Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time to Readjust

I realize I still have a couple of weeks until we go back to Seminary, but I am so far behind in so many things I know I have to re-think my priorities. (Maybe, I'm just freaking out because China is coming too fast):

1. I need to get back into the habit of getting up before 5:00, but since we're not starting Seminary until September 4th, I think I will start getting up at 5:00. (I haven't been getting up until 7:00--don't tell anyone ; ) (The late nights with the Olympics are not helping either)

2. I love blogging, but I really think it has taken on a life of itself and it's time to back off a little. Just curious, how do you do it? When I hear people talk about how many blogs they read, I'm amazed, but then again, maybe if I didn't spend so much time thinking about what to comment it would cut back on the time. I will still get out to read blogs, but maybe not every day.

3. I feel like it's time to stop and do a re-evaluation of where I'm headed and what I need to accomplish. I need to get back into the habit of making To Do Lists. Then at the end of the day I might feel like I accomplished something.

4. After meeting Millie, I realize I need to get busy with my family history. I don't have any grandiose ideas of doing 10,000 names by next week, but I know I need to spend time every week doing SOMETHING. (Thanks, Millie)

5. I have tons of pictures from this traveling frenzy we were on these past few months. I just don't want them stuck in my computer. I want to do something fun with all of them. (In fact, I have been trying to put together a little DVD for Kyle and Brandon which contains their surfing lessons in Hawaii with Jan and Dan singing "Ride The Wild Surf" as the background.) I actually still have Brent's mission pictures to put into a book (and he's been home for a year and a half ; (

Sidenote: When I was in the states, I bought a couple of new exercise DVD's--face it my Jane Fonda step aerobics was getting just a tad old ; ) I bought the Dancing With the Stars and was laughing my head off as I was attempting the moves. (Believe me, I could videotape myself, post it on Youtube and probably be a good laugh for everyone ; ) I think I would be the motivation for a new reality show--So, You Know You CAN'T Dance!!!


CoconutKate said...

I know I never comment but I thought I might be able to help with could try or some other website like it. Its pretty easy and not too expensive. I just did one a few months ago and am pretty happy with the result. Just a thought! Good luck with everything! That early morning seminary can be a killer! :0)

Locky said...

I agree trying to get into a routine is difficult when the olympics are on so late. I have kept telling myself I am going to bed at 10... than there is something exciting going on with the olympics and all of a sudden it is midnight!!
At least the olympics are done this weekend! And the routines can start then.

Ashley said...

I remember getting up for seminary. I really wish I was in the habit of getting up before the sun.

As far as blogging, I really have not been folowing my rule this week. But I only blog twice a week. I can say I will only spend 30 minutes a day, but it ends up being a hour or.. ouch ..two. So by only getting twice a week when I have the time I enjoy it and relax and spend some quality time on it. That way I don't feel super rushed.

Sheila said...

By george, I think you've got it!!! A new HIT show...
So, You Know You CAN'T Dance!!!
You need to get someone on board with this idea... it would be hilarious. Better than America's Funniest Home Videos... don't you agree.

annie said...

I scan a lot of blogs, and read some... I use bloglines so I can click on the posts to comment. It helps with the time for me. I can sit and read blogs while I am feeding Izzy, and then I try to remember my comments and type them all in when I finish with her.

Suzanne said...

Ooh, ooh! I could be on So, You Know You Can't Dance! ;)

I don't think I could EVER get in the habit of waking up before 5:00. Wow, that would be so tough!

I have a hard time backing off with Blogging! I'm either on the computer most of the day or I don't get on it at all, kind of an all or nothing technique. It's frustrating, but it has been the only way that I don't spend all my time on the computer! Good luck finding balance! :)

JustRandi said...

I'm with Suzanne. My life pretty much runs in an all or nothing pattern.

Good luck with that, and with getting up at 5am. Maybe it'll get easier as you go.

PJ said...


It's a good time to get back on track. You'll be totally off after China. Doesn't that sound cool "after China"!

Nancy Face said...

I stay up too late AND get up at 5:00 so I can run before the heat kills me...I'm so tired! ;)

Yes...blogging is ALIVE and it's taking over our lives! :0

I want to do family history, but I'll probably wait until Zach goes on his mission. Hey, it's less than 6 years! ;)

Blogging has crowded out my scrapbooking time...must do something about that!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Good luck with finding blog't the story of my life...just don't have the time to read everyone, but I want to.

And, if I don't read everyone else, they won't read mine.

I think I am going to start just posting several times a week...if we all were to do that, we all would have it so much easier on the posting end and the reading end.

What do you say? Should we start a revolution?

Tonya said...

I had to cut back on my blog reading a while ago. I only read about 9 or so blogs right now even though there are many more that I'd like to read. I don't get around to it every day but I try to get in as often as I can. Don't worry about cutting back. We'll all still lova ya.

Tori :) said...

Do you use Google reader or anything to keep track of the blogs you read? I use Newsgator and it helps me know when people have posted new things so I'm not surfing from site to site all day.

5 am... yuck.


In the beginning I aspired to win the title of Greatest Blogger Ever. But then it became like a big heavy burden and I wanted to quit altogether. I've learned to just scale back. I worry about hurting peoples feelings but I think most people understand that you have priorities and you're busy. I rationalize that I don't visit with my best friends every day. Sometimes not even every month. So why would I expect people to come see me and my silly blog every day. I can't and I don't.

It took me 2 years to figure out all this blog philosophy. :) If I was making money I'd probably feel different but until that day comes blogging has to be in moderation for me.

Melissa said...

There are several sites where you can take your pictures and put them into bound books. Some are fairly reasonable :)
As for cutting back... well, I decided that I would blog when I felt like it, but I only try to sit down and read blogs twice a week. Which means that I miss a few things here and there with some of my favorite bloggers (sorry). But it has made a difference in my family... so that's all that matters!

Chelli said...

5 am? What's that? I think I've heard that it is a time of day, but I've never seen it. Honestly, I don't think I ever want to see it. Ugh. Getting up at 7:30 is early enough for me!

Good luck w/ the blogging. I have to make a conscious effort to just stand up and walk away. Some days I win, some days I don't, but feel good as long as I'm trying.

Should we start a BA club? (Bloggers Anonymous: "Hi, I'm Chelli and I'm addicted to blogging!!")

Amanda said...

Your list sounds very familiar.

I bet you are a wonderful seminary teacher! The kids are so lucky to have you!!!

I have struggled with the blog or not to blog question for a long time now. It is easy to get engrossed on the computer and let other things slide. My biggest piece of advice is if you don't already, use bloglines or something similar. I have all the blogs that I read on there so I save time by not having to click on a blog only to find that they have not updated it.

I love your idea of the "So you know you can't dance TV show". That would be me totally!

5:00 am! Gasp!!! I struggle getting up at 6:00. Which I need to start conditioning my body to do again. :(

mindyluwho said...

My kids started seminary this week! I'm not starting school until September so it has been a bit of an inconvience for us! Although, it has been a good way to get me up in the mornings.

Definately check out

Yvonne said...

coconutkate: Thanks for commenting. I just can't get past doing my scrapbooking the old fashion way--but I may have to.


locky: Is that how you got pneumonia???

ashley: I have to get up early or I just don't get enough done.

You are right--we have to set a limit.

sheila: Believe me if I was on that show people would be laughing hysterically.

annie: My problem is I have to read and comment and sometimes go back and re-read (see I spend way too much time)

suzanne: I bet you are a great dancer ; )

I'm gonna work hard on the balance thing--thanks.

justrandi: I know the getting up at 5 will get easier as I get into the habit.

pj: My body will not know what it's doing or where it is when I get back from China. Yeah, I like how it sounds, too.

nancyface: Yeah, I don't think I could go out and run--it takes me awhile to WAKE UP.

There are lots of reasons I'm feeling a need to get busy on the family history.

I miss scrapbooking.

alice: You do a lot of posts--but they are all interesting.

I'd join you in the revolution ; )

tonya: It just gets crazy sometimes. Thanks.

tori: Yeah, you saved my bacon long ago when you told me about google reader. I just get sucked into it for really long periods at a time. I need to just schedule certain times and STICK TO THEM.

elastic: Excellent comment--I loved what you said about your best friends--it is so true.

Thank you--I'll have to really remember what you said. I have been blogging for about a year, hopefully I'll get it figured out.

melissa: Yeah, I've got to do something.

Two or three times a week sounds like a great idea. I have too many other things to do.

chelli: Mornings are beautiful.

Yeah, I think I'm ready to join that BA Group. Like you, I just need to learn to walk away.

amanda: I bet we all have similar lists, don't we.

I love my Seminary class--looking forward to starting.

Yeah, I'm grateful for bloglines--it has really helped.

When Seminary starts at 6:20 I have to get up at 5:00, so I figure I better start now.

mindylou: I hope your kids have a great year at Seminary.

Locky said...

Haha! I have no idea how I got pneumonia. Could be related to that. I believe it has to do with house reno's and the black mold that I bleached out. But no one really knows how I got it.

Corrine said...

i'd love to see you on youtube :)

good luck with seminary prep, and attempting to get all those family names done.

Corrine said...

oh and yeah I was going to say I have liked using for some text and simple drop in pictures for a book, haven't printed one yet. But it imported my whole blog and I am slowly trying to get all my text to fit just right, but I have really liked it for that so far.

i also do consultanting for a company called Heritage Makers, and you can set up a free account and try them out at You totally design your books, they have a tutorial online, I am available to help, anyway it also is a great back up storage for your photos, and you don't have to upload anything on your computer.

Chel said...

Wow... you read my mind. I am going to re-evaluate my schedule and priorities... and well.. blogging is just not up there any more. I do love it because it really IS my family journal, but I'm going to set a time every other day or something that I can blog for a certain amount of time. Not that I think I do it way too much now, but I want to create some structure with it... hmmmm did that make sense. It's helped that I made my blog private- not that I am not open to meeting new people, but I just had to cut it off somewhere and for some reason that has helped.

Anyway, good luck settling in and doing what is most important!!

No Cool Story said...

LOL at Sheila's comment.
You know, you have made Millie's day :)

Yvonne said...

locky: I'm sorry you have had pneumonia and hope you are feeling much better--you looked like you were feeling pretty good on Sunday.

corrine: I would bring a lot of laughter.

Thanks--I'm excited about the new year. I'm really excited about the family history.

My SIL uses one of those companies and loves it. Thanks for the info--I'll look into it.

chel: Yeah, I just get on and then get on again and again. I need to really have a limit.

Thanks--I'll see how the cutting back goes.

NCS: Yeah, like I told Sheila people would be laughing, no doubt.

I'm really enjoying the family history, and I appreciate milly's nudging/encouragement.