Monday, October 27, 2008

A Full Week

I’m heading back to Winnipeg after a week in Utah—well, we spent a couple of days in Reno first to attend Homer’s funeral…

The funeral was a beautiful reminder of Homer’s wonderful life. Each of his children spoke (except Homer’s daughter who is on a mission in New York). They shared such fantastic stories of this great man and had us all laughing and crying.

I wanted to mention just a little something that Neal's FIL said--when one of Homer's children mentioned how it didn't look like her dad lying there in the casket, Tom talked about how the eyes are the windows to the soul. When the spirit leaves the body, and you look into the person's eyes there is nothing there--it is a real reminder that all that is left is the body. I loved how at the funeral one of Homer's sons talked about looking at his dad's hands and remembering all the things those hands had done.

When we arrived at the cemetery the soldiers were already standing at attention and probably one of the most touching moments was the flag ceremony which included a presentation of the flag to Bev. My nephew, David, who is an amazing photographer captured a beautiful photo of Bev with two of her great grandchildren sitting on her lap with the flag.

Had a chance to visit with a few of our kids when we were in Reno and got to see this little guy.

Utah--I was grateful for the time we spent in Utah. As I mentioned in my previous post, Allan has such a calming influence and I know his being at Bev’s house helped a great deal. We shared great memories of Homer, had a lot of great meals together (including a breakfast where Bev made her first attempt to duplicate Homer’s delicious pancakes—and she did a pretty good job), and had an opportunity to go to the temple together. Bev is a strong woman.

While there we also had a chance to spend time with Heidi and Brent:

Heidi: Allan and I went to Heidi’s school and it was so fun to see her in action. She is a great teacher. She is missing her little missionary so I’m so glad she has her teaching to keep her busy. The day we went to her school I got to read a Halloween story to the kids—I loved it. Allan told them about Miss R when she was in Grade 1. The funny thing was when Miss R introduced Mr. R, the children all said they wanted to know her “real” name. She told them they had talked about this before and they needed to call her Miss R. Well, when her dad began his story he started, “When Heidi was a little girl”—the kids were SO EXCITED—they now knew her name ; )

When we went to the Book Fair with the kids, one of the little boys turned to me and said, “You are beautiful”. (I was feeling pretty good, until he added—“You have wrinkles like my grandma”.

Brent: He helped me do a little Christmas shopping. I love spending time with him. He is such a remarkable young man. He came down to Bev’s on Friday and we had the weekend together. He helped me put together a slide show of our cruise—including a lot of the end of the trip that Bev, my MIL, and SIL, Gerry, missed when they had to leave the ship. I finally had a chance to see the DVD Brent made of our trip to Hawaii—it was so fun.

Of course, we did have to go with him to Hires for hamburgers.

I'm looking forward to being back in a little less than 2 months to celebrate Christmas with them.

Sidenote: I tried to get touch base with UTMommy and TXMommy's mom, but only got to talk with her on the phone. We had a great chat Sunday afternoon, and after our conversation I was REALLY disappointed that we didn't have a chance to meet. She sounds like a wonderful woman and I am so excited to read all about her mission experiences.


glittersmama said...

I love that the little boy told you that you were beautiful. And just so you know, wrinkles don't make you less beautiful. They're just proof of your wisdom.

Chel said...

What a lovely time. I am so glad that you and Allan were there and able to bring that calm, comforted, peaceful feeling to Bev and the rest of the family.
Heidi and Brent are so great! They are so lucky to have you for a mom. What a special treat for you to see them both and to see Heidi in action.

You are beautiful.

JustRandi said...

Ahh, so glad you had a good trip. And I am shocked and amazed that you are Christmas shopping.

Just wow.

Amanda said...

I second glittersmama's comment! You are beautiful, inside and out. :) And I can say that because I've met you!

Sorry again about your brother in law, but what a blessing and comfort to know that families can be together forever. It makes a sad time, less sad.

How great to see so many family members and spend some time with them! :)

I LOVE Hires! In fact as soon as I saw the picture, before I read that you had gone to Hires I thought, "Hey that is Hires"! It happens to be one of my favorite places to eat.

[Somebody Loved] said...

Yvonne, I really don't know how you keep up the pace??? You are like the energizer bunny... you just keep going & going & going...
any secrets you keep as to how you do it? Safe travels to you.

Tonya said...

I agree with that little boy, you and your wonderful wrinkles are beautiful.

I'm glad you enjoyed your visits. You are a professional traveler.

annie said...

I can hardly believe it's almost Christmas time again!

Tori :) said...

Funerals that celebrate life rather than dwell on the death are so much more peaceful.
Thanks so much for the postcards!!! Thanks for thinking of me. :)

PJ said...

Sounds like a wonderful memorial, for a wonderful man.

So fun to see Heidi in action in her classroom, I bet she loved having you two there:)

Lucy said...

Mmmmmmmm, Hires hamburgers which must be saying something cause I don't necessarily like hamburgers. Hires is always a hit when I go to SL.

Klin said...

That little boy must have one young looking grandma.

So wonderful that you got to spend time with your kids. My oldest is living at home again for awhile. It's kind of nice to have him here and after being on his own he appreciates what we provide more. I love how our relationship has changed as he got older. It's fun to have the chats we do and to take him with me.

We did lunch last Friday. It was great and we shared some special moments while we ate and waited for youngest to come out of school.

Hugs from Utah.

txmommy said...

sounds like a good visit!
I know she was disappointed as well. It's such a small world isn't it.

Christmas is just around the corner!

Nancy Face said...

I think you're beautiful, too! :)

I'm happy you had so many good experiences! I just love that Heidi's secrety name got revealed by accident, tee hee! :)

Crazy Mom of Four said...

my first grade teacher told us her first name when we went to fifth grade, it is fun to know their first names.

sounds like a lot of fun.

i am still smiling at the you are beautiful and have wrinkles like my granma, it just makes me smile. you know you are beautiful and that he really loves his grandma.

Chelli said...

I didn't realize you weren't home yet. It looks like you've had a nice visit with your family.

The grandma comment made me laugh out loud.

I remember when I was in elementary school being surprised to hear that our teachers had first names and a life out of school. (Adam saw his preschool teacher/speech therapist at the pool this summer and he didn't even know how to respond to her because she was in a swimming suit.) As long as Heidi's students don't call her "Heidi" then it's probably okay that they know.

mindyluwho said...

When you talked about his hands it made me think of my mothers funeral. She had soft, beautiful hands and she loved having her nails done. Right before she died she had had them done and one of my favorite memories of her funeral was seeing her beautiful hands and remembering how soft they were when she held my hand.

Holly said...

What a wonderful time, even amidst the sorrow. I think that little boy is right, you are beautiful!

Jodi said...

I used to live in Reno! When I was a little girl , but still!

I LOVE Hires! Oh now I am craving it!!! It is thee best place!

Lippy said...

You do such a great job with your entries; you touch on so many thoughts and emotions. And you always seem to bring a few smiles along as well.

Always a pleasure!

Lei said...

Hire's is one of the things that is always on our list when we visit Utah! I love their great harvest turkey sandwich and cheese fries! MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Jess said...

Your little grandson is so adorable. I love hearing about Heidi's life. She is such an awesome girl and it sounds like an awesome teacher.
Glad the funeral was uplifting.
So jealous you have already started Christmas shopping. So organized@!!!!

Amanda said...

I just got the nicest little surprise in my mailbox. :) Thank you!!!

Grandma A said...

Thanks for the fun surprise in the mail. I loved it and I loved talking to you for a few minutes
Love n' hugs.

Yvonne said...

glittersmama: Oh you are so sweet.

chel: It was wonderful to be together. Heidi and Brent are great--we are very blessed to be their parents.

It truly was a treat to see Heidi teaching those children.

justrandi: I'm glad it was good, too.

I should tell you I'm usually much further along with my Christmas shopping.

amanda: Oh, thank you.

You are so right--knowing families can be together forever makes a big difference.

Hires is delicious.

sheila: Not much I can do but keep going ; )

tonya: Thank you.

I wish I was a professional packer--so I didn't take so much stuff THAT I DON'T NEED!!!

annie: It does feel like I just put my decorations away from last Christmas.

tori: I agree 100%. It was a beautiful funeral.

I'm glad you got the postcards.

pj: The funeral was wonderful--and yes, he was a great man.

It was fantastic being there to see Heidi with her little class.

lucy: Hires is great.

klin: It was so funny--Allan, Heidi and I had a good laugh.

Isn't it fun to enjoy these relationships as our children get older.

txmommy: It was a great visit. Yes, the world is very small.

Christmas will be here before we know it.

nancyface: Thanks.

I wish I had taken Heidi's picture when Allan spilled the beans ; )

corrine: Isn't it funny that knowing your teacher's name is such a big thing.

I still laugh when I think of what the little boy said.

chelli: Isn't that funny. Children truly do say the funniest things.

LOL at the comment about Adam seeing his pre-school teacher in a swimsuit.

mindylou: I just loved that comment about your mom. So sweet.

holly: It was wonderful--families are so great and having that support is always so helpful.

Thank you so much.

jodi: Allan grew up in Reno and we have spent a lot of time there.

Hires is great.

Lippy: You are so sweet.

thank you so much.

lei: I didn't even know they had something healthy like a harvest turkey sandwich ; )

jess: Thanks--I think he is a real cutie.

I know Heidi just loves you. I still remember our Christmas dinner together ; )

The funeral was very uplifting--such great messages.

I need Kyle to give me a list so I can get busy with my shopping here.

amanda: I'm glad it got to you.

grandmaa: I'm so glad the package arrived--wish I could have delivered it in person.