Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 3--Ten Things I Love: Letter C

I have to say this ten things I love is helping me feel pretty good. I love focusing on the things I love. So today I will share with you ten things I love that begin with the letter "C"

1) Chocolate--ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Would you expect to not find CHOCOLATE on my favorite things that begin with the letter "C". To say I love chocolate would be an understatement--probably one of the reasons I love February is because there is an overabundance of chocolate available.

2) C.S.I.--For the past 9 years, most Thursday nights have included the C.S.I. Las Vegas team. We have some favorite episodes. Kyle's favorite would be "The Finger" although he would call it "The Bunny". Mine would have to be the one with "Mad World"--too difficult to explain the episode but the idea was so often life is just wasted and it doesn't matter our circumstances. I was pretty disappointed when "Grissom" left, but I have to tell you I have been very impressed with Laurence Fishburn. I think he is great.

3) Chris-- He is my first Grandson and gosh I love this guy. He is handsome, but shhhhh don't tell him I said that ; ) He and Heidi are 6 months apart--she is 6 months older than him and she loves to remind him. This is a picture of him with his "Uncle" Kyle.   Family is very important to him.  He is very tall and very tender.   He works in tech support for a school district in Texas. In the "Did You Know" section of our recent family newsletter, he wrote that every time he walks into a classroom the kids scream, "he's a giant!!!" He and his fiance, Heather, are getting married the long weekend in May.

4) Cell phone--Unless you have watched reruns of Saved By the Bell, you may not know that's what cell phones used to look like. That actually is our first. I can't imagine Kyle carrying that around school ; )

I love having a cell phone. Quite often I wonder what did we do without one. I get quite annoyed when we get our bill each month--especially texting charges when I'm in the U.S. (It's actually cheaper if I make a call than text ; (

5) Camera--Obviously I love taking pictures (not so keen on having my picture taken ; ) I especially love having a digital camera so I don't have to pay to process every picture.

6) Cooking--I like to cook for the same reason I love to bake--the finished product. I love eating--it's just that simple.  I don't even mind cleaning up the mess after I cook.  I'm sometimes afraid to try new things because maybe people won't like them, but when I told someone that they reminded me, "So what?"  Good philosophy that I'm still trying to adopt.

7) Colors--I love that we get to see everything in different colors and it's not like a little 8 pack of Crayola's--not even that 120 box. There are so many variations of color out there in the world. It would be so sad to see everything in black and white.   

8) Cruising--First of all, let me say it is not only for the same reason I love to bake and cook--I REALLY DO LOVE TO CRUISE (not just the eating, although I will be the first to admit THE FOOD IS GREAT!!! I always laugh when I think of nights we'd come back from dinner so stuffed and I'd walk into the cabin and the first thing I'd do is grab that little candy on my pillow and GOBBLE IT UP!!! But, what I really love about cruising (next to having my husband all to myself--well, sort of all to myself ; ) is we get on the ship, put our clothes away and go from place to place and never have to pack/unpack again until we get home. People talk about being afraid to go on a cruise because they're afraid they would be bored--I have never been bored.

9) Computers--I love both my laptop and our desktop. Both are Mac's. Thanks to Neal, I am a loyal Mac fan. What would I do without my computer. (Like my cell phone I have to wonder--where would I be without it???? Probably living in a house that's a WHOLE LOT CLEANER THAN THE ONE I'M IN NOW ; )

10) Christmas--I love everything about Christmas--the reason for the season, the shopping, the music, the decorations, the celebrating,the treats, and most especially being with loved ones. We have had some great Christmas's together, but I think everyone would have to agree the Christmas we were in Disneyworld together was a DEFINITE HIT!!!!


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I am almost 10 for 10 with you... well, I don't know Chris. Never been on a cruise.

My cell phone, camera, and computer are necessities. ;)

Chocolate is #1

and Christmas is magical.
Love it too!


Lauren said...

I love the C list!!!!!! I love most of all of those things too!

I would love Chris, but I don't know him, so that could be awkward.

Maybe I would love CSI, but I haven't seen it! haha

glittersmama said...

I went on my first cruise this past May, and I'm can't wait to go on another!

JustRandi said...

I like CSI too, but I never seem to be able to sit down for an entire episode. So I quit watching it a few years ago! Argggh.
Love the list!

Sheri said...

That first cell phone is classic! We were just laughing at a Seinfield episode with one of those huge phones!! I also LOVE CHOCOLATE! Unfortunately it shows!!

Heffalump said...

I'm afraid to go on a cruise because I don't want to drown. I'm not a fan of boats or planes, although if I had to go on a cruise I would pick an Alaska one. I miss it!
Cell phone, Camera and computer, yes!
I don't get TV reception, so no CSI for me...
I love colors, AND crayola crayons! And Christmas is my favorite Holiday of the year.
Great list as always!

Ashley said...

These C's are great!! I didn't think I would love cruising. But my little sister who had been on three before I ever went on one talked me into going. I LOVED it. Will definitely go again. I am thinking the Greek ilands cruise looks fun.

My Computer is wonderful and dangerous at the same time. I have to be careful. LOL

Ashley said...

Yep, I really do know how to spell islands. Just not how to proof read.

Klin said...

We totally have our first phone and it LOOKS JUST LIKE YOURS :D :D :D

4 thru 10 are things I love, too.

When I grow up, make that IF I grow up, I want to be like you. You remind me a lot of my mom.

Jodi said...

Never been on a cruise but sounds so fun. I am so with ya on the chocolate girl! Mmm...

Great list ! These are so fun to read.

Oh and I LOVE the cell phone pix!!!

Yvonne said...

somebody loved: Well, if you did know Chris, you would love him ; ) I'm sure you'd love cruising.


lauren: Yes, you, too, would love Chris--he is a great young man. Again, happy birthday.

glittersmama: That's the problem, once you go on a cruise YOU'RE HOOKED!!!

justrandi: That is one show I make it a point to sit down and watch--we realize it's not terribly realistic but it is fascinating.

sheri: It's so funny to think of how huge cell phones were--kind of like computers years ago, too.

heffalump: The Alaska cruise is one of our favorites--so beautiful. Believe me--ships are fabulous.

Do kids even color much today? I used to love coloring--of course, coloring books were such a huge part of my life.

Sorry I keep bringing up sweets with you on your "no sweet" thing. Maybe I'll re-think my list and try to keep them off until after the 14th ; )

ashley: The greek isles sound fabulous.

With you on the computer being dangerous and wonderful.

klin: "You remind me of my mom"--translation--YOU ARE OLD ; )

jodi: Thanks. I know how much you love chocolate, too.

Nancy Face said...

YAY! More great things! I LOVE 5 of the same things you do! :)

The only cruising I've ever done is down Main Street as a teenager...and at first, I thought that's what you were talking about! Gee, I'm dumb, hahaha! :D

chellie said...

I was hoping you were going to say you love Chellie. :) But alas, chocolate won over. :)

That cell phone is hilarious.

I enjoy going on cruises - they are nice and relaxing. However, I usually pick going somewhere on land so that I feel like I "experience" more.

Great list!

PJ said...

I like that you thought of color:)

aubrey said...

oh my goodness, i would love to go on a cruise someday. it sounds like so much fun!

Yvonne said...

nancyface: I still remember my days of cruisin the strip--every Friday night.

chellie: You know I love ya ; )

So glad cell phones are not like that anymore.

I love doing the land thing, too.

pj: Color adds so much to the world.

aubrey: You would love cruising.

Melissa said...

I'm gonna go on a cruise someday... I think... maybe :)
And yeah for Christmas! It's my favorite time of the year!