Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 13--Ten Things I Love: Letter "R"

There are so many things I love that start with the letter "R", but let's see if we can list Ten Things I Love:

1) Red-- I love the color red. When I did "b" I told you I loved blue and red, so now I have to list red.

2) Remote Control--Goodness, I can't even imagine life without a remote control. How in the world did we ever get up and turn the station on the TV or turn it up ; )

3) Roses--When Allan and I were dating, I can't tell you how many times I would receive roses at work. I loved getting them. One of the men I worked with assured me that after we were married the roses would stop. He didn't know my little hubby. They haven't stopped--I still love getting them. Some times I'm too practical (very rarely, actually) and will tell Allan not to send me roses because they are too expensive. Actually right now I won't let him buy them for me--just seem like something a little extravagant.

4) Roller coasters--I love roller coasters. They are fun and exciting--I especially like the ones where your feet dangle. I have been guilty of tricking my children into riding roller coasters. They always thank me later. When I was young, I was afraid of so many things, and I didn't want them to go through life being afraid. You may argue and say that wasn't the best way to handle it, and maybe it wasn't.

5) Rockband--I love it, and I have so much fun when I go down to the basement and play. We had a little birthday gathering here the night of my birthday and the ladies and I went down and played Rockband and WE HAD A BALL!!! I guess the big question is what will I do when Kyle goes away to school and takes Rockband with him??????

6) Ribs--Messy, but OH SO DELICIOUS.

7) Rivers--I've mentioned before that I love lakes and oceans, (and even baths) so maybe it's just safe to say that I LOVE BODIES OF WATER!!! One of our favorite little get-aways was a trip down the Rogue River. We had a ball. One day I would love to do that again. I think whitewater rafting is so fun.

8) Raspberries--I love fresh raspberries, especially when you sprinkle them with powdered sugar and put them in cream. ANOTHER YUMMY THING.

9) Repentance--I'm not sure it's right to say I love repentance--maybe I should say I'm grateful repentance is available. No details, just love that I can ask to be forgiven of the things I do wrong.

10) Recipes--I've mentioned before that I love to cook (aka EAT). I'm not one of these creative cooks who can take meat and a few spices and whip something up. When I call my MIL to ask for a recipe, she'll say, "Oh, you just add a little of (this) and a little of (that) and stir it for awhile and throw it into the oven and bake it until it's done ". OH SURE--I'LL JUST DO THAT AND THEN WE'LL MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR DINNER SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! For that reason, I'm grateful for recipes. There are some pretty great cooks out there and I don't mind trying some of their tried and true creations. I'm starting to organize my recipes and put them all on the computer--that way I'm not going through recipe books looking for a particular recipe.

Sidenote: I have enjoyed 24 so much, but this season is so much better because my hubby has become a fan.


Heffalump said...

I love recipes too, although I have been known to wing it on occasion as well.
Another great list!

Tori :) said...

I think '24' is GREAT this season!!!

Roller coasters and repentance- YES!!!!

glittersmama said...

What is your favorite instrument to play in Rockband?

Yvonne said...

heffalump: I'm just not that great at winging it. Thanks.

tori: Oh 24 is amazing so far. I'm loving it.

glittersmama: Definitely bass guitar ON EASY--I have played lead guitar and am not that good. I've also sung--HA, HA, that is always a treat for ANYONE in the room ; )

Klin said...

Repentance and raspberries. My mom and I love raspberries.

Ashley said...

Thank goodness for recipes or we probably would not eat. My mom and sisters just make meals, somehow that talent skipped me.

I always say I don't like red. One day my VT walked in my house and said I know your favorite color, RED. That is really the first time I noticed I add red to EVERY room. It must be one of my favs and I did not even know it.

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

We get spoiled so easily by devices like remotes. The clickers for our cars to automatically pop the trunk or unlock the doors... losse one and you see how spoiled you are. Then try to buy a new one... a replacement. We decided we could live the old fashioned way and keep the $150.


Sheri said...

So much fun to learn about you by letters!

utmommy said...

Love recipes (aka eating)!
Roller coasters rock!

Nice list.

Loving 24! Such a great season.

PJ said...

Grrrreat R's!

I like all that you listed:) I haven't played rock band, but we have had a lot of fun with guitar hero!

Valerie said...

I have had to trick Buttercup into riding rollercoasters too. Actually, it was more threaten than trick, but she was always glad when she got off. Now she willingly rides and begs me to go with her!!
Raspberries = YUM!!! Unfortunately, mine got infected with Nightshade and I had to rip them out. :(
I never got to play in the Rogue River, but we've got the Snake very close, which is fun!

Nancy Face said...

Red is my favorite color! YAY! :D

I love roses too...I tell the hubby I only want the ones that go on sale at the grocery store for $8.99 a dozen...they look great! :)

Yvonne said...

klin: Aren't those two great things!!!

ashley: I feel the same way about recipes. That's funny about the red in your house.

sheila: I'm lost whenever I can't find the remote for the TV. Yes, I'm spoiled.

sheri: Thanks.

utmommy: Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying 24, too.

pj: If you love guitar hero, I think you'll love Rockband.

valerie: Sometimes they just need a little "encouragement" ; )

Sorry about your raspberries.

One of my boys did a whitewater rafting trip down the Snake many, many years ago. Had a blast.

nancyface: I know you love red.

I'm with you on the roses from the grocery store, but sometimes are just don't last--might be that trip from the store to the car (too cold ; )

txmommy said...

I love recipes too. SOmetimes I just read them and never make them and that is still fun :)

JustRandi said...

Umm, I believe you forgot a very important "R". cough, cough.

chellie said...

Rockband RULES!!

Roller Coasters are AWESOME!!!!!