) I wonder where in Idaho she was?

I bet the Regina Temple is beautiful. Calvin spent much of his mission in Regina (& Thunder Bay) and he loves that area. One day we'll go visit!

Yvonne said...

melissa: I'm glad she's o.k. Dairy Queen sounds good right now to me, too.

amber: We're grateful that the temple is only 6 hours away--much easier than traveling clear to Cardston.

macy: She got to meet most of them. I agree--that picture was so necessary for future family gatherings ; ) AND for posterity's sake.

pj: I'm grateful she didn't knock out any teeth.

Oh gosh, let's hope not.

annie: Yeah, darn it.

jodi: Can you believe my daughter doesn't even own a camera ; (

I love DQ.

aurora: I'm glad, too.

mel: So am I.

I agree once in awhile is fine, but now I really want MORE.

sheila: Oh your poor sister. That had to hurt--both physically and emotionally. And then to lose a front tooth. I chipped mine and didn't want to smile until it got fixed. (I guess I'm more vain than I thought.

You're right, we girls don't handle stuff like that very well.

I think she will be fine, thank you.

lauren: Thanks. I'm sure she will be fine.

Too bad there isn't a Golden Spoon here--I'd have some and think of you ; )

tori: I know--I think of then when we pass Qu-appelle.

I'm glad it wasn't worse.

chel: She is such a cutie--I don't think it will do any permanent damage. Thanks.

amanda: I'm so glad that's all that happened.

You are right--the temple grounds are always incredibly beautiful. We had the privilege of cleaning the temple and it was so wonderful.

I'm wanting another pecan mudslide but trying to restrain myself.

chelli: I'm going to have to get her a camera and then encourage her to take pictures once in awhile.

I'm not sure exactly where she was but I'll find out and let you know.

When did your husband serve his mission?

Suzanne said...

Ouch! I hope she's doing o.k. I'm sure it was really scary to be hit in the face by a jet ski. I guess it's good that it didn't mow her over, but still!

Tonya said...

Yikes, what a blessing that she is okay. That must have been very scary.

Magirk said...

Sheesh! I hope she's okay. :-S

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Poor Heidi... to feel hideous and to have Mom wanting a photo out of it! Too hilarious and sad at the same time! Glad she is alright.

Love Dairy Queen! Great choice! Now I want to make a run.