Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gratitude for Weekends

I didn't have to get up for Seminary--What more can I say!!!! My bed was nice and warm and SO COMFY. Now, I love my Seminary kids, but it is great to be able to sleep in past 5:00 a.m., in fact, this morning I slept in until 7:00, and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. And, Monday there is no Seminary because of a Divisional Inservice Day and Tuesday is Remembrance Day--so I will get to sleep in for several days ; )

Today was fairly quiet--besides the norm:

--Kyle had a volleyball tournament (games last night and today)--it's been a tough season, but I am so glad he played. I don't know what I'm going to do next year when I have no kids at home and no games to go watch. I guess it's time to get out my crochet hook and the rocker.

--I practiced the piano (maybe this is the year when I will FINALLY learn to play "O Holy Night" all the way through and without a ton of mistakes. I am motivated because when we get together with the kids I would love to play for them and show them that my 6 years of piano lessons have paid off. (After the disaster when I played at Hannah's baptism, I'd like to try and redeem myself ; )

--watched a movie with Allan.

--started making lists for Christmas--I don't like it when suddenly the holidays are upon me and I don't know whether I'm coming or going.) Every week heffalump posts some holiday ideas or dares. Check them out.

--I sent out a text message to my contacts in my phone which read "I'm Sorry". So, if you got one, let me explain: I had issued a challenge to one of my children and sent a note asking about it, but accidentally sent it to everyone (or so I thought), so I sent the "I'm sorry" message to everyone. Well, turns out I only sent the original message to one friend (not the above-mentioned child). Needless to say, a couple of my kids called to see if I was o.k., another asked "sorry for what". I guess I need to go to text training school.

Now, doesn't all of that sound SO EXCITING.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful Sabbath Day--more about that tomorrow.

Again, I am grateful for weekends where I feel like we get some real down time. Hope you are having a great weekend.


[Somebody Loved] said...

I a terrible with texting... I have had to have a few lessons from Yvette. I prefer talking to someone... or e.mail. Texting takes too long for someone like me.

I love weekends too. After tomorrow out Primary program will be 'all done'.


Tiffany said...

I love weekends too. Especially the ones where my hubs has the next 4 days off, which is every other week. Those are my favorite!:O) Oh, and nice warm bed to sleep in where the kids don't have to be up and ready for school by 8am weekends.:O)

Macy said...

I'm really glad you posted that about the text message. My new phone dropped some contacts when I synced it up with my computer. Now I know it happened to your cell number too. Just the number popped up, not your name and I didn't recognize the area code...mystery solved. (That's why I asked who was texting when I texted back. I was trying to figure out what number it was.)

mindyluwho said...

Aaakkk...Christmas lists already? I can't believe it's alreayd getting to be that time of year!

I have a version of "O Holy Night" that I have been trying to learn, but it's got a lot of octave cords that are just killing me!

Klin said...

There's a training school for texting?

LOL I love weekends and sleeping in- 'specially in my warm bed.

Tonya said...

Weekends are the best. I need work on a Christmas list too. I'm hoping to do most of my shopping online this year and then just enjoy the times I get out to the stores instead of being stressed. Good plan, now I just need to execute.

aurora said...

Mmmm... warm and cozy in your bed in the morning. Delightful. {heart}

Mel said...

I too slept past 5 for the first time in too long. It's great isn't it!

I think I need the texting school also!

Chelli said...

I love the weekends!! I love both working weekends and playing weekend. This weekend was working: my hubby raked leaves for 8 HOURS (no lie) and I took all afternoon cleaning out my son's room. How does a 6 year old gather so much JUNK!?!?!

Chel said...

I love weekends too!.... and sleeping in, but that doesn't happen around here. :)

Nancy Face said...

I got to sleep in a bit on Saturday too...ahhh! :)

You're funny about the crochet hook and rocker, haha! :D