Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I just took down my Christmas decorations--I'm finding it really hard to get back into the swing of Seminary. (I took all of my stuff with me to Utah and DIDN'T WORK ON ONE LESSON!!!!!!!!!!)

I haven't even come up with my resolutions and it's already January 7th. Hopefully, this weekend I'll have a chance to think about it--the big problem is I don't want to have so many that I don't succeed--I want to make achievable goals. So, I'm trying to decide if I want to tackle something each month. Short term goals might work better and keep me going rather than giving up.

Speaking of monthly goals, our family has issued a family challenge to our whole family: We decided we need to go on a money diet, so for the month of January we can't buy anything (except food and gasoline ; ) (You can use giftcards--thank goodness Kyle gave us a gift card to The Keg for Christmas or there would be no birthday dinner to celebrate my birthday next week ; ) There are some pretty interesting challenges awaiting for the rest of the year, too. (Of course, my washing machine broke down, so here's hoping when the repairman comes tomorrow he can fix it!!!!)

Have managed to get back to Curves, but am still struggling to hit 50 minutes on the elliptical. (Did pretty good last night watching Biggest Loser)

A special thanks for the Christmas cards--again, I was a slacker and didn't send out cards. Thanks to Nancyface and Lauren for the beautiful "Believe" ornament. I loved it.

ADDENDUM: I will do a birthday post next week--my 58th (YIKES) birthday is on the 17th ; ) (I will have to quite blogging when I'm ready to turn 60--JUST CAN'T IMAGINE TYPING THAT I'M GOING TO BE 60!!!!


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

My birthday was the 3rd... what day is yours? e.mail me if you don't want it on your blog.

I really don't think you are a slacker, unless I am too. I just took my decorations down yesterday.

I hope the washer is fixed soon.


Tonya said...

Happy Birthday to you!! When is/was it?

It's hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. I'm sure you will humming along in no time.

Klin said...

Isn't going out to eat buying food? Just saving you some grief if you decide to eat somewhere else ;)

I found more decorations packed away in bins that they shouldn't be in. Oh well. They are found now.

Theresa said...

you know, you can have the decorations up until the 20th day after Christmas! Although it's more common to take them down on the 13th day :) I'm not sure if these rules apply in countries where the decorations are being put up so early though .. ;) I am definitely waiting till the 20th day, i.e. next Tuesday!

Tiffany said...

I believe in short term goals. And I do not think you are a slacker. I still have some of my decorations up, only because I don't really have other "snow" things for the season.
Happy Birthday on the 17th!:D

Chelli said...

My goal is to make it back to Curves. Unfortunately, I keep sleeping past the time I can go, so I haven't been once. AND it stopped snowing, so I'm not even getting exercise shoveling the driveway!!Tomorrow.... I gotta go tomorrow!!! :D

Heffalump said...

I got tired of failing at resolutions, so I make a simple goal to improve over the last year.
Of course I want to lose weight and get in shape, but if I put that as a resolution I will surely fail.

Melissa said...

You're not a slacker... you were on vacation :)

I love the money diet idea. We're trying something similar for the next little while. If it won't keep our family alive, we won't buy it. I know I will struggle with this... but it's got to be done!

Happy early Birthday!!

aurora said...

Well, I am sitting looking at a messy family room and my Christmas stuff is still up, getting dusty, and I can't stand the sight of it anymore!!! But alas, we were too busy having fun to want to take it down last weekend...
I am definitely NOT in the swing of things right now. I keep forgetting that I have to get my daughter to Kindergarten at noon!
Happy Birthday!!

Ashley said...

My Christmas just came down yesterday. It took ALL day! I still have not unpacked our suitcases from our trip and we came Monday. I am not in the groove af things at all. I hope you washer is working soon.

Jodi said...

YOU are a slacker???? I don't think so! I still haven't taken my Christmas down and we even have a real tree! Slacker personified is me! Oh well! I can't seem to find an ENTIRE day to do it! Guess I will have to either stay up all night or just do it in little increments! I have WAY too many decors! But as I always say...

Oh well!

Sheri said...

Don't feel bad! I think it all snuck up on most of us! I just took down my Christmas on Tues! Sounds like you had a fun visit to Utah... next time I would love to meet up with you! Good luck getting back into the swingof things! I think the money diet is a great idea!

Nancy Face said...

If I were you I wouldn't have worked on a lesson either! ;)

I didn't write down a single resolution...I think the slacker is ME! I'm just working hard to lose the 11 pounds I packed on by eating lots of sweets once Lauren's wedding was past! ;)

Yikes, I don't think I could survive a money diet! :0

Yay, I'm glad your little package arrived! :D

So you'll be 58? Hey, you're still a BABE! :)

Geri said...

Gosh, I've tried the elliptical, and I just don't like it. You're a better woman than me for sticking to it. If I've got to exercise, it has to be the treadmill. I'll run and job, but I don't there is just something about the elliptical.

aubrey said...

what a good family goal..i've already blown it for january..maybe i'll have to make that a february goal. or maybe not..i'm not so good with that. haha.

as for your seminary lessons..i think you'll be perectly are superwoman and it sounds like whatever you do turns out awesome!

annie said...

I got mine put up monday. What a chore :)... Now I keep buying more on sale and have had to buy more totes to store them. It's a sickness :)

Suzanne said...

So we have you for at least two more years, right??? ;) I'm glad you're getting back into the swing of things. Good luck figuring out your resolutions! :)

sweetpea said...

That's a great family challenge--good luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Yvonne said...

sheila: My birthday is the 17th. Happy Birthday to you on the 3rd.

It just felt like it was so late getting them down.

New washer ; ((((((

tonya: Thanks--it is on the 17th.

It is really hard--maybe because we were gone for so long.

klin: I'm just trying to be good with the challenge. I love The Keg.

I hope I got everything put away, but time will tell.

theresa: I like that idea of having until the 20th day after Christmas--thanks.

When do they put up decorations in Sweden???

tiffany: Thanks for telling me I'm not a slacker--appreciate it.


chellie: Hope you got to Curves.

heffalump: Like your idea of just improving. I like short-term goals--I make lists all the time--it always helps me feel like I'm achieving something when I can check them off.

melissa: Love the idea of if it won't keep our family alive--great way to look at it. The economy is such that we need to do some things different--I know.

Thanks, melissa.

aurora: Glad you were busy having fun--family time is so important.

It's funny how it's easy after summer but so hard after winter break--not sure why!!!

ashley: Glad to know I'm not alone in struggling to get back in the swing.


jodi: Love the "oh well" philosophy. Sounds good to me. I just can't stay up late and get things done--5:00 a.m. comes way too early.

sheri: I'll let you know next time I head down to Utah.

Getting back into the swing of things is sure taking long, but I think I'm finally getting there.

nancyface: Hey, I have a feeling you are still running and exercising and doing everything else you always do--SLACKER--I DON'T THINK SO!!!!

Money diet is something we have to do right now.


geri: I love the elliptical.

aubrey: This money diet is sure making me think whenever I'm at the store.

You are too sweet. Thanks.

annie: You have such beautiful decorations. Great job on getting them all put away.

suzanne: Yeah, hopefully I'll keep this up for another couple of years.

sweetpea: It should be an interesting month. So far so good--other than the washing machine.

chellie said...


Wait, hold on a sec... I don't think I read that right.

hmmmm, I did. I guess I don't understand! You are anything BUT a slacker. you are amazing. In fact, you are a lot like the Energizer Bunny. Always going somewhere, doing something, teaching, helping others, acts of service, church callings, attending family events, meeting up with friends, cooking, cleaning, caring for your family, remembering all events, exercising...

oh yeah, you're right - such a slacker you are! ;) You better get with it!! :)

Happy 2009! I hope you have a marvelous year! And 58 isn't that old - not when you look as good as you do! It's coming up soon!

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