Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 12--Ten Things I Love Letter "H"

Because today is a Holiday, I will do Ten Things I Love that begin with the letter "H".  Since I wrote about my Hubby on Sunday I won't include him, although he is obviously one of the things I LOVE.

1) Holidays--Today is the newest holiday in Manitoba--this is the first year it is being celebrated.  It is technically called "Louis Riel Day".  Louis Riel was a Metis leader who eventually was executed.  He is somewhat controversial, so I'm a little confused as to why the holiday is called by that name, but apparently school children submitted recommendations and that's what is chosen.  But, whatever, I love holidays because it means I GET TO SLEEP IN.

2) Hawaii--It is one of my favorite places to visit.  I really don't care when I visit, but it's always nice to visit in February (because it is so cold here).  Aside from our honeymoon (which was my first time there) my favorite trip was this last one for my MIL's 90th birthday celebration.  

3) Heidi--this young lady is such a sweetie and I love being her mom.   It has been so fun watching her grow up. She is such a beautiful woman--not only on the outside but on the inside, too.  I'm so grateful that the teaching experience is a good one for her.  She is a fantastic teacher.  She loves children.  When I talked to her on the weekend and she talked about her little class and buying candygrams for all the kids because she didn't want any of them to feel left out, I was so proud of her.  She is always thinking of others.

4) Honda Odyssey: Allan and I both drive them. I've had mine since 1999--it has been smashed up a couple of times, but it still looks great and runs great. Allan's is not as old as mine but his has leather seats and a DVD player. Some of the kids ask us when we're trading them in for newer models--CAN YOU SAY NO CAR PAYMENT!!!!

5) Hand lotion: I've mentioned before that I am part lizard and I have such horribly dry skin. Living here in this climate doesn't help, so I really need to use hand lotion. I love it, but I'm just a tad lazy when it comes to remembering to put it on. I love the Warm Vanilla Sugar as well as the Cotton Blossom Healing Body Butter.

6) Hairdressers: When we finally finished our family challenge in January and I could spend money again, I knew I needed to call my hairdresser and guess what--SHE WAS OUT OF TOWN. There are not a lot of people I trust with this mop. So, I was so thrilled when she finally returned.  I feel like a human being again.  It's tough when you have to get up before the crack of dawn and when my hair is a little shorter it is much more manageable.

7) Hugs: I love hugs.  Hugs from my hubby are great--nothing as nice as having the arms of a big strong man around you.  But I have to admit I especially love hugs from my grandkids.

8) Hannah: Speaking of grandkids, I love this one--Miss Hannah. She is such a sweetie.  She shares her birthday with her grandpa and I think they both love that fact. She is going to be a little social butterfly--she is only 8 and I can see that in her already. When she was a little girl she had a very raspy voice--it was so funny. Like all of her brothers and sister, she is athletic. She participates in soccer, gymnastics and is currently competing in junior cheerleading.

9) High School: Once again another past tense--I LOVED high school. I have such great memories. Now, you have to know I WAS A NERD. It's funny I think that's why I still struggle today--not that I want to be popular, but I don't like feeling like I'm forcing myself into a group. I'm not outgoing AT ALL.  I loved the friends I had--Friday nights cruising the strip, the basketball games, football games, classes, yearbooks--and I loved the whole learning experience. But there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD I'd want to go through it today.

10) Hope:  I love hope.  I try very hard to be hopeful.  I was reading something the other night that reminded me of the importance of hope.  "There is a moment of epiphany after the soul has doubted all it knows, when it begins to reach out for solid answers and firm ground.  This moment is defined by one emotion that sustains and creates a desire for change.  Before faith or knowledge is found, before joy or happiness is experienced, before the healing process begins, one emotion starts to stir from deep within the depths of despair.  It is hope."  (Emily Freeman, 21 Days Closer to Christ)


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I love the Emily Freeman book excerpt. I have not read that book... sounds interesting.

In my neighborhood...holidays usually begin with the rev of ATV's next door... I don't sleep too well with that. My poor husband... he is trying to sleep with the racket going on around us.


glittersmama said...

I love hugs too. I miss my feel safe hugs from my husband.

One day I'll make it to Hawaii...

JustRandi said...

ooooooo Hawaii!! That sounds pretty darn good right now!

Corrine said...

i love hawaii too!

txmommy said...

i love all your lists :)

I have a Hannah too! She's a cutie :)

Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

chellie said...

Great list! That Heidi of yours sure is something... I think it has a lot to do with her amazing mom. Lucky girl.

I enjoy Hawaii too. It's so pretty.

Valerie said...

Another great list!

aurora said...

I loved the 'hope' quote! Wonderful.
I love your thankful lists- Yeah!

Natalie said...

You come up with the best lists. As usual I agree with most of your H's. I love Holidays and Hawaii. One of my daughters graduated from BYUH with the highest GPA of her class. I love a Hannah (great girl) and a Heidi (our kitty that lived 18yrs) I also loved High School. I love hugs and over course Hope is awesome. You come up with the best lists.

Ashley said...

I really loved highschool too. I had so much fun. I can not imagine ever being able to be so carefree again. Hugs from my little girls are the best! I do have HOPE that one day I will go to HAWAII.

Nancy Face said...

Holidays are GREAT! :)

Some day I might find out if I love would help if I'd get on a plane! ;)

I don't like hairdressers at all. Oh...I AM one! Tee hee! ;)