Saturday, December 20, 2008


We arrived safe here at my SIL's. It was a looooonnnnnnnnggggggg trip--complete with crazy weather and poor Allan ended up with the flu (at least that's what we think it is) Yesterday as we were driving through Glendive this is what the roads were like. I got to do some of the driving today--Driving the snow covered streets of Manitoba is one thing. Our weather is so cold that most of the time the snow is solid--you don't have to worry about slush. I HATE SLUSH!!!!

We couldn't leave until after the kids left from the Seminary breakfast--which turned out well. Allan did a wonderful job with all the food. We had strawberry waffles, pancakes, sausages, cantalope, grapes, and chocolate milk. I think the kids enjoyed all the food.

I was up late the night before trying to get the ornaments done. I had little gift bags with treats and an ornament. This is what the ornaments looked like.

I'm also happy I finished the little gifts that I have been working on--will post pictures after Christmas. I know that I will be running around Monday and Tuesday--have a few things to check off my list. I'll be able to relax once we head to the airport on Tuesday to pick up Kyle. It's going to be a great Christmas holiday. I'm just so excited to have so much time with my kids. It's been great to spend time with Heidi and Brent today. (I just wish Allan felt better)

I'm trying to get out to read all the blogs--just wasn't able to do much reading from Wednesday on--lots to try and pack and get ready. I'm here now and have more free time.


chellie said...

I'm so glad you made it safely. The snow is not my friend and I do not like driving it! You are a superstar.
So sorry to hear Allan is not feeling well. I hope he gets over it soon!
The ornaments are darling and the breakfast sounded delicious! you are amazing.
Have fun and a very Merry Christmas!

Tori :) said...

I hate driving in snow. I am so glad you arrived safely.

The ornament is beautiful. What a great idea!

Jodi said...

Wow, that does not look like fun to drive in! Glad you made it safe and sound...hopefully Allan will perk up soon!

Love ♥ the ornaments!!!

Heffalump said...

We are having a lot of snow here, which is almost unheard of! We had almost five inches of it.
Glad you made it to your destination safely!
Have a great Christmas!!!

No Cool Story said...

Snow is pretty to see, not to drive it.
But it's worth the trip to spend time with family :)

aubrey said...

yvonne, you are awesome to make breakfast for your seminary kids. glad you arrived safely!

Macy said...

Glad you made it safe. We were worried about the snow.

Nancy Face said...

I'm so happy you made it safely, in spite of the icky weather conditions! :P

I'm SOOO sorry that your hubby has the flu!!! I'm just getting over a week of being sick, and it pretty much stinks. I hope Allan feels better QUICKLY! :(

I love all the great things you do to make the Seminary experience wonderful for your students! The ornaments are sp pretty! :)

Enjoy Christmas with your kids! YAY! :D

JustRandi said...

Yeah slush... uck.
I love your ornaments!! Amazing! You always do such a great job with things like that, Yvonne!

Ashley said...

Those ornaments are great!! We have to make the treck through the Mountain pass between Idaho and Utah this week. I am hoping there will not be major snow everywhere. It does make the trip a lot longer. Have a great Merry Christmas Yvonne!!

Tonya said...

Cute ornaments. The breakfast sounds wonderful. I'm glad you arrived safe and sound.

sweetpea said...

I'm so glad you arrived safely! Great ornaments--you always have fun ideas!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

Looking at your first photo the memory of our bad snowstorm experience from last January came racing back to my mind.

I am so thankful that you are safe.


Natalie said...

I too am glad you are safe. You are a super woman! I wish that I had the opportunity to go to seminary and that you were my teacher, but alas we were not members yet. The ornament is beautiful and what a yummy breakfast.
We are getting settled. It is quite an adjustment with everything so different, but the people are awesome.
Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Melissa said...

Ugh! Slush is the WORST!! I'm sorry you had to drive through that... but I'm glad to hear you are okay! Hopefully Allen will get feeling better really soon so that you can enjoy your time there.

And the ornaments you made look fantastic! I love the quote you used for them!

Holly said...

I hope Allan is feeling better. So glad you arrived safely. It's snowing here today. Your ornaments are darling!

annie said...

It's cold here (10 degrees this morning driving to church) but no snow or ice.

Hope you have a great week.

Klin said...

I LOVE that saying! I did a vinyl on tile with that exact quote for my mom and I did one for me.

So glad you are safe and I hope that Allan gets feeling better soon and that you don't get it.

I love your ornaments. The kids will, too.

Chelli said...

The weather has been crazy, but at least we'll have a white Christmas, right?!? My Christmas wish is that it would snow only on the yards and NOT on the roads, but I don't think it will come true this year.
I hope Allan feels better. This flu thing is pretty gross and hangs around for a few days. Have a nice vacation!!!

mindyluwho said...

I love where I live because I never have to worry about driving in snow or slush! I'm glad you made it there safely!

PJ said...

I too am glad you made it safe and sound! That picture looks soooo cold!

I love the ornament.

Have a warm and cozy Christmas:)

Carrot Jello said...

Merry Christmas!

You’ve just been hit with Random Acts Of
“ Merry Christmas!”
Love, Carrot Jello

Sheri said...

Glad you are sae and sound! Have a Merry Christmas!!

Yvonne said...

chellie: Thanks--we're glad we made it here, too.

Allan is feeling much better.

Merry Christmas to you.

tori: Thanks. The ornaments were fun to make.

jodi: Allan is doing much better.


heffalump: I have been watching the weather and can't believe all the snow you guys are getting. Crazy.

Merry Christmas to you.

NCS: It's definitely worth the drive to be with family ; ) Merry Christmas.

aubrey: Thanks. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

macy: Thanks.

nancyface: Thanks--I was very happy when we pulled into town.

I'm sorry that you were so sick. Allan is doing fine now.

I have great Seminary students and it is a privilege to spend time with them each day.

Merry Christmas to the face family ; )

justrandi: Thanks so much. It's fun to be able to do fun things with my students.

ashley: Travel safely. I hope you weren't driving today--the snow was CRAZY!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

tonya: Thanks. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that Blake has fun.

sweetpea: Thanks--I sure hope your Christmas is a wonderful one.

sheila: Sorry about bringing back a bad memory.

We're glad we are here and won't be heading back for awhile.

natalie: I'm so thrilled to get a comment from you. Hope everything is going well. I've loved reading your experiences.

Thanks for your sweet comments. I would have loved to go to Seminary when I was a teenager, but this is my chance now.

Merry Christmas.

melissa: Anyone who has had to drive in the slush knows what I was talking about.

Allan is doing fine.


Merry Christmas, Melissa.

holly: Allan is feeling fine now--thank goodness.

Thank you.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas--enjoy your snow.

klin: Allan is doing fine, thanks.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

chellie: Looks like it will be a white Christmas which will be great. I love your idea ; ) Oh, if only.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

mindylou: I know all about the weather where you live--lucky you. Merry Christmas.

pj: Thanks. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas with sam and the girls. Enjoy. Still waiting for the chicken dance video ; )

carrot: Thanks for the Christmas wishes. Hope you have a good one, too.

sheri: Thanks and Merry Christmas to your family.

Corrine said...

ewww that road looks the neal maxwell quote, cute ornaments, glad you arrived safely...and thanks for finding a little time to read my blog, I know you have been busy..and i want some strawberry waffles...:)yummy

txmommy said...

sorry about the snow and the flu:(
your breakfast sounds awesome!!!

Have a merry CHritmas!

Suzanne said...

I'm glad you made it here safely. Snow is terrible to drive in. You're brave to do it! But I guess there isn't much choice if your hubby was sick. Hopefully he's starting to feel a little better! Your Christmas Seminary breakfast sounded yummy! :)

Nancy Face said...


No Cool Story said...

Merry Christmas!!

glittersmama said...

Merry Christmas Yvonne!

Lifes Like That said...

Hi Yvonne,
I followed a link from Josh's blog to your blog. I very much enjoyed all the pictures and reading about the business that is your life! Thanks for recording it.
I also have a blog on this network at
I'm not really good at posting regularily, it's more of a place of reflection I guess.
Take care and happy trails!