Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 8--Ten Things I Love: Letter P

Time to go with the letter P--so, here are Ten Things I Love:

1) Prime Rib--That is always on the menu for my birthday dinner. I love it, especially with horseradish and a baked potato.

2) Pictures--I'm not a big fan of having my picture taken, but I sure love taking pictures. Not only do I love taking pictures, I love looking at pictures. I'm so grateful for the pictures I have--they truly are great memory triggers. Quite often Allan asks me how I remember something--and I confess it is ONLY because I have a picture of it.

3) Pina Coladas (non-alcoholic, of course)--and, of course, along with those pina coladas I love getting caught in the rain ; )

4) Pantyhose--You have to know when I first started wearing stockings we used garter belts, so when pantyhose came along they were such a welcome change. But once we realized that if you had a run in one stocking you had a run in both--they became VERY EXPENSIVE. I don't know if I can explain how we solved the problem, you would take the right leg of the pantyhose and cut it off just below the "panty" part and cut the left leg of another one (that had a run in that leg) and basically wear two "panty" parts. Do you get it???? Of course, we also used a lot of clear nail polish to try and stop those runs before they would get too far up your leg ; )

5) Pregnancy--Yes, as miserable as I feel when I'm pregnant, I love the whole experience of carrying a child. I know on my backwards resolution I mentioned those words would not escape my lips, but if I could, I would LOVE TO BE PREGNANT AGAIN!!!! I envy Tiffany and Sweetpea who are both pregnant. Tiffany, who is the mother of twins, is expecting one; and Sweetpea who also has twins is expecting twins AGAIN. Congratulations, ladies.

6) Pondering--I wish I took more time to ponder, but I love the whole experience of taking a scripture or a thought and really pondering the meaning, the application, etc.

7) Piano--I love taking piano lessons and I love listening to my kids practice the piano. That's one of the things I will miss most when Kyle is gone away to University.

8. Pillows--I have never thought of myself as a pillow snob, but I realized I don't sleep as well when I don't have my own pillow.

9. Pineapple--I love fresh pineapple. It is such a treat and always reminds me of Hawaii.

10. Paris--I have been to Paris a few times and I love it. When I was in high school I did a report on France and became fascinated with Paris so I was thrilled the first time we visited back in 1983--when I was PREGNANT with Heidi ; ) One day I would love to go with Neal--he is such a world traveller and would probably take us to places we would never find on our own. (Although going with Richard and Priscilla when they were there on a mission was pretty fascinating ; )

Sidenote: Am I the only one who things that mom with the Octupulets looks like Angelina Jolie?  Edited:  I was just watching CNN Headline News and I guess that I'm not the only one who thinks that ; )  


Heffalump said...

Mmmm, fresh Pineapple! We tried to grow our own, but weren't successful at getting a good start. That is probably because I am a notorious plant killer.
I don't like having my picure taken either. That may be a hallmark of most photographers!
I need to learn to play the piano better...
Again, a perfect list!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

when you label things you are thankful for... even by letters.

too many to count.


ps. I thought that too. [angelina jolie look alike] she denied it.
Did you watch the NBC report Ann Curry did on it? Poor girl. I feel bad for those babies too. Even though she does love them.

Jess said...

I had no idea you were a pianist! You must share your talent more often. I have loved reading all about the ten things you love each day. You are such a positive example and role model. Thanks for being you!!!

JustRandi said...

Can I just tell you how much I love these lists? I learn such interesting things! Can you play the piano well enough to do hymns yet?

Melissa said...

I too love the piano. I'm trying to get my oldest to love it... but right now he just thinks I'm the meanest mom in the world for making him practice. :)

Natalie said...

Love your pictures and love your 10things. I love Paris too. We were there years ago (about 28) and I am anxious to go again. I remember panty hose becoming popular. LOL Are we really that old? Totally agree with all of your other loves for p; pineapple-yum, pregnancy- was so sick but loved it because it meant I was having another sweet baby; pillows, pondering, prime rib-yes, yes, yes; pictures-love looking at them and trying to be better at taking them and piano-love it and wish I was a better pianist. I can play hymns.

annie said...

Love your p things. I loved being pregnant too, and would love to take piano lessons.

PJ said...

Pictures I love. I'll look at anyone's pictures.

I didn't like being pregnant:( I wish I did.

I have to have my pillow to sleep. I am not a snob about many things, but I guess that is one. And Heinz ketchup.

Good P's!

Janice said...

hey, I found it. It was fun to see some of your favorite things (and mine) and photos of the kids and grandkids and you and Allan. Wow!

Yvonne said...

First of all, let me thank all of you for commenting. I'm sure this is getting old, but it's therapeutic for me.

heffalump: You are brave to try and grow pineapple. (I have 2 brown thumbs ; )


sheila: I didn't see the NBC thing with Ann Curry, but couldn't believe how when I watched the news it was all over and I have had so many hits on my blog because of people googling it. I feel very bad for the babies--sorry, more than the girl.

jess: I said I loved the piano not that I am a pianist. I am working to be able to play a hymn--one at a time.

Thank you for being so kind.

justrandi: Hey, thanks. No, I can't play well enough yet, but I will keep working at it.

melissa: Join the meanest mom club--I could be President.

natalie: Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I hope you get to go to Paris for that dance.

Isn't it funny to remember when pantyhose first came around--after those horrible garter belts. (At least we didn't have to wear stockings with seams ; )

I can't wait until I CAN play the hymns.

annie: Notice I didn't say I LOVE TO PRACTICE the piano--that's my downfall.

pj: You sound like me--I love to look at other people's pictures, too. Heinz ketchup, eh????

Janice: So glad you found the blog. Thanks.

chellie said...

I LOVE pineapple too! yummy yum. oh and Pina Coladas... yummy yum. I'm with you on the taking pictures but not being in them. :)

Valerie said...

Piano is my therapy; prime rib with potatoes are my weakness; Paris is a dream as well as pregnancy. I would give anything to be pregnant just one more time.... Pineapple is a treat; and pictures are my passion! We must be twins!

Tuesday night I had a conversation with some friends about the look-alike of the mom with octuplets (I wonder if she'd share a kid or two with me?) It's amazing how many of us were randomly thinking about that!

Nancy Face said...

Hey! Let's go out to dinner sometime! You can get the Prime Rib and a pina colada, and I'll get the salmon and a strawberry daiquiri...non-alcoholic, of course! ;)

Pictures are just about my favorite things! :)

I take my pillow with me on trips whenever possible! ;)

Yvonne said...

chellie: Let's go to lunch and have a pina colada.

valerie: Maybe we are twins.

I'm just so upset about that mom--I will not blog about it because I don't want hateful comments.

nancyface: You know I'm game--we have a great place we can go to dinner here in Winnipeg. How about you hop on a plane ; ) I love strawberry daquiri's--the best I've ever had are the ones in Hawaii with whip cream. YUM, YUM, YUM!!!

I need to remember to take my pillow.