Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 6--Ten Things I Love: Letter "T"

The start of a new week--hope you all had a great weekend. I did. This morning we had freezing rain so had to cancel Seminary. Too bad didn't know last night--sure would have been nice to SLEEP IN ; ) Today the Ten Things I Love Are:

1) Toilet Paper--I love toilet paper--frankly, I just don't like to think about life without it. I could spend a lot of time talking about preference, but have decided against it ; ) I'll just say the softer the better.

2) Toothbrushes--My Seminary students know how important I think toothbrushes are. At the start of the year, they all hear the same instructions, I don't care if they come in pajamas JUST AS LONG AS THEY BRUSH THEIR TEETH!!!!

3) Temples--We have been very fortunate to be able to visit many temples. At last count we have visited close to 50 temples. There is such a feeling of peace when we are there. I still remember when I was a new member of the Church going to the Oakland temple during my lunch hour and just sitting on the grounds reading.

4) Twenty-four (24)--You have to know that when I get to the letter "J" Jack will be there. This season is very good--very intense. My favorite line of the season, thus far, has to be when Chloe is fitting Pres. Matobo with a transmitter in his teeth and he asks her, "Are you with the F.B.I.",  and she replies, "No, I'm just a stay-at-home mom".   CLASSIC!!!!

5) Target--Oh, my Target, I love Target. Probably one of the few regrets I have about living in Canada is WE DON'T HAVE TARGET. I miss it so much. Whenever we are in the U.S. Allan knows, our visit MUST include a stop at Target.

6) TV--I love TV and along with TV, I LOVE MY TIVO. I could have made two separate entries, but already did that with the toilet paper and the toothbrushes.

7) Texting--It's a quick way to send little notes to my grandkids and just check in. I know they are all busy, but it's nice to let them know I'm thinking of them.

8) Tony--I have a very handsome, wonderful son-in-law named Tony. I love him. He is a great husband and an all around great guy. If I ever went on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" he would DEFINITELY be one of my "phone-a-friends".

9) Teachers--I love teachers and I love teaching. Throughout the years my children have had wonderful teachers--I could count on one hand the number that haven't been wonderful. We are very lucky to have three teachers in our family--Tony (teaches high school), Heidi (teaches grade 1) and Macy (has taught Junior High Music)

10) Traveling--YA THINK?????

Sidenote: Jodi stopped by to remind me to let you all know about her fabulous giveaway in honor of her 1 year bloggoversary. (Typed this text in purple in honor of jodi ; )


Heffalump said...

Terrific list!
Toilet paper and toothbrushes are everyone's friends!

Neal said...

Let's see...I suggest we "travel" to one of the "temples" that you haven't seen yet. We'll go to "Target" to buy "toilet paper" and "toothbrushes", just to be safe. If we're gone over a Monday, you can always use your "Tivo" to record "Twenty Four" on your "TV". Last, we'll "text" "Tony" about how beautiful the temple is.

sweetpea said...

Target is the BEST, as is 24. I loved Chloe's line too--it made me laugh out loud!

Tori :) said...

Weird... I didn't see "Tori:)" on the list. ;)

I think I could have made this list. Toilet paper and toothbrushes are 2 of my favorite things!!

Tori :) said...

And "24"

Romy said...

I LOOOOVE Target! I too am sad that we don't have Target here in the Great White North...but my bank account is probably thankful!

As a former seminary teacher, I completely sympathize with you on the "missed oppotunity" to sleep in on a morning due to bad weather!

Lauren said...

I haven't seen ONE episode of 24...but my family is into it. I need to see it!

I LOLed at that joke with the tooth brush and toilet paper haha!

Melissa said...

Toilet paper... Yep. I'm gonna agree with you on that one 100%! :)
I hope to one day visit more temples. I want to go in and do sessions in all the temples I possibly can. Kind of hard with kids in tow... maybe someday!

PJ said...

Ha! Poor Toilet paper.

I was at Target today! I got a new shirt.

I wanna Travel.

Tonya said...

No Target? Oh dear, I think I would go into withdrawal.

I like texting too, it's so fun to just send a little note to say you're thinking of someone.

utmommy said...

Great list!!

I totally love 24! And I loved Chloe's quote too! Classic!

Valerie said...

Can you believe I haven't watched a single episode of 24 this year? I totally got into it before, but I just haven't found the time yet. :(
As for the love of T.P. I have to say that has multi-uses in my house: We use it on both ends, as well as to help clean up little messes on bathroom counters (when a 6 year old squeezes his Spiderman toothpaste all over the counter.)

txmommy said...

I heart my toothbrush too!!

Yvonne said...

heffalump: Thanks--I'm glad you agree about the toilet paper and toothbrushes.

neal: GREAT JOB. We would definitely "text" "Tony" who would probably be "teaching" school.

sweetpea: Allan and I had such a laugh when Chloe said that.

tori: I didn't think I had to make that clear--I figured you already knew ; )

I think 24 just keeps getting better and better.

romy: Yeah, I'm with you on the bank account problem.

This morning would have been another one of those sleep in days if I had just made the decision last night ; ((((((

lauren: You need to watch at least one episode, but then again, you'd be hooked.

I got a kick out of that cartoon, too.

melissa: toilet paper a definite must.

Visiting the temples is such a blessing.

pj: Lucky you getting to go to Target.

tonya: Yeah, it is sad not to have one here. Oh well, it makes it even more of a treat when I get to go.

I agree about the texting.

utmommy: Thanks. I wish I could figure out what's going to happen on 24.

valerie: It is so fun now that Allan watches it with me. Toilet paper really comes in handy.

txmommy: Toothbrushes are a must ; )

Corrine said...

i love the temple too, and toilet paper, when in brazil sometimes we had to use the church news...the extra copies we got.

Magirk said...

Hahahaha! :-D

I seriously LOVE toilet paper too, and I've often pondered how tragic life would be without it!

And the toothbrush stuff - I TOTALLY agree!

You're too funny, Yvonne.

Another great list! ;-)

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

You really cover it all.

TP? Where would we be without that? & toothbrushes? hello.

i love tony too!
well my tony anyways...
never met yours. Ü


Nancy Face said...

I love that the first item is TOILET PAPER! Hahaha! :D

I buy Scott 1000 because it's economical and I don't have to change the roll very often. Ty refuses to use it because it's not soft enough, so he informs me that he uses my Puffs Plus instead! ;)

Nancy Face said...

I like eight of the ten things, three of which I LOVE! I pretty much despise TV and texting, haha! :D

chellie said...

Bring on the Target! Oh baby!