Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 17--Ten Things I Love: Letter "I"

There are so many things I'm learning while I do this--it's been great for me. Wondered about doing it for letter "I" but here are my Ten Things I Love:

1) Ice Cream--Yum, yum. I love Rocky Road or chocolate chip mint or jamoca almond fudge--hey face it, I'm not picky.

2) iTunes--I really don't have a large collection. I love music, but I don't download that much. When I remember a song, I go and download it.

3) In-Laws--I prefer them to outlaws. I have the best mother-in-law around. She is 90 years old and is such a sweetie. She is a great example. Not only that she raised a pretty terrific son, too. The rest of the in-laws are great, too.

4) iPhoto--Still working on getting my 1300 pictures out of iPhoto and onto CD's or DVD's. I do love the iPhoto program. It has allowed me to make some corrections to my pictures.

5) Improvements--I love that I can make improvements in myself. I am a work in progress and have lots to work on but I love that I can do whatever I need to do and that I have great family and friends who help me in my quest to be a better person. I love that about life.

6) Irises--I love when I receive a flower arrangement and it has a couple of irises in it. I don't think they have any fragrance but they are just so beautiful.

7) Islands--There is something so wonderful about islands. In fact, sometimes I would just like to grab my hubby and head to a deserted island.

8) Infants--I love babies. Hey, can anyone figure out which one of my kids this is???? It's either Neal, Nancy, Wendy, Stephen, Heidi, Brent, or Kyle. I am so excited about getting to meet my little Xander a week from today. Nancy sent me a text picture the other day with a caption, "He can't wait to meet you". I wish I could figure out how to pull the picture off my camera--it was so cute.

9) Ice--It has so many purposes. Each morning I make myself a smoothie--just wouldn't be the same without ice. I really love crushed ice--when I was a kid I used to love snowcones. When I was pregnant, sometimes ice was all I could take--however, most of the time even it didn't stay down.

10)Internet--I love the internet. It has been a great way for me to communicate with others. We have a family website and I love keeping in touch with everyone. I had to laugh on Valentine's Day when I talked to one of my older sisters who still doesn't know how to use a computer. (Actually, I felt sorry for her. I think she is missing out on so much.) I love getting to see pictures of my sisters and their children and their children's children and to banter back and forth with my sisters. It is so fun. I'm just now getting the hang of facebook. It's kind of fun.


glittersmama said...

I used to love Jamocha Almond Fudge. Then I found out I'm not supposed to eat it. Big fat bummer.

Neal said...

I wasn't aware of the smoothie routine. I'll have to remember that...

Amanda said...

I used to love Jamocha shakes at Arby's but like glitter I decided I probably shouldn't eat them anymore. :( But I also LOVE rocky road ice cream!!! :)

This post is so fun. What a great idea to write about things you love in the month of Feb. I was thinking of doing the same thing, but obviously that didn't happen. Pretty much my life story now...I think about it, but that is about as far as I get.

You are always an inspiration to me! :)

Nancy Face said...


My in-laws are very wonderful, too. I'm so grateful for them! :)

Tonya said...

I love babies too. I love the way they smell and there sweet little laughs and smiles.

I couldn't live without the internet. I'm totally addicted.

I think the baby is Neal.

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

a question:

Did you have these posts all pre-organized... or did you just start with a letter... and proceed one day at a time?

I have loved your [Thankful for] letter posts.


Valerie said...

I was going to guess the baby is Brent, but how embarrassing if it was one of the girls?

I love ice too. I think water tastes differently if it's not in there and it's just not as tasty. But on a different level, I just went x-country skiing and saw the most beautiful ice on a river. Who knew something so cold and sterile could enhance our life so much?

Natalie said...

I have really enjoyed your posts. I love ice cream, ice and internet, but my most favorite is infants. I have had more than one person say to me. "You just don't look the same without a baby in your arms." It is especially hard for me not to hold my newest little grandbaby. New babies are so special. They are so adorable. They feel good and they smell oh so good. Thanks for your great posts.

Klin said...

Just me here. Still loving this segment of getting to know you.

I am so excited you get to see Xander.

For the pic on your phone, forward it to your email. You put the email address in the spot where you would normally put a phone number. If that is clear as mud forward it to me and I'll forward it to your email.

Have a fun safe trip.


I'm a peanut butter&chocolate ice cream aficionado myself. But only from Baskin Robbins because I'm a woman of very discriminating tastes.

My brilliant husband was channel surfing while I was studying last week and he left it on that execrable reality show The Bachelor. If there ever was a show that really undermines the concept of love and cheapens all the participants who involve themselves in it, it's The Bachelor. Such drek. Anyway, The Bachelor du jour excitedly told one of the "ladies" that his favorite flavor of ice cream is also peanut butter&chocolate.

He tainted and ruined such a beautiful thing for me. I'm currently accepting all applications and free samples to try to find a new favorite flavor. :)

Romy said...

Oooh...Ice Cream! Hooray for Jamocha Almond Fudge!

I too am grateful for the Internet...otherwise, how else would we be able to blog?!!

I'm guessing the baby is Brent.

Thanks for another great post!

PJ said...

Rocky Road Is my favorIte, sweet and nutty.

I can't waIt to see IrIses, enough wIth wInter.

I was able to see my Infant nIece that lIves In CalIfornIa today! They are flyIng back tomorrow:(

It Is very hard to capItalIze all my I's :}

Heffalump said...

You're good! I would think the letter i would be difficult, but you made it look easy!

sweetpea said...

You had me at ice cream, lol!!

Tori :) said...

Sei LOVES Jamoacha Almond Fudge. LOVES it.

JustRandi said...

DANGIT! Sweatpea took my comment, which I thought was going to be SO original!

Oh well. Count me in for any of those 3 kinds. Or maybe all of them.

carolyne b said...

that adorable baby is BRENT!!!! My favorite ice cream has to be Cherries Jubilee or a milkshake from DQ- again Cherry.

chellie said...

It's hard to imagine life without the Internet.... I wonder if I could survive? :)