Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 9--Ten Things I Love--Letter D

This has been a great exercise for me. Funny, I've had more visitors than usual (guess lots of people were searching what was mentioned in my sidenote on my last post--won't mention that again, even though I'D SURE LIKE TO TALK ABOUT IT. Visitors certainly does not always equate to commentors ; ) Oh well, I'm here ready to do my next Ten Things I Love:

1) Disneyland--I love that place--it truly is one of the happiest places on earth. When we lived in So. California we would go there every time someone would come to visit. It's a good thing we don't live there today--goodness ticket prices have skyrocketed. When we lived in Charlotte, NC, we were able to go to Disneyworld a couple of times, too. (In fact, the above pic is Disneyworld.

2) Daphne--My DIL, Daph, absolutely LOVES Disneyland. I can't even tell you how many times she has been there. She is a fantastic daughter-in-law. I love when I get a chance to talk to her. (She works part time and is going to school.) We can laugh and laugh about so many things. She is so fun. She has a heart of gold and is great mom to my grandchildren. She and Stephen have been married for almost as long as Allan and me and I admire her for her perseverance during difficult times and her love and support of Stephen.

3) Drew--This is my cutie patootie grandson. He cracks me up. Stephen and Daphne will both tell you it's a good thing he wasn't their first ; ) I have some great shots of him and couldn't resist posting these two. I love his little hugs--in fact, every one of their children have always done the cutest things when they hug you, they pat you on the back as they are giving you a hug. I LOVE IT.

4) Dairy Queen--Of course, during the winter you can't go to DQ because it's closed here, but when it's open I love going there. My favorite thing to get is either the pecan mudslide or the brownie earthquake.

5) Diamonds--They truly are a girl's best friend.

6) Dreams--Well, most of them, sometimes they are more like nightmares, but I love when I have a good dream. In fact, sometimes I hate when I wake up, but then again, that could simply be because I LOVE MY SLEEP.

7) Discounts--I love discounts. It makes me feel so good when I find a sale--especially when it's a big discount.

8) Daisies--As much as I love Gerbera Daisies, I also love just plain old regular daisies. As Meg Ryan's character says in "You've Got Mail"--"daisies are the friendliest flower".

9) Dancing--I love dancing. I am a huge Dancing With the Stars fan. As I've mentioned before, I have the DWtheStars exercise videos and it's a real laugh when I do them. I'm not very good, now don't get me wrong, I'm CERTAINLY not as bad as Elaine. (But then again, Elaine probably didn't think she was a bad dancer, either???) It was so fun to take those dance classes with Allan when we were on our cruise.

10) Donuts--I love donuts. When I'm watching my weight, some Fridays are really tough at Seminary. I don't remember what donuts cost in the states, but I think they're pretty pricy here. 85 cents a piece--so I always have to buy them by the dozen, and they're about 6.00 a dozen. One dozen just isn't enough--I want my Seminary kids to get two each.

Sidenote: After hearing Kyle play Viva la Vida MANY, MANY times, I have decided I really like the song ; ) and have added it to my playlist (the Coldplay version) along with Bruce's Dancing in the Dark.


Neal said...

I love donuts/doughnuts as well...trouble is, I can't have very many (pesky Diabetes!). Here in New England, you can't go more than a couple of blocks before running into a Dunkin' Donuts. Growing up on Winchell's...and experiencing Krispy Kreme...and Rudy' mouth is watering already.

JustRandi said...

Oooo! This is my favorite day so far. I love every single D thing on your list. Well, I don't really know the people, but I'm sure I WOULD love them, too.

glittersmama said...

yum. donuts.

aurora said...

Can I come to your Seminary class? :D

chellie said...

I don't know how you do it.. you come up with these amazing lists! Most things I just nod my head in agreement. I guess instead of me writing it down, I'll just link to your blog. I am very passionate about daisies! I love all kinds and colors!

Klin said...

I love Disneyland!!! I am thinking about another visit. I could really use some play time.

I, too, really love Gerbera Daisies. They make arrangements come alive for me.

Janice said...

it looks to me like you get lots of comments. What did I miss before? I love daisies too!!! That grandson has the cutest face and I'll bet he's full of mischief:)

Valerie said...

Another great post!

Corrine said...

ok there was something i was going to comment mid way through your list, and believe me it was FUNNY or maybe witty, but then I thought noo just finish reading and it totally slipped my mind....oh what could it have been?? anyway glad you have such a great relationship with your daughter in law and man i want some doughnuts...

oh yeah!! what the HECK!!!! DQ isn't open year round???is that legal???? you should be able to get a blizzard any time of the year!

Nancy Face said...

DISNEYLAND!!! I'm going there pretty soon! :D

I love DIAMONDS way too much...and I love getting them at a DISCOUNT! (With gift money from Christmas and my burp-day!)

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I am right there with you on.
My top two:
Dairy Queen (blizzard's-yum!)

Can't remember the last time I made a trip to the DQ...
so my number one would be the daisies... no points. Ü


txmommy said...

dairy queen closes?? how strange is that!

Ashley said...

Diamonds, Daisies, Donuts. Love them! I have always thought daisies were pretty, ever since the first time I remmeber seeing my Moms wedding bouquet in pictures.