Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gratitude for Children


I am grateful for my children. I mentioned on my gratitude for good choices post about the choice to become a mother. I feel so very blessed that I was able to bear my children. Pregnancies are not a ton of fun for me--I get quite ill, but I LOVE BEING PREGNANT. There is something wonderful about carrying a life. I truly believe, as it states in a Church pamphlet, "in the eternal perspective, children—not possessions, not position, not prestige—are our greatest jewels."

I have given birth to 4 children and with each one I had a different doctor. The highlight of all my births was when my friend, Richard, delivered Brent. There is something special about having a man you love and respect and who has the same beliefs you have deliver your baby--it truly was a very spiritual experience.

As I have watched each of my children grow, I marvel at how amazing they are. (No, I didn't say perfect. I don't think that any of them would use that word to describe themselves) I have written about each of them before, but believe me I never tire of talking about them and how could I let this challenge go by without mentioning my gratitude for them.

Neal is an amazing husband and father. I have always felt a special bond with him--I may not have given birth to him, but believe me there is a special connection. He is always so willing to help. Family is important to him and he tries very hard to keep everyone connected. He is the one who got us started on our family website and he keeps me working on our family newsletter. He is a technology wizard. In fact, Allan and I are compiling a list of things to ask when we get together at Christmas.

Nancy (Allan's daughter) is one of the funniest people I know. I remember years ago when I was her Young Women Advisor, she was always so fun in class. When she gave birth to Evan 21 years ago, it was so fun to watch her--she was such a natural. Of course, she was such a little mother to Heidi when Heidi was born. She loves her family very much and is always right there to help them. (I have yet to see her with Xander but I know she is a wonderful grandmother)

Stephen and I have always been very close. For the first 12 years of his life it was just him and me and we did everything together. He still remembers going with me at night after I would work at my regular job and then I would go work my second job. I know it was so tough on him, but he was such a trooper. He is a hard worker and tries very hard to provide for his family. I'm grateful that he has had Allan as a role model because today Stephen is a fantastic husband and father. It's comforting to know he will always be there for me.

Wendy (Allan's daughter) is so talented. People have referred to her as Martha Stewart. She spent a great deal of her growing up years living with her mother--maybe that's where she developed those skills We were always glad when she came and stayed with us or came to visit. She worked very hard to support her husband when he went to University. She is a fantastic hairdresser and I always wish I could put her in my bags when we go on a trip ; )

Heidi has grown into such an amazing woman--still hard for me to believe she is 25. We have so many wonderful memories--in so many ways, she is too much like her mother. I don't think there is a young lady who loves her dad as much as Heidi--her dad is her hero (and a great hero he is ; ) I enjoyed so much watching Heidi go through school--it should have been so evident that one day she would become a teacher. It has been fun to watch her in this first year of teaching.

Brent is our miracle child. I marvel every day when I think of all that he has and continues to accomplish. He has always been so helpful. I must admit I really miss his help around the house, but I know that my MIL and SIL's appreciate all the help he gives them in Utah. He loves his family so much. He loves movies and I think he would like to do something in that field--It is going to be so fun to see what he does when he is done with school. He has been such a blessing to our family.

Kyle would be so upset if he heard me say this, but he is my baby. It is so hard for me to believe he is 17. In fact, as hard as it was for me to have the others leave home, it will be ten times harder when Kyle leaves. Not because I love him more, but because in my mind he should still be playing on the playground at the elementary school. He is very athletic and I will miss going to his games. I'm looking forward to track. He is quite the musician and has entertained me while I cook dinner or when I'm cleaning up after Seminary. One of Allan's counselor's commented the other day how much more fun Kyle is now because he actually visits. (He was very quiet before, but now I think he actually enjoys visiting with people)

Let me add, how grateful I am for Macy, Daphne and Tony. I know there are lots of in-law jokes out there, but I am very grateful each of them is part of our family.


SIDENOTE: Thanks to those of you who are still reading and especially commenting ; ) I don't think I'm any different than anyone else:  I LOVE COMMENTS.


Neal said...

Here's a comment - great job! ; ) It's always fun to write about your kids...and you should never feel guilty about that. Just as you enjoy reading about other's kids - and their experiences - your blogging friends will enjoy getting a peek at what makes you happy.

Ashley said...

I think it is wonderful that you post about your kids. I would feel so honored to hear (or read) my mom say those things about me or my siblings. Family is truely a blessing. We need to always remember to be grateful for those who are so special in our lives.

Macy said...

I agree with everything you said about Neal. And everyone else too, but especially Neal. :)

Klin said...

I love to read about your kids. My kids aren't perfect either, but they are great and I love them.

Yvonne, I really do look to you as an example. I want to be as loving and genuine as you are as my kids grow. Thank you for sharing your family and your children with me.

aurora said...

Brag on sister-friend! You have an amazing family, and I am glad that they have you.
What a blessing. {heart}

Jodi said...

I love talking (blogging) about my kids too! And I love reading about yours! Great kids! I haven't been blog hopping much (internet problems) but I have to say I just caught up on all yours and they were ALL vERY inspiring! It's tough to post every day... you are amazing!

Love them all!

mindyluwho said...

I love your posts about your children. It always makes me think of ways to be a better mother.

Chelli said...

Brag on! You have so much to be proud of.

sweetpea said...

I LOVE this post. I love to see moms be so proud of their children, and thoroughly enjoy them. They are truly life's greatest blessing.

Amber said...

I didn't make it past the "I love being pregnant." Ugh ugh ugh. I WISH I could get excited about getting pregnant! It's the love for the result that makes me keep doing.

And your family? Beautiful. But you already knew that. :-)

Tonya said...

Frankly, I love your posts that go on and on about your wonderful children. You are a great mom and grandma. I'm sure they are grateful for you too.

Nancy Face said...

I ALWAYS enjoy reading about your children and your love for them! (And I adore my in-laws, too!)

I KNOW people ♥ you...maybe the comments are down because everybody is busy and can't quite keep up with your amazing whirlwind of posts? :)

I'm trying to limit my computer time, and so I've become a once-a-week-or-so reader to most of my bloggy friends, all of whom I love...but you know, you're my pretend next door neighbor, so I just HAVE to walk out of my kitchen door every day and see what else you're thankful for! ;)

Grandma A said...

I love your posts about your children. I also feel the same way you do about mine. I will post about each of them some day soon. I think my family is the greatest blessing that I have and I am so grateful for them.
Love n' hugs.

P.S.We are still waiting for our visas

Chel said...

I agree with what Neal said. I love hearing about your kids and when you talk about them my heart swells. I know you love each of them dearly and will all your heart. Each one of them has brought you such happiness in so many different ways.
You are truly blessed. I loved this post and the pictures.

Chel said...

P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being pregnant too. Every single second of it.

Yvonne said...

Neal: Thanks. Yes, I love reading about all my blogging friend's kids.

ashley: Thanks. Only some of my kids read my blog--I hope it makes them feel good. I'm sure your mom would have wonderful things to say about you.

You are so right--family is a great blessing.

macy: Thanks--I'm glad you agree.

klin: My goodness, you are very sweet. Thank you.

aurora: Thank you. Yes, they are pretty special.

jodi: I know you feel like I do about my family and I knew you would understand.

Yes, it is very difficult to post every day.

mindylou: I think you are one terrific mom.

chelli: Thanks.

sweetpea: You are so right--children are such a blessing.

amber: I don't enjoy the being sick part, but I just love the experience and THE RESULTS!!!

tonya: Thanks so much--I just love them so much.

nancyface: It's tough when they don't live near by to write about things they are doing, so I just have to write about them and share my feelings.

Too many posts--I know.

Yes, you are my pretend neighbor--and right now while we have snow, I wish I was in AZ with the nice beautiful warm weather.

grandma a: Thank you. I knew a Grandma would REALLY understand ; )

Hope your visa comes through soon.

chel: Thank you. As always, you seem to understand.

I can't say I enjoyed "every minute" of being pregnant ; )

Suzanne said...

Yvonne, this is so sweet! What a wonderful family you've been blessed with. And what a blessing they have you. And what a blessing that I have you too! You are a great friend! :)

txmommy said...

Children really are such a blessing! Thanks for sharing, as always, I love your posts.

I think we'll still be here in the spring, I hope we'll get to meet, that would be too fun!!

annie said...

You are very blessed!

Magirk said...

Awwww, I love to hear about your family. :-)

They're all so beautiful, and I can tell that you are a wonderful mother.