Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gratitude for Blogging

I think each of us began blogging for different reasons--for me it was to be a place for family and friends could go to see the things we were seeing on trips. It's more than that today. It has become more of a journal of what's going on in my life. Sometimes I let it record some of my thoughts--probably shouldn't do that very often. If I come off whiney, I'm sorry--I certainly don't mean to. I guess that needs to be written on my private (or personal) blog, which I am the only one who reads.

I love reading other blogs. I appreciate those family members who have blogs and I can go and read about what they're doing or even see pictures of cute children/grandchildren ; ) I have met some wonderful people through this whole experience. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting three of my favorite people--Nancy, Lauren,

and Chel. And then on trips to Utah I had a chance to meet Suzanne,

Gina, and UTMommy. And last summer I was able to spend a couple of days with some wonderful women. The thing that will always stay with me was their kindness in including an old lady, and especially not making me feel like one.

It is fun to read about life from some one else's perspective. I love to comment because I like people to know I appreciate what they wrote or appreciate their courage in writing their post (sometimes people really go out on a limb and share things they feel very passionately about--they amaze me). There are so many braves indivudals who exhibit such strength and write so beautifully.

So thanks to all of you who have blogs that I read. I have several blogs on my sidebar. I also read a lot of other blogs that aren't listed. I hope I have never offended anyone because perhaps I come and read your blog, but I don't have you listed on my sidebar. I guess I need to go back and read gina's blogging etiquette post.

As much as I have enjoyed writing about the things I am grateful for, it has taken up a lot of time. I'm also very aware that it takes a lot of your time to come and read. So knowing everyone is busy, I'm turning off the comment section--giving you a break from commenting.

Sidenote: I'm sure hoping tonight is the night we say goodbye to either Vicky or Heba on Biggest Loser!!!