Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 1--Ten Things I Love: Letter B

Remember my post the other day on Hope--I've decided to come clean. I have been struggling with feeling positive and hopeful. Last night I got a call to take a survey regarding the state of the economy in Canada. I tried to get out of it by saying, "I am not a Canadian". The response, "No problem--we would like your opinion." I was doing fine until I got to this question, "Using 1 to represent being very afraid and 5 not afraid at all, how concerned are you that someone in your household will lose their job in the next 12 months." I starting laughing, "NOT AFRAID AT ALL, HE HAS ALREADY LOST HIS JOB!!!" I know all of you know that I have great love, respect, admiration, etc. for my husband. He is the finest man I know and I am so blessed to be his wife, so do not for a minute think I am being critical of him. I know he is doing all he can. I know the Lord is mindful of us, but some days are very difficult. We have been through difficult times before, and I know we'll get through this, but still I struggle with waiting.

This is part of why I decided I wanted to focus on things I love and what better month to do that than February--a month that holds great meaning to me. So, as I begin this Things I Love, I decided not to start with "A"--I'm saving that for February 14th, for obvious reasons ; ) So I will start with the letter "B", but tomorrow will not be "C".

I am NOT going to put this in order of importance:

(This picture taken from http://www.cookies-in-motion.com)

1) Baking. I love to bake--actually, I probably love the results of baking more than actually baking. For me, the gooier the better. That's probably why I love to entertain because then I can bake and bake and not have as much to eat and eat ; )

2) Brent. He is a great son. I don't think any of his brothers or sisters would argue that he is an incredible addition to our family. He has taught all of us so much about striving to reach your potential. He is a wonderful young man. He is always willing to do anything for anyone. I wish he lived closer. He is an avid movie fan and, in fact, if you're ever wondering about what movie to go see, check out his blog. One of the things I think he missed while he was on his mission was orange jello with mandarin oranges, so it was one of the first things we fixed for him when he came home. I know he is looking forward to graduating this April from LDS Bus. and going on to BYU.

3) Baths--I am not much of a shower person, I love soaking in my bath. I find it very relaxing and it has been very helpful on the days this old body is aching. Actually, I remember when we moved into this house almost 13 years ago and I filled my Jacuzzi for the first time. I was sitting, soaking when my SIL who was here helping us unpack was banging on the wall and I couldn't figure out why. She was trying to let me know that the tub was leaking. (Little did we know that they hadn't properly hooked up the jets and water was pouring down through the walls ; )

4) Blogging/Bloggers--I have enjoyed the whole blogging experience so much. It is hilarious how so often when something happens I sit and think, "how am I going to fit that into a blog post". I do have a couple of regrets regarding blogging--I wish I could hire someone to do my posts--to make them funnier or write them better. As well, sometimes I do get caught up in comments and feel bad when people stop by and don't comment. Probably all about that whole low self esteem problem--working on it. But I'll keep blogging because I enjoy reading blogs. There are so many wonderful people and I have learned so much from reading about your lives. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge with all of us.

5) Brandon--B is my #5 grandson and one of the sweetest boys I know. I can't wait to watch him grow up. He is amazing. He memorized all 25 scripture mastery scriptures within the first few months of Seminary. Believe me, his Seminary teaching Grandma was pretty proud. Of course, his dad jokingly told him he didn't have to go to Seminary anymore ; ) He is very tender hearted. He is an amazing athlete.

6) Butterflies--I think butterflies are beautiful (well not all of them). Maybe what I really love about them is they are a sign of Spring. One year when we were in Costa Rica I managed to get a photo of a blue butterfly which was pretty amazing. Unfortunately, I was not able to find the picture ; ((((((

7) Biggest Loser--I heard so many people talk about watching Biggest Loser, but really wasn't into it until a couple of seasons ago. Now I AM HOOKED. I love it. I cannot believe how inspiring they are. It is one thing to have 10 or 20 pounds to lose, but to have 100's of pounds and not be completely overwhelmed is awe-inspiring to me. I never exercise as hard as do when I'm watching that show.

8) Blue--I have two favorite colors: blue and red. If you ask my children my favorite color, some will say blue and some will say red. I guess I should make a decision, but I really love them both.

9) Brownies--I especially love my carmel brownies. I know I have posted the recipe before. My favorite story about the brownies involves one of Heidi's teachers in Junior High. She had taken brownies to school, and he asked for the recipe. When she gave it to him, he came back later and asked where you get low-fat carmels. I was confused and then realized he didn't understand that "light" carmels meant "light" as opposed to "dark".

10) Books--I love to read. I do not take the time to read as much as I should. The majority of my reading time is taken up in Scripture study for Seminary lessons. One of my biggest challenges is not turning to the end of the book--another sign that I am not a patient person. I have tons of self-help books. (Obviously, I need lots of help ; )


Tori :) said...

You response to the survey made me LOL- in a sad way. :( :)
I love all your Bs. What a great idea!

Tori :) said...

Oh yeah- FIRST. Boo ya!

Tori :) said...

And in my 1st comment, by YOU I meant YOUR.

glittersmama said...

I love these posts where you share so much interesting stuff about you. You are awesome!

Now I need to dig through your archives for that brownie recipe that you spoke of.

Jess said...

I love this idea of yours. You are such a creative blogger. Someday I might still some of your ideas. I also love learning so much about you!!

Klin said...

I think that my posts aren't very funny or an example of good writing. However, I love reading your posts and the way you write them, so now I am thinking that I need to be less critical of me. Our blogs sound like us, which is probably why other people read them.

Love this post and look forward to your others.

JustRandi said...

But Yvonne! If someone else wrote your posts, it wouldn't be you! I think you're a good writer, and you're funny, but mostly I just like seeing your personality come through.
You're a great example to me in a lot of ways!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

You said you would pick a letter and write about 10 things... I never assumed you would start with A... or go in any order.

Remember it's YOUR blog Yvonne. We love it because WE love YOU!

So many [B] things to [B] in love with. Ü


Jodi said...

I agree with JustRandi! I love how you write too. It is you and so fun to see the real you come through in your writing! You are such an amazing commenter too! You inspire to be as good as you at leaving comments, thought I know that will never happen! Love this idea of a letter each day! I look foward to the rest of the aplahbet!

annie said...

I love a lot of those B's too!

Ashley said...

I really enjoy reading your blog just as is. I like your writing. Fun idea going by letters.

I feel your anxiety with the waiting game. Jeremy's boss let him know he is putting his practice up for sale. So we buy or find a new job. It takes a long time to try and get financing in this economy. So we wait. It sinks, but like you said the Lord is mindful of us and we trust good things are yet to come.

I can't wait to see what letter comes next.

Sheri said...

You always have so much to say and word it so well! I love your blog and that you love to blog and I also love baths!!

glittersmama said...

Thanks for the link. You rock!

Corrine said...

what wonderful things. i really enjoy your blogs and don't think you should pay anyone to write them.

and I think you are awesome...and not sure how I missed the Allan lost his job part, but I am so sorry to hear that, and know your pain.

Heffalump said...

I wouldn't like it if you hired someone to write perfectly funny blogs for you.
YOU are the reason I love your blog, because it is an extension of you and you are a wonderful person.
I'm looking forward to more lists of things you love, and I hope you will forgive me if I refrain from looking up your brownie recipe since I am still off sugar.

Valerie said...

WOW!!! I'm amazed at the time involved in thinking of all those "B" things you love!! Thanks for sharing with us just how warm and loving your heart truly is. (Can't wait to see what comes next!!)

Nancy Face said...

That was crazy about the leaking tub...YIKES! :0

Nancy Face said...

I love blue and red, too! But I guess you can tell that from my blog, which still looks the same as when Lauren set it up for me! ;)

Nancy Face said...

I pretty much ALWAYS cheat and look at the back page when I read a book...because I can! ;)

Nancy Face said...

This is an awesome idea! I look forward to more! :)

No Cool Story said...

"I am not a Canadian". The response, "No problem--we would like your opinion." Hate it when that happens ;)

About blogging: I love your blog for exactly the reasons that Glittersmama & Klin said.

Hope: If there's anyone I know who believes and exercises it, it's you. You go girl!

Annie said...

I take baths! I have a chandelier, small though it may be, and I lay there in my tub and stare at the pretty crystals.

Yvonne said...

tori: I felt the same way about the survey ; )

Knew what you meant ; )

glittersmama: Thanks. Very appreciated comment.

Edited the post to include the recipe.

jess: Thanks, jess. Steal anything.

klin: Thank you--Sometimes it's a little initimidating as I read other's posts and comments.
I guess for me, that's the problem, my blog does sounds like me ; )


justrandi: Thanks. You are very sweet and you know I love ya and appreciate you.

sheila: Thanks--glad you figured out it wouldn't be in any order.

You always make me feel so good--thanks.

jodi: Thanks, jodi. I would love to be as positive as you always are--thats why I love reading your blog.

annie: I'm glad you love some of those B's too.

ashley: Thanks. I thought it might be kind of fun and help me feel a little more positive.

I'm sorry and hope that things work out for you and jeremy. Hugs.

sheri: Thanks, sheri. I appreciate that very much.

glittersmama: You're welcome ; )

corrine: Thank you. That was so sweet.

Well, back in June Allan was invited to retire early. It has been a long 6 months. I could identify with your anxiety as you wrote about your concerns.

heffalump: You are so sweet. Thank you so much.

Good luck with your no sweet challenge. I keep caving ; )

valerie: Thanks. Like I said, I'm hoping it will help me feel more positive. There are so many things to love.

nancyface: Yes, that leaking tub was something. See we have so many of the same likes--that's why we should be neighbors; ) Did you flip the pages of Twilight--shhhhhh I DID!!! (Like I've said before NO PATIENCE ; )

NCS: Thank you very much.

I keep praying to feel that hope.

annie: It is so relaxing--don't miss the days with little ones banging on the door asking, "Are you done yet???"

chellie said...

Great list! You always do such a great job with stuff like this! I love your blog and all you have to say. I look up to you more than you know!

Lauren said...

I love baths too! The bath in our apartment is HUGE. I have never seen such a huge tub. It takes lik 10 minutes to fill, so I rarely take baths anymore. Stupid reason huh? Especially when the tub is huge! I am in idiot. That's it...I am taking one tonight!

Alice Wills Gold said...

God bless you Yvonne...didn't know you were struggling.

You are such an inspiration to all of us and I know that God will not make you suffer one moment longer than is necessary....for something.

I have a hard time trying to understand the WHY but it seems we don't usually get that answer until much after the HOW?

I will say a prayer for you guys tonight.

PJ said...

I would be sad if you could hire someone else to write your posts;) YOU are why we all come back for more!

Good B's

Yvonne said...

chellie: You are so sweet and such a great friend. Thanks.

lauren: It's nice to have a big tub to soak in--makes the 10 minutes it takes to fill it worth it ; )

alice: Thanks for the kind words and for saying a prayer--prayers are ALWAYS appreciated.

I have tried very hard to only ask How.

pj: Thanks pj.

aubrey said...

mmmm carmel brownies. what i wouldn't give for some of those right now. i love learning more about you yvonne AND the warm happy feeling that comes from thinking about the things that i love too!

Melissa said...

I too tend to turn to the end of a book to see how it ends. I'm bad... I know... at least we can be bad together!
Hmm... something I love that starts with a "B"... bubblewrap. I love to pop all those little plastic bubbles :)

Liam's Mom said...

I am here and I am reading. Sorry I don't leave comments like I used to. I am not as religious about it like I used to be with anyone. You are loved though. I've enjoyed all your "LOVE"ly lists this month!