Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 20--Ten Things I Love: Letter "M"

I was supposed to work on this post when I was at the hotel last night and get it ready for today, but I went off and forgot my list ; ( I had most of them, but couldn't think of them all. So here is today's Ten Things I Love:

1) M&M's--Yum. I have loved M&M's forever. People can say Smarties are better, but I'm sorry--NO WAY. The candy coated shell is not as good and it is too thick. My biggest problem with M&M's is I just can't stop eating once I start.

2) Make-up--It's not that I love make-up, it's just that the thought of going without it is scary, and believe me it would be scarier for you if you saw me without make-up. (Not that having make-up on makes a HUGE difference, but it definitely is an improvement. (NO WAY AM I GOING TO POST A BEFORE AND AFTER SHOT!!!!) I would love to one day take a class on applying make-up--oh, hey, I've done the make overs and the department stores and I always end up looking like I should be walking the streets somewhere. I would especially love to do a better job with the eyes.

3) My Macbook--Years ago Neal got me hooked on Macs and I've never been able to use anything else. Last year when Allan bought me my laptop, I had no idea how much I would love it. (I don't think he had a clue it would be so much a part of our lives ; )

4) Macy--Macy and Neal have been married since 2005. She is a great daughter-in-law. I really wish they lived closer or that we lived in Utah because she and Neal get out there quite often, but it's rarely at the same time we are there. (That means I don't get to see my little grandson as often as I would like. She is incredibly talented--she can sing beautifully. She is a great cook--she's makes great sugar cookies (something I can't do AT ALL) But probably the talent that I'm jealous of is her photography. I've always thought I did a pretty good job, but I can't believe how good she is. This is something she just recently started. You need to check out her photography blog. I know everyone brags about Pioneer Woman's photo blog, but the thing that amazes me is Macy has been doing this for only a few short months. It will be fun to see how her business grows and what she is able to do.

5) Mountains--Considering where I live that must seem kind of odd. Winnipeg is so flat (How flat is it???? Well, if you stand on your tiptoes you can see the curvature of the earth!!! There is something so majestic about mountains--I just love them--snow covered or not, they are amazing.

6) March Madness--I've mentioned before that I am a real sports fanatic and this time of year is definitely my favorite sports time of year. I love College Basketball. When the tournament begins I sit in front of my TV and watch every game I possible can. My biggest problem is I don't like to watch anyone lose--and if the players cry because they lost, so do I. (I don't even care if it's a team I wanted to see get beat--at that moment I feel so bad for them. Our family always conducts a March Madness pool, and we have a big party on Championship Monday. I can't wait.

7) Movies--I also am a movie person. I love going to the movies and I love watching them at home. It doesn't matter. I love just about any kind of movie, except horror.

8) Memories--I love that we have been equipped with a memory chip (or at least sometimes it feels like that). I love that I have memories of walking to the store with my mom, going to my first and only S F Giants baseball game with my dad, waving to my mom when she was in the hospital, the day the doctors put my son, Stephen, in my arms and asked me, "Now what are you going to do?", the day I married the love of my life, the day each of my children was born, the first time I looked at each of my grandchildren, and so many others.

9) Missionaries--I love the missionaries. I love their enthusiasm, their sacrifice, their determination, their unconditional love for people, their desire to see the Gospel move forward, and their great examples. I appreciate so much the sacrifice their families are making.

10) Music--I love music. Our house has been filled with the sound of music these past few years as Kyle has experimented with various instruments. He has taken piano for as long as we have lived here. In the last couple of years he started playing the guitar, and recently the drums. (Not sure if I mentioned that he rented a drum set for the month of February--probably another reason I can't wait for March 1st. (Drums are very, very loud ; ) Most of the time when I'm on the computer, I have my iTunes playing--which is why when I visit blogs that have a playlist, it's tough)

Sidenote: Made it home safe and sound from the temple. Scary drive going out.


Heffalump said...

I don't wear make-up at all. I figure if no one gets used to seeing me in it, I will never have to worry about shocking people when I go without it.
So I'm a little pale, I can live with that!
Marvelous list!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

Glad you made it home safe first of all...
and second
gotta love m&m's.
even if i don't eat them...
hardly ever
it hasn't been so long that I have forgotten all about them.
Thankful for make-up but would enjoy it more if we woke up perfect without it. Hair too!
I know...
I am living in a dream world.
and [m]emories... love them too!


Macy said...

Aww...thanks. Such nice compliments. :) I've loved all these posts.

Mel said...

Ah, why did you have to mention chocolate?

Great list... I agree with you on all of them except I really don't have any experience with a Mac!

Corrine said...

glad you made it home safe from the temple.

i love m and m s tooo! my favorite adn when i was on a restricted diet while pregnant the first thing i ate after giving birth was mand ms....sorry to lazy to hit shift and get the symbol for and. :)

JustRandi said...

The age old dilemma of Smarties VS M&M's.
M&M shells are better, it's true. But I like the flavor of the Smarties chocolate. Maybe because it's unusual for me. If I had easy access, I don't really know which I'd prefer.

Romy said...

I loooove m&m's too! Peanut m&m's are my second favorite (and much easier to find than my most favorite...Ghirardelli caramel filled milk chocolate squares!) Uh-oh, I gotta squash this craving for now...

Also love mountains...they're so majestic! I love going to the movies - and was happy to run into you in the theater lobby last week! day I WILL become a productive scrapbooker! Missionaries - are such miracles! And how empty would life be without Music!

Your list rocks! Have a great day!

carolyne b said...

Got to love M&M's. Peanut flavored though. And Missionaries; well what would we do without them.
Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound from Regina. This year the weather isn't looking to good esp from Winnipeg to Sasakchewan.

Valerie said...

Mountains are the top of my "M" list. That's why we live where we do. We are so close to many different and beautiful mountain ranges. Fun for camping and hiking...
And you know my complete adoration for peanut butter M&M's. I still can't believe my son doesn't like them. He is an alien child.
How was the temple?

Valerie said...

Just checked out the photography blog!! WOW!!! The photos are FABULOUS!! What a fun memory those girls will have of each other. I'm sure their moms are thrilled for the pictures.

Lauren said...

I love M&M's!
I wish I had a Macbook...

Men! hehe :)

aurora said...

But you have to admit that Smarties (canadian version) are [m]ountains better than M&Ms, right? :D Just thought I'd create a little mischief! haha

Nancy Face said...

I see M&M's!!! :D

Nancy Face said...

Okay, I love more than just the M&M's...especially mountains! :)

So glad you're safe!

aubrey said...

love the M list. am now craving m&ms. hee hee.

and i love the idea of a before and after picture for makeup. i might have to try that one time.