Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Celebrations in September

It's already September 9th, and if I don't do this now pretty soon it will be someone's birthday or anniversary. I'm not sure I'll be able to get a post done on everyone's exact birthday, but I hope I can.

September 17th is Amanda's 22nd birthday. I know I've used this picture before, but I still love it.

Amanda is currently at a University in the Northwest getting her Master's degree.

On the 24th we have two special events to celebrate. Our oldest son, Neal, was born. Wasn't he a cute baby???

He is a world traveller--in fact, he has travelled something like a million miles on one of the airlines. I can't even imagine travelling a million miles!!!!

Besides Neal's birthday, Allan's daughter, Wendy, and her husband Tony will be celebrated their 14th anniversary on the 24th. It was fun spending time with them this weekend. They are such a wonderful couple.

I really don't think they've changed much in 14 years.

And finally, on September 30th, my granddaughter, Kiah, turns 18. I always laugh at this picture because I am 5 months pregnant with Kyle.

I can't believe how quickly life is moving--this little girl is now in her first year of college. It was so fun to see her this weekend.

Sidenote #1: We leave for China in just a few days and I am ready to go crazy. I tried to get my Seminary lessons done while we were in California, but didn't!!! Today was really our first day of classes and it went well--I sure love these kids. I can tell it is going to be a great year.

But, I must add I am SO EXHAUSTED right now. I hope I have more energy tomorrow ; ) I feel like I'm getting a cold. My ears are killing me and my nose is plugged. I guess it's a good thing I have to go to the doctor tomorrow ; )

Sidenote #2: You probably don't remember, but when Allan and I leave on an extended vacation like this, I leave little notes and gifts for the kids--have to admit I'm grateful I only have Kyle at home. I have 18 done--which means I have another 10 to go. (That is, I have 18 notes written, not little gifts. Believe me, most of them are little gifts, like a bag of Cheetos or a gift card to the donut shop. It's not about the gifts, it's about letting him know we are thinking of him, or maybe making sure he's thinking of us ; ) My toughest challenge is coming up with trivia questions. Sure hope I can get them done!!!!

ADDENDUM: After randi asked if we leave Kyle home for that long, I thought I should clarify: NO!!! We have some good friends who are like Kyle's second parents who move in and take care of him. I love them because they know just what we would do in any situation. They are more fun than we are, and I'm sure Kyle loves having them around.


PJ said...

Lots of September events!

I can't believe your trip is here:D

I was asked the other day if I knew the largest denomination of currency in the USA? I thought it was $500. Do you know? There, a trivia question for ya:D

Sheri said...

You amaze me! God bless you with continued energy for all you are doing!! I think that is great that you leave notes... that's the me that is somewhere inside this busy crazy person!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Heffalump said...

You are such a good Mom...and Grandma too!
Have fun on your trip!

JustRandi said...

That Neil was one cute baby!
I'm So excited for you. I can't wait to hear all about CHina!!

Will Kyle stay home alone for that long?

Millie said...

I love the picture of you and Amanda. You look like someone I went to high school with. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my heck woman...
you amaze me. One trip after another and then all the prep for yet another BIG trip and putting together all those notes/gifts.
On top of it all you manage to keep us all posted on your comings and goings... and get all that love out to everyone with celebrations. Lucky family you have. ToOdLeS. Sheila

Chelli said...

I just love that you put all the older pictures on your blog!! It's fun to see you over the years. You haven't changed -- always beautiful.

I try to leave notes for the kids when I leave (not that I get to leave them very often), but I hadn't even thought about leaving little gifts too! You are AMAZING!!

Hmmm.... Neal has 1 million airline miles? I wonder where he gets the travelling bug from? ;-)

Chel said...

yay for September! Lot's of things going on, isn't there? :)

I may steal your idea of using a post for celebrations each month. I like it!

You should be exhausted, my dear! You wear me out just reading all that you do!

Corrine said...

ok so question, where do you keep all your photos, you must have them so neatly organzied to "pull" them out so much...did you scan them all in once upon a time?

love the pic of you pregnant with Kyle holding your grand baby.

happy birthdays and such to all.

safe travels and i hope you get feeling better.

Lucy said...

Wowzer! And I can't keep 5 birthdays straight from September to January. Two kids and three grandkids. Not another one for the whole year. What's that all about! Speaking of which...September 19th is coming quick. Have to go to Hallmark today!

Yvonne said...

pj: We have birthdays or something every month except February (I think ; )

I know it is hard for me to believe it, too.

Love the trivia question--and I don't have a clue.

sheri: Thanks--I need some energy.

heffalump: Thanks, you're sweet. We'll have a great time.

justrandi: Yes, he was really cute--and still is a handsome young man.

I'm hoping I'll be able to post while we're gone.

No, Kyle will not be alone--we very rarely even leave him overnight alone. (We've learned ; )

millie: Oh, I would have been your teacher in high school you young little thing ; )

sheila: I know I am a crazy woman, and every day I get more crazy.

chelli: I always laugh when I don't think I've changed and then use the magnifying mirror ; )

I know Kyle appreciates the notes and the gifts.

Neal has been to some really great places.

chel: I love doing the celebrations post--I guess I'm always looking for something to celebrate ; )

I must admit I'm looking forward to getting on the ship and putting my feet up and my head down.

corrine: Yeah, I've scanned a lot of them. I have originals and negatives in boxes chronologically. I also have duplicates in albums.

Thanks--I know the trip will be great.

I hope to feel better soon.

lucy: Don't you just love Hallmark.

annie said...

How exciting! I love that you leave notes and little gifts. That is a great idea! If I ever go anywhere :) I'll try it too!

Suzanne said...

I hope everything comes together with your trip quickly!

You are such an amazing mom and grandma. Here you are starting Seminary and getting ready for your trip, but you're posting tributes to your family and making notes for Kyle. You are amazing!!!

I hope you get your energy back and feel good really soon! :)

Lauren said...

I absolutely love the idea of leaving little gifts and notes. That is so...YOU! You are so sweet and thoughtful.

Yay for all of the September happiness!

glittersmama said...

You are so thoughtful! I hope you feel better soon, so that you can enjoy your trip. Are you going to blog from China?

txmommy said...

have a great great trip! I am sure Kyle appriciates the little thoughtful gifts and triva questions. You're nice :)

Jodi said...

Wow I can't believe your trip has come so fast! I can NOT wait to see the photos! I'm so glad you are going because I can visit through you!

So amazing you do all those notes! That is something they will always remember!

utmommy said...

Yeah for lots of fun celebrating.

I can't wait to hear about your China trip!

Melissa said...

So many fun things for you to celebrate in September! Although, I think most months of the year look like that for you guys! :D

Can't wait to hear about China... take LOTS of pictures!!

Klin said...

One of the things I love about reading your blog is reading about your posterity and hoping that I will see things like you do.

My grandma is bitter and has driven many away.

I want to be like you when I grow up.

Have fun in China and I look forward to your review.


I'd like to play Casey Kasem and dedicate David Bowie's 80's classic, "China Girl" to China-bound Yvonne!!


My baby brother turns 20 next week. My red-headed redneck brother turns 25 next month. I took care of both of them when they were wee little babies and now they're both men......well, they're men most of the time anyway.


Have a great trip!!!

Magirk said...

Sounds like a good month. ;-)

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary,... to all! (respectively, of course).

You're a wonderful mom - to put all that effort and thought and care into notes and gifts while you're gone. I might have to 'borrow' that idea in the future.

Best wishes for the new Seminary year! You know I admire you so much for what you do. ;-)

And I really hope you have a fantastic trip to China. I'll be eager to see the pictures and hear the recap.


(Hope you don't come down ill - and if you do, elderberry is always good to me when I'm sick, if you can find some.)

Yvonne said...

annie: It's been fun to do (I have to admit it has taken a LOT of time, but I know Kyle will appreciate it ; )

suzanne: If I was more organized it would sure be easier.

I feel better--other than having to go to the dentist yesterday because I had a cavity and needed to get a filling ; (

lauren: What are you doing out visiting blogs--shouldn't you be just focusing on your upcoming wedding. (Makes me think of that episode of Friends where Monica, Phoebe and Rachel are all wearing the wedding dresses--go to youtube )

glittersmama: Feeling much better thank you.

I will try and post when I can.

txmommy: I know Kyle appreciates the gifts--not sure about the trivia questions ; )

jodi: It really has come quickly. Should be great fun.

utmommy: Always fun to celebrate.

I can't wait to share.

melissa: You are right--most months are like that.

Believe me I will take TONS of pictures.

klin: Thanks--I decided a long time ago I do not want to be old and alone, so I try to work hard at letting little things go (hope to one day be willing to let the big things go, too)

I will enjoy posting about the trip.

elastic: I forgot all about that song.

Happy Birthday to your brothers. I bet you are a great older sister.


magirk: It is fun to do the notes--my kids really loved it when they were little.

I love teaching Seminary--it is so rewarding. Every so often the kids ask a question and you realize they really are listening. Those are the days that make it all worthwhile.

The trip will be great.

I'm feeling better.

No Cool Story said...

That is a great picture. Happy birthday Amanda!
You have a full September.

Get ready China!