Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 5--Ten Things I Love: Letter "V"

First of all, let me say how much I appreciate your coming to read these posts. They have been a lot of fun for me--I realize I really do LOVE a lot of things. Today is letter "V" and the 10 Things I Love are:

1) Vacations--The best part of vacations is being with family--we ALWAYS have a great time when we're together. (And we're always ready for some great laughs together.)   We have been able to take some pretty great vacations. As anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows, I LOVE TO TRAVEL. There is a great big, beautiful world out there and I love taking vacations and having an opportunity to see so many wonderful things--VACATIONS WITH FAMILY ARE THE BEST!!!

2) Vaccinations--No, I do not enjoy getting vaccinations or having my children get them, but I do love what they prevent. I know there is a great deal of controversy about some of them, but you have to know when I was a little girl, polio was at epidemic proportions and when  the polio immunization was first given, WE WERE ALL THRILLED. Please, I don't want to get in any discussions about the dangers of immunization--we each have our own opinion.

3) Visits--I love when people come and visit and when I have the chance to go and visit others. We used to get a lot more visits from the kids when we all lived closer--I know it's hard for them to get up this way. We try and head their way as often as we can. I am very happy to say that arrangements have been finalized and Allan and I will be flying to Louisville to visit my new great grandson, Xander the end of February. I am so excited and can hardly wait.

4) Volkswagons--Or at least this one. I still have such great memories of this car--I loved it (maybe that is more appropriate than to see "I love it") It got me around and it was so fun to drive.  I sure wish I still had it.

5) Vegetables--I love most vegetables--I do have a few favorites--asparagus and artichokes.   I know I should eat more vegetables.  In fact, I would be in much better shape if snacks were vegetables instead of sweets, but WHAT FUN WOULD THAT BE ; )

6)  Vases--I don't know how many vases I have, but I love them all.  Of course, I love them most when they are FILLED WITH FLOWERS.  One of the things that is tough about living here is I think flowers are very expensive.  I would love to get fresh flowers for my table every week, but the budget just won't allow it.

7)  Visiting Teaching--I enjoy the whole concept of our taking care of one another. It's always wonderful to know that there is someone to call on when you need help. Through the years I have been blessed with some fabulous Visiting Teachers. I remember when Allan and I first got married and I went from beng the mother of one teenage son to the mother/stepmother of four teenagers, I was so grateful for those Visiting Teachers who came each month to listen and offer counsel. It was wonderful to know they were available with a shoulder to lean on.

8) Variety--This is going to be difficult to explain. I just love that there is so much variety everywhere. Now it's more than choices--I think sometimes we have way too many choices--goodness you go to Subway and you pick the kind of sandwich, on what kind of bread with what kind of cheese, etc. Anyway, I'm thinking more about the variety there is when you step outside. Every tree doesn't look exactly the same--green trees aren't always the same shade of green. Like I said, tough to explain, but I just love that there is variety.

9) Video Cameras--I love that there are video cameras to capture more than just still images. (I realize today even our regular cameras can capture video clips, but I have so many treasured memories on video tapes. I will always have that memory of Brent's voice when he was a little guy, or Kyle crying and laughing.

10) Vanilla Sugar Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works:--I guess TECHNICALLY it is "warm vanilla sugar", but let's not get technical. I just love how it smells. I really need to use it more often. I am part lizard--my skin is so incredibly dry. A word to all of you out there who have young, supple skin--TAKE CARE OF IT. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE.

No "Ten Things" post tomorrow.  I've decided not to post on Sundays.

Sidenote: Thirteen years ago yesterday we moved into our home here. What a change--still trying to adjust to harsh winters ; ) As I was going down to the basement this morning and passed by this little area, I remembered a young boy who wanted to imitate his dad and set up a little office across from dad's. Two separate pictures meshed together--you have to love Kyle's little computer and his post-it note on the wall ; ) Believe me, he is organized just like his dad.


Neal said...

I TOTALLY remember Kyle's little office - with his clipboard and everything ; ) Nice!

Klin said...

I much prefer Vacations with my family. It's the real reason I love Disneyland. Watching my kids and playing with them is a great joy.

I plead the 5th on VT. I need to repent and do better.

Bath and Body Works Vanilla Sugar that's also Warm is MY favoritest, too. It's the only scent I can do and not get headaches. I have tons stashed everywhere.

I still love vegetables even after eating them mostly for a month now.

I wouldn't have thought of variety, but I agree. Variety in everything is something to celebrate.

txmommy said...

I am enjoying your letter posts so much! It's fun to see all the things you come up with and to go "Oh! I love that too!!!" or"huh?" LOL!

Can't wait for your grandson's wedding!

Millie said...

Warm Vanilla Sugar is my favorite too... and I love veggies and wish they were as easy to prepare as a bag of Hershey's Kisses or a donut, but alas.

Vacations rock and so do Volkswagens.

Glad to meet another "variety" person. I love changing things up.

Magirk said...

You are so amazing to come up with 10 things for the letter V! :-D

Another fun, great list, with beautiful pictures.

chellie said...

I LOVE the Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion!!! It's my favorite. :) Well, anything vanilla is.

Great list! You love many great things!

Heffalump said...

I love Volkswagens. The reason I have a soft spot for them is because they were one of my oldest son's obsessions for a while. He collected VW die cast cars (bugs being our favorite) and I have dreams of someday getting a bug and restoring it together.
Vacations are great too. We don't get many of those.

Natalie said...

I am also enjoying your posts a lot. I love family vacations. Alas we hardly ever have them. Maybe I can work on that when we get back.
I also love VT. I met my BFF by being her first VT when she moved into our ward many years ago.
I like veggies too and I really liked our old VW bus that had to be double shifted. That was in the olden days.

Tonya said...

How cute is that last picture. Like father, like son.

My dad had Polio and it affected him his whole life so I'm with you on the vaccinations.

I love reading about all the things you love.

PJ said...

I love vegetables too! Although my figure reflects my love of all things sweet:(

I love Vanilla Lace lotion from Victoria Secret, they are similar:)

aubrey said...

congratulations on being in your home for thirteen years!

and mmmm, i just bought asparagus when i was shopping yesterday. it's all for me since my family doesn't like it. yum!

and i do love visiting teaching as well. sometimes it is difficult to get done, especially when i don't have a companion, but once i go and do it, i know that i'm doing what the Lord wants me to. thanks for your V-list!

Tiffany said...

Vacations are fun. Especially if you are going someplace new. I loved this post.:)

Jodi said...

I am so with you on the vacays! I need one right now! This one had to be hard! I love reading these posts.

Stop by and enter my GIVE AWAY!!!!

Oh wait, you already did!!! You are my best commenter ever!!!!

Your readers are invited to enter too!

Melissa said...

I love it!! The office is so fun :)
Hmmm... something I love with the letter V... I love villians. What good is a story if you don't have a nasty villian for the hero to conquer? :)

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I have missed your blog.

on vacation...
kind of
went to see my girl in Logan.


ps. warm VANILLA sugar bath and body 'smell pretty'... love it!

Nancy Face said...

I enjoy these posts so much! :)

I like all ten things you selected, and I LOVE four of them! Wish I could say I really love Visiting Teaching! ;)