Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 10: Ten Things I Love: Letter O

In honor of the Vancouver Olympics which will begin one year from yesterday, I will do my Ten Things I Love that begin with the Letter "O":

1) Olympics--I am such an Olympic fan, and I have been watching them ever since I was a little girl. (I know, did they have TV when you were a little girl? I'm old, but not that old) If I could go and live my life over again and I had greater athletic ability, I would LOVE to excel in a sport and one day stand on that podium and hear the National Anthem. But, since I can't do that, one day I would LOVE to go to the Olympics and see an event. (The closest I ever got was a preliminary soccer game that was held in Palo Alto during the 1984 Summer Olympics)

2) Oreos--I have great memories of eating oreos. When I was pregnant with Stephen, I ate a half a bag of oreos and drank about a half-gallon of milk. When I woke up with sharp pains, I thought it was from ALL THOSE COOKIES; but after, I realized I was having pains at regular intervals. I had to wake up Helen and Les so they could take me to the hospital. A few hours later I gave birth to a beautiful 8 lb. 3 1/2 ounce little boy ; )

3) Ocean--I love the ocean--whether I'm on a ship, sitting on the balcony just looking out at the ocean, or sitting on the beach and watching the waves (as long as they don't come crashing in on me ; )

4) Office--To be more accurate "The Office". I think it may have been Lauren who introduced me to The Office. I had heard about it but hadn't watched, but lauren convinced me I needed to give it a try. I really get a good laugh. It is one of the few comedies I watch right now--other than old episodes of Friends, Fresh Prince, and Seinfeld. I miss the days of Cheers and Wings ; )

5) Omelettes--Whenever we go out to breakfast I love to order omelettes (mushroom, ham and cheese omelette is my favorites).

6) Outdoors--I love the outdoors, but not necessarily in the winter. Allan loves to hike, so maybe when the weather warms up we can head out and go to the mountains (which he loves, too) so we can do a little hiking. Sounds like fun, eh????

7) October--I was married in October so, of course, I would love that month. It's also Fall and I LOVE the fall. As well, my Heidi was born in that month--I hesitated saying that because I haven't mentioned every other month when a child was born ; )

8) Oatmeal--I love oatmeal in the morning--helps to keep me REGULAR. When I was a young girl we called it mush, and for the life of me I don't have a clue why!!!!

9) Oranges--I love oranges, I just don't like peeling them (does that tell you all how lazy I really am ; ) I am going to try and eat more fruits and vegetables, so oranges are on the top of that list.

After the number of visits I have had because of my sidenote on this post, I decided not to put one of the things I really love (a friend mentioned it the other day in one of her posts), but let me end instead with:
10) Order: I am not terribly organized, but I try. I love that Allan is so organized--I never have to worry about something not getting done.

Sidenote: I will do my special "A" blogpost tomorrow, but I wanted to say thanks to my friend nancyface for the Valentine's card I got in the mail. It was so appreciated. Hugs to you my sweet friend.


JustRandi said...

Now I want Oreos. And I don't even really like Oreos all that much.

Speaking of older comedies - The Brain downloaded lots of Newhart episodes, and we have been giggling for weeks. THAT was a great show.

Corrine said...

i love oreos too! and man donuts now oreos...good thing i don't live near a store :)

i love the ocean tooo!!!!!!!!!!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

My hubby has oatmeal every day... didn't used to like it at all. But he has become a lover of the Quaker Oats.

I love an oatmeal & raisin cookie.


Tonya said...

Happy Valentines you sweet sweet lady you!!!

Klin said...

Giggling like a school girl about 10.

glittersmama said...

It took me a minute, but I got it. :)

I love Oreos too, and I have to have milk with them. The next time we all get together, we can just eat that for every meal. Yum!

annie said...

Happy Valentine's Day Yvonne!!!

Yvonne said...

justrandi: I have to agree about Newhart--it was great. Happy Valentine's Day.

corrine: I bet you miss the ocean. Happy Valentine's Day.

sheila: Quaker Oats are great. Oatmeal raisin cookies are great. Happy Valentine's Day.

tonya: And a Happy Valentine's Day to you, too.

klin: Ha, ha. Happy Valentine's Day.

glittersmama: I'm glad you got it ; )

I think getting together and having Oreos sounds like a great idea.

Happy Valentine's Day.

annie: Happy Valentine's Day to you, too.

Heffalump said...

I prefer oreo double stuf (although it drives me crazy that they spell it that should be STUFF!) over regular oreos. If I ever have another baby I'll have to try that method of eating half a bag of oreos and see if it puts me into labor.
Great list! Including the one you didn't mention by name...

chellie said...

You make your love lists look so easy! You've done a great job! I love love love the ocean. I could sit on the beach for hours.

Nancy Face said...

I see my name, SQUEEE! Hugs right back to you! :)

I'm not crazy about packaged cookies from the store...except OREOS! I can't resist those yummy things that turn teeth black! ;)

Lauren will only eat an orange if I peel it for her! ;)

Valerie said...

It's a first!! I don't love everything on your list!!! Augh!

I don't love oatmeal... since I threw it up in the school hallway in second grade. But I love the ocean and The Office enough that hopefully it will make up for it.

Jodi said...

Now I am craving MUSH (that's what we called it growing up too!) and Oreos!!!

I also ♥ The Office!

Great list!

Ashley said...

I can not function without order. Oranges are so yummy. They are my favorite around Christmas they are so sweet. We gather to The Office is is a fav here too. O would be a hard list I thought, but you thought of some really great things!