Friday, November 28, 2008

Gratitude for Missionaries

We had a fabulous evening with the missionaries. We ended up having 42 for dinner, plus the 3 of us. Everything was delicious. We had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, corn, peas, pistachio pudding salad, yogurt/raspberry salad, broccoli-cauliflower salad, rolls, and for desert Germany Chocolate pudding cake, pumpkin gooey cake, double layer pumpkin pie, and chocolate carmel pecan pie.

After dinner and dessert, everyone popped open their crackers and then we had a gift exchange. It was so fun. I'm grateful for these young men and women (well, we only have one "young" sister and a few Senior sisters, as well as a Senior couple. It is always such a delight to have them in our home. I just love them all so much.


Chelli said...

Am I really first two days in a row? Yay me!

I am very impressed that you cooked that much food for that many people. I have fed 20 before and was exhausted at the end of the day. I can't imagine more than doubling that number! AND add to the fact that it was an incredible menu. You are an amazing woman!

Whitney said...

That sounds amazing. I'm so impressed that you cooked that much good food (I'm looking at the list drooling) for so many people!
I love the missionaries, and they do deserve it, and now you deserve a (((hug))) for doing it for them :)

Nancy Face said...

WOW! How did you do that? My mouth is hanging open in amazement! And your Christmas tree is done and everything! :0

I love all the pictures...and your menu! YUM! I'm sure everyone was so happy and had a great time! :D

I hope you get a big nap today! ;)

sweetpea said...

W.O.W.!!! It looks amazing, and the food sounds wonderful! I am totally impressed that you cooked for that many people!!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

Now I know that you are brave too.
I have never attempted a dinner for that many people in my life. Kudos to you!! Especially for those on the Lord's errand... you never cease to amaze me Yvonne. What a fantastic example you are.

JustRandi said...

Ahh, Yvonne, I love that you do that. I can't believe all the work you're willing to do, but those missionaries (and their moms) really do appreciate it!!

Suzanne said...

I can't imagine cooking for that many people! And all those dishes to wash? Yvonne, you rock! What a wonderful day it must have been! :)

chellie said...

You are so amazing! How in the world did you cook for so many? WOW! You are so generous and simply wonderful!

No Cool Story said...

Yeah, what nancy face said.

WOW!!!! Awesome!