Saturday, January 10, 2009

Is It Really 2009????

Is it possible that it's already 2009??? This has been a crazy year--so many adventures, changes, travels. I'm going to do a brief re-cap and add a few pictures.

2008 was definitely the year of graduations:

Heidi kicked it off with her graduation from BYU in April. It's so fun to hear her share her adventures of teaching school. I also had a chance to meet Suzanne while I was there in Utah for Heidi's graduation.

In May I travelled to Boston for Amanda's graduation.

and there was Tony's grad in Reno--those were tough because Allan and I had to split and each go to one.

In June we had Josh's grad in Indiana

and then Kiah's graduation in California.

Unfortunately, the same day as Kiah's graduation my grandson, Evan's wedding to Scarlett.

It was a full year!!!!

Trips--so many trips, not counting graduations, we did a few trips.

March we went on a cruise to Mexico where we ziplined for the first time--moment to remember!!!!

In April we did a tour of Brent's mission to Arizona and I had an opportunity to meet Nancyface and Lauren and Chel.

July we went to Hawaii to celebrate my MIL's 90th birthday.

In August we went to Utah and I also had a great trip to Oregon and had a chance to meet some fellow bloggers who gathered there. What a treat it was to meet these women. Back in Utah I also had a chance to meet up with gina and utmommy. I was reminded of something I read in a recent women's magazine about the importance of having friends of all ages--particularly when you are older. These young friends help keep me young. In fact, the article said, that this friend (or friends) are a reminder of yourself at a more carefree stage in your life. It also said that if I'm feeling cranky or like a stick-in-the-mud, younger friends are the ones to revive me; ) (See that's why I love you all ; ) THANKS.

Early September we headed to California where my granddaughter, Hannah, was baptized.

In September/October we did our trip to China.

What a grand adventure--and at the same time, such a very sad time when my BIL, Homer, was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and died shortly after we returned home. Sure do miss him.

In December we spent a Christmas away from Winnipeg--our first since 1999. It was fantastic--in spite of a few cases of the flu. It would have been so wonderful if everyone had been there.

Our lives changed in June when Allan retired. We haven't been able to figure out what he is supposed to be doing (we keep praying for direction)--here's hoping we figure it out in 2009. In fact, as I was putting away the Christmas tree decorations, I kept thinking--I wonder when I do this next year what will be happening ; )

And In October we welcomed our first great grandson--Xander. We keep talking about travelling out to Indiana to meet him. Going to have to put that on the schedule.

In many ways it has been an interesting year--I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2009. We have two weddings this year--Chris and Heather will be getting married in May and Amanda and Darren will be getting married sometime in late summer.

Brent will graduate from LDS Business College in April and when Kyle graduates from high school in June, we will be empty nesters--it will be the first time we have been without children at home.

Sidenote #1: Had to buy a new washer and dryer--our old one could not be fixed (now, really just the washer needed to be replaced, but the dryer was squealing and probably ready to be replaced. I think the family will figure it was a necessity, so it will not be determined that we didn't stick with THE FAMILY CHALLENGE!!!

Sidenote #2: Looking forward to the 2 night 24 Premiere!!! I'm glad Jack will be around on a more regular basis ; )

Sidenote #3:
I hope to post my resolutions the beginning of next week. I may have waited too long--I'm feeling more like looking back instead of looking ahead.


Corrine said...

woo hoo first!

Corrine said...

man what a year, i'd say holy graduaions batman! I think it is so awesome that you are able to travel so much and spend so much time with family.

sorry you had to 1buy a new washer and dryer though that can be a lot of fun. :)

Nancy Face said...

I'm sorry you had to buy a new washer and dryer...except that I'm also kind of excited for you! It's so fun to do laundry when you have a shiny new washer and non-squeaking dryer, YAY! :)

I LOVED this awesome recap post! It was fun reading and seeing the pictures and remembering with you all these wonderful events! :)

Nancy Face said...

My very favorite thing was your trip to Arizona! I GOT TO MEET YOU FOR REALS! :D


Neal said...

I'm just tired reading about everything! ; )

Melissa said...

Such a great year for you guys!! Sounds like you've got another great year ahead of you!!

Millie said...

You had quite a landmark year last year! Look at all those family milestones!

I had so much fun being with you, Yvonne. I really did. A little bit of your kind, loving spirit has stayed with me since we met and when I think of you, I feel peaceful and smiley. You're so great. :)

Happy 2009!

Tonya said...

You know what is really cool. I remember reading about all of these trips and adventures. I'm so glad to know you Yvonne and maybe in 09 we'll finally get to meet face to face.

I wish you and your family the best year to come.

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

You guys have been very busy in 2008. A beautiful re-cap.

Also the washer/dryer thing...

I can hardly believe that it is 2009... where has all the time gone.


No Cool Story said...

I told you you are a hardcore party girl. Look at all the cool places you have visited and so many graduations! And the tiny sweet baby!
2008 was awesome!

chellie said...

oh yes, this post just reiterates what a slacker you are! ;)

You are SO amazing and so blessed to be able to attend all these special moments. What a great 2008 you had. Here's hoping 2009 is a great one too. Your answers will be coming and you will be blessed because of your patience.

Love you! Can't wait to read about your resolutions!

Klin said...

Fun recap! You sure had lots of fun things going on. I feel more like looking back, too.

annie said...

You have had a busy year!
It's fun to have new appliances... yes, I'm officially old :P

Suzanne said...

Woo woo, I see my name on your list! What a busy and amazing year you had. It was fun to be a part of it with you. Especially if I get referred to as being "young"! ;)

I LOVE Scarlett's wedding bouquet with the lilies and iris. So beautiful!

Good luck with figuring out everything for 2009! :)

utmommy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful 2008! I'm glad I got to be a part of it.

I hope this year is just as wonderful.

txmommy said...

wow! that was a lot of travelling!!!!

Love Jack :)

Yvonne said...

corrine: It has been fun to be able to participate in all the celebrations.

I would have rather bought the washer/dryer at a more opportune time, but that usually isn't the case, is it???

nancyface: I am kind of excited about the new washer/dryer, but as I said to corrine, just a bad time.

One of my biggest regrets about allan's retirement is no trip to Arizona this spring ; (

neal: Oh, if you did a recap I'd probably sleep through it because IT WOULD BE SO LONG, mr. million miles ; )

melissa; I hope it's a good year.

millie: Oh, sweet millie, thank you. Your comment makes me feel really good.

tonya: Not seeing you when I was in oregon is something I really regret--should have worked around it. Next time.

sheila: I wonder where the time is going EVERY DAY.

ncs: Yes, 2008 was a great year--hoping for a wonderful 2009. Thanks.

chellie: I keep re-reading your comment about answers coming--I'm hoping for that. I was not in line when they gave out patience ; )

Love ya, too, chellie. You are such a dear friend.

klin: It was a fun year--it really was.

Why do you think we want to look back???

annie: Yeah, it was pretty busy.


suzanne: It was fun being with you 3 times in 2008 ; ) See, that's one of the advantages of hanging out with old people--you will always be referred to as YOUNG!!!!

I'm hoping it all comes together in 2009. Thanks.

utmommy: It was so fun meeting up with you--a real treat for me (and not just the Cold Stone ; )

txmommy: Yes it was.

Forgot you were a jack fan.

Heffalump said...

I am so glad you came to Oregon in August. I had seen you around via comments on blogs, but didn't really know you, and if I hadn't got to meet you in person I would have missed out! I am glad you decided to come. That was probably my only chance to do a bloggy get together because it was close to home for me, so I really enjoyed it.

Natalie said...

What a great re-cap and what a wonderful 2008 you had. I think it's great that you get to travel and do all the important things with your family. That is just so much fun and so awesome for everyone involved.
You are one busy lady and I am so awed that you keep up your spirituality too. You are a super womoan.
Love n' hugs

JustRandi said...

What a great year!
I love all the pictures and memories. This year ---Colorado, right?

Amber said...

Sweetie, you traveled even more than this traveling canuck and that is really saying something. I have loved vicariously living through your adventures!

Tori :) said...

Wow! Busy, fun, crazy year!! I loved the recap.

I'm jealous of the new washer and dryer.

Jodi said...

Wow you have been busy! But it looks like the kind of busy that is fun! You are amazing at all you do!

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