Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 21--Ten Things I Love: Letter "F"

This is what made our trip to the temple on Tuesday not so much fun!!!

Before I begin my ten things letter "F", let me mention one I forgot yesterday. I was thinking about it on the way home from the temple and can't believe when I got home and typed the list I forgot it. The thing I love more than anything else on that list is-- MOTHERHOOD. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be a mother. I have been blessed with such wonderful children. When I would be at a business dinner with my husband, I'd love when business people would ask what I do "for a living". I would mention I'm a stay at home mom which would be followed by their response-- "Oh". Why the "Oh"--I've never been embarrassed. I think it is the greatest profession I could ever have. My children are my legacy and they have been worth every minute I have spent teaching, mothering, and nurturing them.

With that said, let me now proceed with my Ten Things I Love:

1) Family--Obviously, the number 1 thing I love that starts with F would have to be FAMILY. I am a part of a fabulous family. My parents were wonderful people and I love my 5 sisters so much. I have a great family. My husband is great, and we happen to have some fantastic children and grandchildren. I don't want anyone to ever think that I think any member of my family is perfect--believe me, you'd only have to meet us to know better. I just prefer not to use my blog as a place to bash my family members. They get enough of that from others--I want them all to know they are loved and I think they are all pretty great--warts and all ; )

2) Friends--I love my friends--the real and the imagnary ones. No lists--I don't want to accidentally leave anyone off. The best part about friends is when you haven't spoken to them in awhile and then talk on the phone and it's like you just talked to them the other day. We have a couple of friends who we hadn't seen for years (like 13 years) and when we visited with her last August, it was like we had just seen each other (minus a few wrinkles--in my case ; )

3) Flying--I will be flying to see my new great grandson on Saturday and I'm so glad we get to fly and we don't have to drive. I don't mind the drive to Utah--maybe because I'm so used to doing it, but the drive to Indiana (which actually we fly into Louisville) is a little further. Kyle hates to fly and I really can't figure out why--he says it takes too long!!!!

4) Future Grandchildren-in-law--(Let me begin by saying this is one of the pictures that my DIL Macy took. It came from her blog. I hope you've all had a chance to visit and see her amazing work. Heather and Darren will be marrying into our crazy family in a few months. I love these two.

5) French Toast--I think french toast is one of the first things I learned to cook. I could eat french toast morning, noon or night. I especially love them with fresh strawberries on top--even without whipped cream.

6) Fireworks--I don't necessarily love playing with fireworks, but I do love watching fireworks. They are so pretty and I'm willing to stand wait until it gets dark for a fireworks display to begin. Most of the time it is WORTH THE WAIT!!!!

7) Fruit--There aren't too many fruits that I do not Love. I have mentioned before that I am trying to eat more fruits and vegetables each day. I know they are healthier for me than all the sweets that I normally eat. I was going to start listing the fruits I love, but the list got too long.

8) Food--You're probably tired of hearing me talk about how much i love to eat--but I do. I love food--all kinds of food.

9) Flowers--I LOVE all the colors and the smells of the various flowers. I can't wait for Spring.

10) Freedom--I can't say enough about how much I LOVE freedom. We are so blessed to live in a free country. I'm grateful for those who work so hard to ensure we continue to enjoy that freedom.

NOW LET'S SEE IF YOU CAN GUESS WHAT LETTER WILL BE MY LAST LETTER TOMORROW????????? Maybe there will be a prize for the person who gets it right ; ) The post is pretty much ready, so I can't change it, so I won't be cheating.


Brent said...

I love French Toast as well. Haven't cooked it in a while, but should do so again one day. I am a big fan of breakfast for lunch or dinner. As for your letter, I am going to take a guess and say you will be doing the letter "X".

Sheri said...

I will miss your they make me reflect!! I am glad you are home safe and sound after that crazy drive!! We just had French Toast for dinner a couple of days ago!! I am going to guess the way obvious.. but really hard, letter Z!!

Suzanne said...

I love food too! If I ever go on a cruise, I'm convinced I'll come back weighing an extra 20 pounds! LOL!

How fun to have your family grow and grow! Both couples look so cute together! :)

Amanda said...

Love your "F" list. I have to say that I love a lot of those same things.

Mmmmm, french toast.

If you love fireworks you should come to SD to see the 4th of July fireworks at Mt. Rushmore. We went for the 1st time last year and loved it!

Natalie said...

The Lord, Family and Motherhood are my top favorites, as well as friends and grandchildren. I have loved your lists. They have made me stop and think and appreciate all the things I've been blessed with.

carolyne b said...

Hurray for motherhood!!!!! Without a doubt the best profession in the world; and has the best benifits. (Hugs and kisses, when you do it right) and you can't get laid off or fired.

Heffalump said...

I think you will do the letter Y.

I am going to miss your lists! They always make me think about the things I love, which makes me appreciate them even more!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I like that
are both [F] words...
and i love them both so much.

My guess... [Z]


Yvonne said...

The winner will be revealed on my post later tonight.

Brent: I bet you guessed X because of Xander. You are a great cook and I know you love French Toast.

Sheri: Thanks--that was the whole reason for the list--to make me reflect and think about the things I love.

Suzanne: You've been to lunch with me and you know how much I LOVE FOOD.

Yes, it is great fun watching the family grow.

amanda: Mt. Rushmore for the 4th of July would be great--I bet the fireworks are spectacular.

natalie: Thank you--I'm glad you have enjoyed the list. It has been very good for me to do it.

carolynne: The hugs and kisses are the best--you're right you don't get fired.

heffalump--That's exactly why I did them--to make me really stop and think. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

sheila: I'm all for family and friends--HOORAY.

Lei said...

Yikes, looking at that picture - I hope that car is changing lanes. Lol!

And now I want french toast! YUM!

Nancy Face said...

I love my profession as Mother, too! :)

Nancy Face said...

I do not love flying. I pretty much hate everything about it...what a wuss! ;)

Nancy Face said...

Family! Fireworks! Food! Flowers! Freedom! :D

Nancy Face said...

I think you're going to post about the letter Y.

Oh, yeah...the post is already there! Tee hee! ;)

Klin said...

Beautiful post.

Sorry I'm late.

Tori :) said...

I'm gonna guess Y! Ok, I cheated. You already posted the post...

aubrey said...

ooh, F is a good post of all my favorite things. i could eat frnech toast every day..especially with strawberries. and i wish i could have been born on the 4th of july just so i could have fireworks on my birthday. haha!