Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blessings of Teaching Seminary

Yes, it has been cold, oh so cold here. As I left this morning, it was -38 with a windchill of -48 C (which apparently is like -54 F ; ) Anyway, thank goodness for a sweet husband who goes out before 6 a.m. and warms up my car.

It may be cold, but spending time with these young people just warms my heart. Today we were discussing the 6th Chapter of John. We talked a great deal about the Exodus--because there are many similarities. We talked about the parting of the Red Sea and compared it to the Savior walking on the water and telling them "It is I, be not afraid." We talk a lot in Seminary about application and one of the young men reminded me with the Savior in our lives, we don't need to be afraid. As I looked at him, I knew he knows, he gets it. He's not afraid--he can go through his day knowing God is always there.

As we talked about the parting of the Red Sea and I confessed that I'm a chicken and although I don't know exactly how it happened, I admitted I would have taken those steps with the children of Israel worrying, "What if...the waters start coming again and I drown." One of the boys, said, "Why would you worry? I would think that was so cool and would have known it would be o.k." To hear those words, that faith, from this young man who means the world to me, makes the preparation, early morning, everything else, so worthwhile.

I love being able to discuss these aspects of the gospel--to hear their feelings. As we ate warm monkey bread (after all this was the Savior's discourse on the Bread of Life), I felt such gratitude for the opportunity to spend my mornings with these great youth.

Sidenote #1: Started working on my first hymn. When I gain some confidence, I will "practice" on my Seminary class--believe me they would probably rather I played the piano than sang ; )

Sidenote #2: I think this is going to be a great season on Biggest Loser--what a nice group of competitors (very different than last season)


Neal said...

Did you see the pictures of the Blue Team member at his house? Salt Lake Temple in the background!!!

glittersmama said...

I don't know how you stand that degree of cold. I am pretty sure I would never leave the house.

I was thinking that about the Biggest Loser competitors myself.

Tori :) said...

I've been watching "TBL" this season too!

Brrrrrr!!!! Your hubby is sweet!

I think it's a blessing to be able to teach seminary. My parents teach it together now and love it.

carolyne b said...

Wow Yvonne, I am amazed that you got up this morning and out of what I am sure is a warm comfortable bed. Esp so early in the morning, I have to say I don 't know what that time of day looks like. And esp to do it on what I am sure is one of the coldest day Winterpeg has experienced. You are in my books for Woman of the Year!!!

Heffalump said...

Teaching seminary would be my nightmare calling, because I am NOT a morning person.
How great that you get to feel of the spirit of those youth though!

Chelli said...

I wish you were my daughter's seminary teacher. Your student's testimonies are so strong because you are helping hone them and helping them feel the spirit!!

They cancel school if it's that cold here -- which it hasn't been THANK HEAVENS!!! We've been hanging in the upper 30's to low 40's.

JustRandi said...

Hat's off to you for not only being a seminary teacher, but a GOOD ONE!

And AMEN on the Biggest Loser. Hopefully we're back to the way it should be.

Melissa said...

Sounds like you've got a great class! I remember having a testimony like that as a youth... I wonder what happened to it?

I flipped back and forth between Biggest Loser and American Idol. Neal is right... the one guy had a picture in front of the SLC temple, but I think one of the guys from the black team (I think) had a picture of him and his wife in front of the Mesa temple! Could we have multiple LDS people on the show?? :)

I love the Tongan cousins! I would love to see those two go all the way!!!

Melissa said...

Oh, and those temperatures you describe are making me thankful to live in S. California right now :)

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

That is a [heart-warming] story. Thank you for sharing.


Ashley said...

I am really grateful for early morning seminary. There was such a wonderful spirit there every day. I think hsving it with my school schedule would have made it just another class for me.

Your class sounds amazing!

I was switching back and forth between Biggest Loser and American Idol last night. I thought Bob was out of line last night, but I understand he was mad.

Nancy Face said...

What wonderful students you have, and what a wonderful teacher they have! :)

I would not have the guts to go out in that kind of cold! I'm sooo impressed!

Somebody's birthday is almost here! ;)

Klin said...

Sooooooooo Cold!

I like the compassion and comraderie felt on the Biggest Loser this time. Dane is indeed from Utah and LDS. I have a friend that knows him.

Seminary teachers are kids heroes. My kids love theirs.

annie said...

Wow! That's cold!!!

I love studying with the girls on sunday mornings too. I always learn while I'm teaching.

Biggest Loser is sweet this time! I almost teared up when they helped the kid up the hill... not like last season where they were all tricking each other.

Natalie said...

You are an awesome seminary teacher. I don't think I could ever teach seminary. I would not feel confident enough. Your class sounds awesome.
I have to miss TBL one of my favorite shows. It will not air on my laptop over here. Oh well, I must make better use of my time anyway.
Can't imagine how cold it is. So nice of your hubby to warm up your car. I know mine would too. When we were first married and I would come home from teaching school in the afternoon and he was already home from going to school, he would run down several flights of stairs(steep in S.F.) to open up the garage door for me. We are so lucky to have such great men for husbands.:)

sweetpea said...

That is SO cold. We are in the negatives here too, but not that low!
What a blessing seminary is--for your kids, and for you. I wish I could go!

Yvonne said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

neal: Yeah, I went back and fast forwarded through and saw the picture. Also, as Melissa said, I saw that when the member of the black team whose wife is pregnant was on the phone they showed their picture in front of the Mesa temple.

glittersmama: Believe me when I leave--I am REALLY bundled up.

Glad I'm not the only one.

tori: I've got to say I work much harder on the elliptical when I'm watching Biggest Loser.

He is sweet.

I bet your parents do a great job and are loved by the youth they teach.

carolyne b: You know how cold it has been--hasn't it been awful!!!

heffalump: This has turned me into a morning person.

It is wonderful to spend time with them.

chelli: I love my students so much--they teach ME so much.

Hope it warms up everywhere pretty soon.

justrandi: Thanks.

I agree that really is the way Biggest Loser should be.

melissa: Your testimony comes through in all you do and say.

Thanks for the info. I thought I saw the temple when he was on the phone (the guy on the black team--but I totally missed the SL temple)

I'm not sure who I want to win--everyone is so nice--well, almost everyone. Actually, it's not that I think Joelle isn't nice, she just doesn't seem to be in it for the right reason, but that might be unfair.

Yeah, it's pretty cold--California sounds pretty nice.

sheila: Thanks for reading--and for commenting. I love sharing. I just want everyone to know what great youth I teach and what a privilege it is for me to teach them.

ashley: It really is great--I wish I had had it growing up.

Yeah, Bob was a little harsh, but then again, I'm not sure we see EVERYTHING.

nancyface: Thank you. I love teaching them. They are pretty incredible.

I never thought I would live in these temperatures but I'm getting used to it. I can't say I enjoy the temperatures, but as long as I don't have to STAY outside it's o.k.

Yes, my birthday is just around the corner--thanks for remembering.

klin: I can't wait for warmer weather.

Thanks for the info about Biggest Loser. It is so nice to watch when everyone is cheering for everyone else. I love it.

I'm glad your children love their seminary teachers.

annie: Yeah it is cold, but I beleive it's pretty cold where you are right now.

I bet you are a great teacher. I find I always learn more than the students--that's one of the great blessings of teaching.

You are so right about last year with all the games--this is so much better.

natalie: See I don't know how you do what you do--I have such a tough time sharing the gospel. I love it, but I fear rejection.

I'll try to keep you updated on Biggest Loser. (You're right about using your time in better ways)

We are very lucky, aren't we ; )


sweetpea: I figured you must be pretty cold--it seems all of the north is cold. Try to stay warm.

Seminary is a great blessing.

Suzanne said...

Gosh, I thought it was cold here. How do you stand it??? How sweet of your hubby to warm up your car for you.

I'm sure it's wonderful to start your day with Seminary, and get to have those spiritual experiences! I really miss that from when I took Seminary.

PJ said...

Um, cold.

I had some really special seminary teachers back in the day. I know U are that to your students...I just know it.

My hubby makes good Monkey Bread:)

chellie said...

You are awesome. I don't do well in the cold... I don't even function. I want to curl up and keep warm and sleep.

I have watched a little of TBL. It's an interesting show.

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