Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We're heading back home tomorrow morning. It has been great to be here in Utah for a couple of weeks spending time with family--I sure love my kids and the older they get the more fun they are.

Heidi and I sat on the swing on my SIL's porch and just talked about her new teaching job, her sweet boyfriend, and life in general. She is such a wonderful daughter. Later Heidi, Daniel, Brent, Kyle and I went to the Mall and walked around. We were laughing so hard over some really silly stuff. I love those times and will hold them in my heart.

This morning Allan and I drove to the Salt Lake airport to get the forms to register Heidi's car in Utah. On our way down we stopped at the Draper temple and on the way back we stopped at Oquirrh Mountain. I took pictures, but the temples are not far enough along to go into our temple book ; (

Kyle and I had a fun time this afternoon playing Rockband. He had a good laugh watching his mom play the drums--or should I say attempt to play the drums. I played on easy and still FAILED!!! It was so hard. I think I need to stick to the guitar ; (

I drove around with Brent this afternoon and just loved our time. He is such a sweetie. It was so hot and his little car does not have air conditioning. He would never complain about it--then again those two years he spent in Arizona have helped him deal with the heat.

Tonight we celebrated Allan and Brent's birthdays. Here's a picture of Allan and Brent blowing out the candles--actually looks like Allan is going to inhale the cake or spit all over it ; )

This is Kyle demonstrating Allan's new iPod Jogging Armband thing (boy that was a good description wasn't it; ) Anyway, it was hysterical as Kyle ran around in slow motion like he was all out of breath. (Too bad the armband is on the other arm) The best was when he "ran" by Heidi and she offered him a drink of water--I thought we were all going to lose it. (Really need to remember to turn off the red eye--sorry, Kyle you look a little evil ; )

This is everyone laughing as Kyle jogged by.

I love you guys and can't wait to see you again at Christmas.


Millie said...

Very fun family pictures! I love Utah.

Kyle looks like a young teenage version of my hubby. :)

Neal said...

Nice! Wish I was there...

Melissa said...

Fun! It looks like you had a really great time and made some fantastic memories - it seems like the silly things are the ones that you remember the most! At least, it is for me :)

Tiffany said...

What fun family pictures. Looks like you have had great fun.
I am looking forward to the day I can visit with my sons and their families. I don't wish them to grow up any faster than they are, just looking forward to that day.:O)

JustRandi said...

So fun! It's wonderful for your family to also be your best friends! I'm so glad you had a chance to spend time with everyone!

annie said...

Happy Birthday to Allan and Brent, boy that cake sure looks yummy!

Your Kyle reminds me of Bailey... always keeping us laughing.

PJ said...

That's the good stuff in life:)

Happy Birthday to Brent and Allen!

Chelli said...

Family is what it's all about, isn't it? You're making good memories and everyone will treasure this time you had together!

Sheila said...

what more can i say...

Suzanne said...

I'm glad you had a good time while in Utah. It was probably really hard to say goodbye to your kiddies! Kyle seems like such a ham. And Brent seems so sweet! And Heidi looks so happy. Family is the best! :)

Holly said...

You have a blessed life Yvonne! So glad you could have such a great visit.

Ashley said...

Sounds like such a great time. I am glad you enjoyed it so much. I know you will miss those guys when you go home. Luckily fall seems to go by so very fast and soon it will be Christmas.

mindyluwho said...

Oh my. I love your family Yvonne, they sound like so much fun!

Heffalump said...

How wonderful that you got to spend some quality family time. I hope Christmas comes quick so you can make some more memories!

Chel said...

Oh so wonderful! I love how you described your time with Heidi. Not only do you love being a mom, they love you being THEIR mom.

Isn't it just the simple moments in time (like sitting on the porch swing, walking through the mall, watching Kyle "jog" around, etc) that mean the most.

Be safe on your venture back to Canada!

txmommy said...

your family looks so fun. I am looking forward to the days when everyone is grown and we can have that kind of fun! (not that I am wishing away the littles childhood, this is great too!)

Klin said...

I love the relationships that develop as kids grow. It's different and more fun in ways. I am glad you got to see them all.

Kyle is awesome. He looks like he is boatloads of fun.

Happy Birthday to Allan and Brent.

Nancy Face said...

Happy, happy birthday to Allan and Brent! I just love the picture of them with their cake...Allan's face is HILARIOUS! He puts the Face family to shame, haha! :D

Amber said...

What is it with all of these Utah trips? We'll all have to plan a meet-up there sometime!

Lauren said...

I read this post 3 times...on 3 different occasions because the comment box wasn't working. I love this is happy, cute and sweet :)

That cake looks amazing.

Yvonne said...

millie: I love Utah, too.

neal: It would have been fun to have you with us.

melissa; You're right--the silly things are the best.

tiffany: I have so enjoyed the years with my kids--believe me they grow up fast enough.

justrandi: It's just so fun being with the kids--maybe because it makes me feel young again.

annie: Even though their birthdays aren't for a couple of weeks, we decided to celebrate together.

Kyle is a lot of fun.

pj: You're right--it is the best.

chelli: Absolutely what it's all about.

sheila: Family is the best.

suzanne: It's always hard to say goodbye--thank goodness for phones, e-mail, etc.

holly: I really have been blessed.

ashley: I did have a great time. I know the time will go by quickly.

mindylou: They are fun.

heffalump: I am grateful for all the memories I've made and look forward to new ones.

chel: Thanks. Being a mom is great. It is those times that truly are the best.

Made it home safe and sound.

txmommy: You're right--childhood is great. I'm enjoying all of it.

klin: You're so right--each stage is great. It was fun spending time with them.

Kyle is changing and becoming lots more outgoing and it is really fun to watch.

nancyface: I guess he's just a Face wannabe ; )

amber: It would be fun to meet up one day.

lauren: Sorry you had trouble with the comment box ; ( Thanks.

It was a pretty tasty cake.