Thursday, January 15, 2009


I can't keep it a secret anymore--I'M A TWIN!!!! Some days I'm the nice twin--and other days as hard as I try I'm more like the evil twin. (Must try harder ; )

If I could just get her to do the jobs around the house I DON'T LIKE DOING I'd have it made (or I'd have a maid ; )

Sidenote #1: Remember the Family Challenge--well, guess what we needed to replace yesterday--the central vacuum. (Well, everything but the actual cannister. (I guess when it rains it pours--I should have written "poors ; ) I have to admit it is so much lighter than the old one and REALLY has great suction. I laughed when I saw that the hose was grey--I asked if that's so it will match the duct tape later ; )

Sidenote #2:
Tomorrow night Allan and I are going to use the gift card Kyle gave us for Christmas to go and have a birthday dinner. (On the card Kyle wrote: "With this, you kids can go on a cute little date." ; )

Sidenote #3: It's supposed to warm up on Saturday--goodness I hope so.


Heffalump said...

I think I might be TRIPLETS!
I liked the idea of your challenge when you first wrote about it. Then our van broke down and it cost pretty much everything we had to fix I haven't been shopping much since then.

Melissa said...

A twin! How fun ;) Maybe if you bribe your twin with chocolate she'll take over the chores you hate...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a great dinner tonight!

That's too bad about the vacuum... :S

And by warmer... do you mean -20 instead of -50? ;)

Lauren said...

Yvonne has a twin!? One should move to Arizona to be my friend.

Ashley said...

Ugh, about the vacuum. Ours broke as I was cleaning up Christmas. I had to chuckle about it all making us "poor"er.

However, we are all healthy and have so much to be grateful for.

I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday!!

Klin said...

How warm is warm?

I agree when it rains it pours poor:( Sorry about that.

You kids have fun on your little date. Kyle is so cute.

Klin said...

Happy Birthday to you!

I wanted your wish to have it's own separate comment, rather than s haring with the others.

glittersmama said...

I love your cute picture. And I do hope that it warms up around there. I don't want you to freeze.

Brent said...

It's sad, you try not to spend your money this month and save up, and instead you are spending more on needs than you anticipate. I guess those things just happen

JustRandi said...

Oooh Twins!
I think I would always be the evil twin. Wait! Maybe I am!

aubrey said...

oh dear..i am with you on this. i have a twin too. she is the cute, nice one and only comes out about a third of the time.

chellie said...

Love the picture!!

Yes, when it rains it pours... that's how it's been around here - the furnace... then the garage door... what's next?

Hope you have a yummy birthday dinner!

Suzanne said...

I think I may have an evil twin too. But she only comes around when I'm pregnant or really tired. ;) You two kids have fun on your date! :D

txmommy said...

how funny! Love you twin picture :)

annie said...

Have a fun cute date :).

Chelli said...

If there is two of you then that's twice as nice!! (I can't believe your evil twin is very evil....)

Maybe you were prompted not to spend money this month in anticipation of the big ticket items that were planning on breaking.

Yvonne said...

heffalump: I'm so sorry about your van--that is a bummer. I hope NOTHING else breaks down.

I think you must be triplets to do everything you do.

melissa: I won't share my chocolate--NOT EVEN WITH MY TWIN ; )

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Dinner was delicious.

Believe me -20 would be FABULOUS.

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby.

lauren: It would be fun to be in Arizona--especially right now. And I'm happy to call you my friend--whether I'm in Arizona or Winnipeg ; )

ashley: Sorry about your vacuum. That's the way to look at it all--we are all healthy.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

klin: It's supposed to be about -10 C or +15 F. I find it hard to believe

We had a great time on our date. Thanks.

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I appreciate them.

glittersmama: Thanks.

I don't want to freeze either.

Brent: You are right, sweetie--those things do just happen.

justrandi: Can't even imagine you ever being the evil twin or the evil anything.

aubrey: I've only seen the nice twin--you are always so sweet. Hope all is well and that you enjoyed your facial today ; )

chellie: Thanks--it was fun.

Oh, I'm sorry about your furnace and garage door. Hope nothing else goes wrong.

The birthday dinner was delicious--the company was fantastic ; )

suzanne: LOL about your evil twin comment, but I can't imagine you ever being anything but sweet.

We had a great date.

txmommy: Thanks. I love using my photobooth.

annie: The date was great.

chelli: Thanks--I wish that was true ; )

It seems like everyone in the family has had something break down, so maybe you're right.

Corrine said...

ok i am so laughing at the duct tape comment...and sorry the machine went out on you but at least you have a new one :)

have fun on your date out too!

oh and i so have an evil twin...she comes to visit when i am tired and go to nap.

No Cool Story said...

I hope it does warm up for you, it's sounds way beyond chilly over there.

"With this, you kids can go on a cute little date." Awww, sweet.

Nancy Face said...

Your picture is funny! :D

Yikes! You had to buy a washer and dryer AND central vacuum? :0

Kyle's note is hilarious! :D

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