Thursday, September 4, 2008

Some Randomness

One of the toughest things for me is to come up with titles for my posts--so this one is going to be a bit of randomness:
  • I have a feeling this may be the year of new experiences. (I don't always judge my year by the regular calendar--quite often it's by the school calendar) This October I am I going to be a great grandmother for the first time--by the way, that will probably happen while we are on our cruise. I am very excited. (In fact, I am taking my crochet hook and yarn to work on a blanket for the little one.) I used to crochet baby blankets years ago--but then stopped. When Drew was born 3 years ago, I made a blanket for him.

    Then last year I made this blanket for Garrett.

    I still don't know if Scarlett is having a boy or a girl, but she did say she wanted a mint green blanket, so going out to get yarn is a must this week.

  • Monday night I found out that sometime in the late Spring or early summer I am going to be a grandmother-in-law again. (Okay, I know there really isn't any such thing), but I am very excited about my grandson, Chris, and Heather getting engaged. It is going to be so fun to have Heather "officially" part of the family.

  • Today was Kyle's first day of his last year of high school so in June my last child will graduate from high school. That means come next September I will have no one in school--well other than college. (But wait, Heidi will be in Grade 1, well not really because she will be teaching grade1 ; ) I'm assuming that Kyle will go away to college so more than likely we will be empty nesters. Oh my goodness, what are we going to do???

  • This morning we had our Seminary breakfast. We will not officially start Seminary until next Tuesday because tomorrow Allan and I are flying to Sacramento for my granddaughter's baptism on Saturday.


Chel said...

yay for great-grandma's! That is too cool. You are the hottest great-grandma EVAH!

Kyle is so cute! I hope he has a nice year.

The crocheting... wow. Such talent. The blankets are gorgeous!

Have fun in Sacramento! We head to So. Cal soon (I'm so excited). Say hi to my little brother... he's serving a mission there. :)

love ya! be safe!

Millie said...

What a beautiful family you have. :)

You have it all, Yvonne!

Neal said...

Awesome idea on the blanket - I know G-Man really loved his.

Corrine said...

i can't believe you are going to be a great grandmother wow, that is awesome, and yet aren't you too young?

My grandmother crocheted all my kids blankets. They will treasure them.

have a safe trip.

Ashley said...

I just love crocheted blankets. My sister made one for each of my girls. They are pretty and unique. A great way. You don't look like my kids great grandma's. Which leads me to my next comment. You look so thin. I needed that picture for some much needed motivation. Hope you have a great trip this weekend!

Tori :) said...

YAY for grandma-hood! :)

Did I tell you my parents are seminary teachers now? I admire y'all.

Have a great trip!

Suzanne said...

You will seriously be the youngest great grandmother I've ever met! How fun that your family continues to grow and grow with births and weddings.

Your blankets are lovely! What a great gift to give. I can crochet the edges on baby burp cloths, but that is the extend of my abilities.

That must be a strange feeling to have your last child getting ready to leave home. You've been sending kids out the door for so long...what will you do with yourself??? Maybe all the things you haven't had time for! :)

Is that Allan on the side of your seminary picture making breakfast for everyone? I'll bet it is since he's such a nice guy and good cook!

Tiffany said...

Those blankets are so cute. I love alittle bit of randomness now and then. I love that you teach seminary. What great pictures!:O)

Macy said...

I can't believe how tiny Garrett is in that picture! Have fun at the baptism!

Sheri said...

A great grandma! That is fabulous! I grew up with my great grandma's, though they weren't quite as young as you!! That is such a great thing for a family! Beautiful blankts too! What a treasure!

Sheila said...

I love your 'crocheted creations' there is nothing better than a blanket made with love for a new baby.

I know I have said this before...
but it amazes me that YOU are such an AWESOME seminary teacher. Seminary Breakfast at your home??? I never had a seminary teacher like you... ever!

I am thinking that you will do oK as an empty nester... you keep so busy and your travel great distances to see everyone and stay a part of the lives of your kids. It will seem a little strange believe me.

Have a wonderful trip to Cali.


Yvonne said...

chel: Oh, you are so funny.

Kyle is a real sweetie. I hope it's a good year for him.

I enjoy crocheting--Hopefully I will do more crocheting than eating ; )

Sacramento will be great fun. I'll watch for your brother.

Love ya, too.

millie: Oh, thanks, millie--I have been very blessed.

neal: I'm excited about doing the blanket.

corrine: I'd like to think I'm too young, but I'm not.

I bet your grandma LOVED doing the blankets.


ashley: How fun for your kids to have a gift like that from your sister.

You are very sweet. Exercising has been the key for me--That's what I will have to do on the cruise--exercise, exercise, and more exercise ; )

tori: I bet your folks are great seminary teachers. Do you know how many students they have--I'm assuming they do early morning??? Tell them I appreciate what they do--it is hard work, but very rewarding.


suzanne: Isn't it wonderful how families grow--it is so fun.

If you can crochet the edges on burp cloths, you can crochet!!!

It just will be so quiet in the house when no one but allan and I are here. No loud music--except when allan and I are playing rockband ; )

Yes, that is my sweet hubby. He is such an amazing helper.

tiffany: Thanks.

I love teaching seminary.

macy: Doesn't he look so tiny???

We'll have a great time. I know Hannah is so excited.

sheri: I'm just excited about being a great grandma--I love babies, so I'm excited about their being another baby in the family.

I'm a little worried about finding the right pattern for the baby's blanket--can't do anything that may require help because there won't be anyone there to help!!!

sheila: It will be fun to do the blanket.

I love teaching Seminary--I have great youth. It's a pleasure to spend time with them each morning.

I know you understand what it's like being an empty nester. I just don't know if I'm ready--but then again I have no choice. I really want Kyle to have the experience of going away to college.


txmommy said...

your blankets are beautiful! Wow, what a lovely skill you have.

have fun on your trip.

Look how skinny you look sitting with your seminary kids!

Heffalump said...

Some of those seminary kids look awfully tired!
I still think you are too young to be a great grandma!

JustRandi said...

OH my! You really are much too young to be a great grandma. But you will be a terrific one!

Magirk said...

I'm sure you'll fly through the changes with grace and poise. ;-)

Not like me.

I just love all those pictures.

The blankets are beautiful, the people are beautiful,...

Best wishes to you for the next year, regardless of what it brings. :-)


Even at my advanced age I STILL have the knitted blankets that my great-grandma made me when I was born. She also made crochet clothes to cover up my Barbie. That Barbie was always a hussy.....even back in the day.

Yvonne is getting KNITTY with it!

aubrey said...

congratulations on being a great grandma and getting another granddaughter in law! and your little grandson is such a cutie!

aurora said...

Those blankets are beautiful!

Great-grandmother? Unbelievable! You look fab! And you have such a great family.

Chelli said...

Your "randomness" is fun! There is a lot going on in your life! It seems you're always busy! Good luck with everything and have fun crocheting the new baby blanket (hmmm... something to do in down time on your trip to China?)

annie said...

Congratulations! The blankets are adorable... there is nothing better than a hand made blanket!

Lucy said...

That makes me think...if my kids had gotten married at a...shall we say 'younger' age..(they wed-ded at 35 and 37 respectively)...I certainly could be a great-grandmother today. Wooo...that is freaky to think about. I'm still YOUNG!~!!!

Yvonne said...

txmommy: I do enjoy crocheting--it is very relaxing.

I'm happy to be in California and am looking forward to our cruise.

heffalump: The kids were very tired--I think the first week is the hardest for all of us.

Thanks--not too young.

justrandi: Not too young, but thanks, it will be fun.

magirk: Grace and poise do not equal me AT ALL.

Life will change for sure.

elastic: How wonderful to have blankets from your great grandma. LOL that she made coverups for your Barbie ; )

You are so cute, elastic.

aubrey: Thanks. Family is wonderful.

aurora: Thanks--they were fun to make.

It's going to be fun to be a great-grandma.

chellie: Yeah, that's what I was thinking--crocheting will be kind of relaxing on those "at sea" days.

annie: Thanks.

lucy: I think I'm still young, too.

No Cool Story said...

Yeah, what Suzanne said.

OOh, look at the cute baby!
Your grandson is so handsome, congrats.
All your boys are cute!
Seminary breakfast? Oh man, you rock. I hope those kids know that :D

Yvonne said...

NCS: Thanks.

My Seminary kids are great. I just appreciate so much their getting up each morning and coming to Seminary. I love spending time with them.