Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More China Pictures

On Sunday night when we were in Utah, we did a "little" slide show of our cruise. (Only 500 of the 2300 pictures--so be grateful you weren't there. However, you did miss out on the best part--Allan's commentary ; ) For the slideshow, I wanted to include the things I knew Bev wanted to see, but thought they might enjoy seeing some of the pictures from the beginning of the trip when they were with us.

Here are a few pics of some of the things we saw on the trip:

Allan was so surprised that he could still get money from the ATM--guess I didn't spend as much as he thought!!!:

The evening we had flown to Xian to see the Terra Cotta Warriors, we had the opportunity to go to the Tang Dynasty Dinner Theatre--the food was delicious, the costumes and the sets were amazing.

I realize I didn't post about our rooms--we stayed at the Beijing Hotel in Beijing and The when we were in Xian. This is a picture of our room in Beijing. I have to tell you a funny story about our stay. (We haven't had a chance to ask Neal about this) The first night when we checked into our room, Allan put the key card in the slot and opened the door. I held the door while he tried to turn on the lights. NOTHING!!! He tried every light inside. I decided to go next door because I knew someone from our group was in the room and asked them how to turn on the lights. Apparently there is a slot inside the room where you put your key card in and it turns on all the lights. We both looked at each other and said, "Why didn't someone tell us that when we checked in????"

The room was very nice--yes, the bed is very low to the floor, but nice and comfy.

The day we visited the Great Wall, we also went to see the Big Wild Goose Pagoda which was built in like 650.

That day we also visited The Forbidden City. WOW!!! There was so much to see. This was The Hall of Supreme Harmony

I had to get a picture of the little decorations on the edge of the roofs. The number of statues is indicative of the importance of the building. A minor building might have 3 where a major one would have 9. The Hall of Supreme Harmony has 10!!!

And, of course, one of the highlights for us--CLIMBING THE GREAT WALL!!! There are some things that do not require translation--as we were climbing the Wall, and I was laughing because I was panting so hard, there were some Oriental women climbing with me who were laughing with me--at least I think they were laughing with me and not AT ME!!!

You know the world is such a small place: When we were on our land tour, one afternoon at lunch I sat next to a really fun lady. We just hit it off and had such a great time. A couple of days later as we were having breakfast, I learned she was from California. As we talked we realized we had grown up in the same area--just a couple of blocks from each other. Then learned she had graduated from the same high school the year after two of my older sisters. We could barely stop laughing when we realized we went roller skating on Friday nights at the same roller rink. I should have taken a picture--but I will not forget her and her friend because their names were Patty and Linda--the same as my two youngest sisters ; )

SIDENOTE #1: Here is a picture of my granddaughter-in-law, Scarlett, and my new great grandson, Xander. I can't wait to hold him!!!

SIDENOTE #2: I am so grateful we get to fall back on Saturday night--I'm still having trouble getting up for Seminary!!!


[Somebody Loved] said...

Such beautiful, colorful costumes. Love the new grandson too! The ATM photo of Allan is funny.

glittersmama said...

Your great-grandson is so beautiful. Congratulations!

Klin said...

I love Alan's face.

Your new family member is so sweet and precious. What a beautiful baby.

Heffalump said...

Wow, with 2300 pics you could just pick a day of the week and have that be a day to share pics from your trip! It would probably take a year or two to get through them all!

Sheri said...

I agree with you on the fall back thing! I need that extra hour!! Especially when I am up so late reading blogs!!
Congrats on the beautiful new baby and thoughts and prayers to Bev.

Tonya said...

Yippee for falling back!!! I'm still not over the fact that we have to wait a week longer to get that hour back that they steal in the Spring.

The pictures are amazing. I can't believe you took so many. Wow, what memories you will have.

Crazy Mom of Four said...

ok the hotel light thing cracks me up, totally something they should have told you...i love slide shows, we used to beg my dad to pull out the slides, my childhood is on slides,,,need to convert them to pics one of these days..congrats on the great grandbaby.

PJ said...

Love the pics! Glad you got your lights on, ha.

So fun to meet someone from your hometown:)

Daylight savings always confuses me.

Nancy Face said...

You only took 2300 pictures? ;)

Allan's expression is so funny! :D

I would NEVER have guessed how to figure out the lights! :0

I loved seeing all the great pictures and reading your captions...and Xander is so SOOO CUTE! :)

JustRandi said...

I always love your pictures!! You could post em all week, and I still wouldn't be tired of them.

Have you seen the movie Fireproof? I totally think Alan looks like the actor who plays the dad.

Chelli said...

I LOVED your pictures. The Forbidden City looks just like the movies. What an amazing sight! I personally don't have much of a desire to go to China (I don't like chinese food... silly huh?), but I would like climbing the Great Wall. That is a wonderful life experience you had!

txmommy said...

Fall Back!! What, that would have totally snuck up on me!

What an awesome trip!

Tori :) said...

Congrats on the new great-grandson!!!

I've loved going on vacation with you. :) Thank you so much for the "liger" bookmark. :)

carolyne b said...

My hubby, Peter is the same way he loves to take lots of pictures just in case on turns out bad he has more of the same just different angles. I am glad to see that I am not the only one who takes weird photo's. I take pictures of the bathrooms when we go overseas. They look so unusual. Like the toliet you mentioned that had a hole to go in. we found that in smaller towns in france.
Glad your back, when do the next adventure start?
PS. I started blogging too Here is my website:
take care.

sweetpea said...

Those pictures are all amazing! Love the costumes. What an adorable new great-grandson---so sweet!

Amber said...

That ATM picture is CLASSSIC. And climbing The Great Wall would be a dream come true for me!

Neal said...

Mom - yes, the room card key is often used in both Asia and Europe to keep the electrical use at a minimum. The lights will turn off a few minutes after you pull that card out. The sad thing is that, in the summer, it also turns off the air conditioning. I get around it by getting a second room key : )

Lauren said...

I loved all of the pictures..and the stories! And the new baby Xander :)

Chel said...

I've looked at these pictures 10 times and just realized I never left a comment.

The ATM picture is great!

In fact, all of the pictures are great. I have really enjoyed hearing about your amazing trip and seeing pictures. Thanks so much for sharing it all!

your great-grandson is a keeper. oh my cuteness!

annie said...

Beautiful pictures!
What a sweet baby. Don't you just love the way babies smell! So sweet.

Whitney said...

I am so jealous that you get to visit such awesome places. That looks like you had fun!!!!

Amanda said...

Lovely pictures! THanks for sharing them!!

Congrats on your newest grandbaby! :)

aubrey said...

how strange about the slots to put your keycard in to turn the lights on. i guess it must be pretty standard there for them to forget to mention it to you. i would have loved to see and eat at that dinner theater. how fun for you guys!!

Melissa said...

So amazing! What a wonderful experience for you guys to have! Love the pictures... I could look at more and more (hint hint)
Your new grandbaby is darling! When do you get to go see him??

Magirk said...

Fun pictures and stories from your trip. That's so interesting to meet someone like that! And funny, about the lights in the hotel. ;-)

I can hardly believe you're a great grandma!! But I know from reading all your posts how you're able to stay so young. ;-)

mindyluwho said...

What an exciting trip. I would love to visit China.

And what a beautiful great-grandbaby! (And mommy!)

Suzanne said...

Your new great-grandson is so darling!!! And I love all your China shots. I'm sure it was such an amazing time!