Wednesday, December 10, 2008

8 Things Tag

8 Things
Klin tagged me for 8 things--of course, it was in the Fall, so I'll change one question that asked what I loved about Fall to what I love about winter:

8 TV shows I love to watch:
24--can't wait until January ; )
Biggest Loser
Lost--yes, will start up in January again
C.S.I. (the original)
E.R.--it's been part of my Thursday nights for so long--I will miss it when it goes off the air
Dancing With the Stars--disappointed this year
The Office

8 favorite places I love to eat:
Market Street Grill
Hires Big H
The Keg
LaCaille at Quail Run
Any dining room on a cruise ship ; )
Cold Stone ; )

8 things that I've done today:
Taught Seminary
Went to the Gym
Worked on a Christmas present
Read blogs
Voted on Biggest Loser
Got my hair cut and highlights
Spent some valuable time at the Dollar Store
Practiced the piano

8 things I look forward to:

Every weekend
Going on a mission with Allan
Watching my children grow up
Watching my grandchildren grow up and become parents (already have one, but it will be so fun to watch them all)
Allan getting settled in a new job
Allan being able to retire
Kyle going on a mission
Finishing Brent's mission scrapbooks (sorry Brent)

8 things I love about Winter:
Christmas shopping
Eating nice warm soup
Getting to spend time with my kids during Christmas break
I don't feel a need to be outside in the cold (it's supposed to be WC -38 this week), and so I love just being indoors
Although I don't love driving in the snow, I do love sitting in the house and watching it snow
Sitting by the fireplace
It's followed by Spring

8 material things on my wish list:
Big Screen TV
New carpeting
Getting an eye lift--I keep telling myself it's not vanity, one of my eyes just has been drooping so bad (I really don't worry
about the other things that droop ; )
Sliding shelves in my kitchen cupboards
A double oven
Re-do my shower
Airplane tickets to visit each of my kids/grandkids/greatgrandson
A brass bed

SIDENOTE: I think Seminary teachers should get an extra week of vacation--It's tough getting lessons and Christmas stuff together ; (


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I am glad you treated yourself to the gym and the haircut & highlights. Nothing better than a moment or two... to recharge.

I have the droopy eye thing so I can relate. It's nothing to do with vanity... everything to do with sight.


glittersmama said...

oooh. Who did you vote for last night?

Chelli said...

Fun post! (I think seminary teachers should have TWO weeks off!)
P.S. I asked Aly how many seminary teachers we have at the local high school for release time and the answer is: 9.
I thought you'd enjoy that.

Amanda said...

Fun list! I love learning more about you! Yay for the gym and the haircut and the highlights! -38??...Stay warm!!!

I was thinking about you last night while doing my dishes. I've missed you!

chellie said...

You had a really productive day today... if I can accomplish ONE of those things it's considered a good day!
I like Cold Stone too. :)
Seminary teachers should have 3 weeks off!

Corrine said...

i agree seminary teachers should get an extra vacation!

can you believe vicki is in the final three!? though her video and her talk with bob wasn't too bad...

sweetpea said...

I LOVE 24!! I heart Jack Bauer. :) Did you watch the preview movie in November? Can't wait!

Fun post!

Lei said...

God bless seminary teachers everywhere! You're the woman! :)

Tiffany said...

Love your answers. So fun to get to know more about you. I don't think an eye lift is vanity, if you need it. I know of a man who had to have it done and it really helped him to see better.:) I hope you get your wish list. Merry Christmas. (I agree seminary teachers-teachers period-need more vacation!)

JustRandi said...

Definitely on the vacation for seminary teachers thing!!

And WHO is your BL vote for?? I think I want Heba out of there.

Lauren said...

Yay for "Lost" starting back up!!! I still need to go to The Keg. We have one right by our home...

Magirk said...

What a fun list about you. You're definitely busy! But you always seem to be having so much fun.

And hey, I'll give you a week off for being a seminary teacher - you totally deserve it! ;-)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :) ♥ Hugs!

Klin said...

So who did you vote for? I'm mad at the mean girls. So I voted for Ed a bazillion times. You can vote 10 times per email address. I've got 3 and I used hubs 2 as well. Let's just say that more than 60 of Ed's votes came from me.

Mean girls suck! Even if they are skinnier.

Klin said...

On another note, Yay!!! I'm glad you did this and changed it to winter. Fun.

Nancy Face said...

I've become TERRIBLE about doing tags...OOPS! But I enjoyed reading yours! :)

I have a tiny oven that is too small for larger cookie sheets to fit into! I would LOVE a nice, full sized double oven! Holidays and family dinners would be so much easier to prepare! But there is no space for it unless we do a pretty major remodel of the kitchen. :(

Nancy Face said...

The shower in our main bathroom needs redone VERY BADLY! It was originally just a bathtub, and when the shower was added, the tile wasn't redone to accommodate it. The top of the tile is lower than the shower head, so the walls get all wet. It's yucky! :P

Nancy Face said...

My friend had her eyelids done a few months ago, and she is so glad she did it! They were drooping so much that they were actually limiting her eyesight! (But then again, she is MUCH older than us two young chicks!) :D

Melissa said...

So, who did you vote for on Biggest Loser? I'm still trying to decide... I really don't like either one! :)

No Cool Story said...

Seminary teachers are the best!!

Does your hair look very different?
Will there be pictures?