Friday, April 3, 2009

A Few Thoughts

I'm so looking forward to General Conference. I feel I really need it. I especially love April Conference because I was baptized in between sessions of April Conference in 1974. When we lived in California, we used to be able to watch it at home. Here we don't get it on our TV, so on Saturday I will go to the Stake Center for the morning session and then do a little shopping in that part of town and then head back for the afternoon session. I should be able to catch most of the UConn/Michigan State game I still haven't decided what I'll take for lunch on Sunday for Kyle and me because we'll just stay at the Stake Center.

A few weeks ago I attended "An Evening With a GA"--a meeting for Seminary/Institute teachers. In his address, Elder C talked about the whole idea of good, better, and best. So much of what he said struck home as he said we have a responsibility to help the rising generation identify that which is what he termed "foolishness" in today's world and how to make wise and appropriate decisions to avoid it. Allan and I talked a lot about it. Still struggling to figure it all out.

Spring Break has been great, except for the weather. It has been a successful week of cleaning and organizing. Kyle did such a great job on his room. We cleared out closets and bookshelves. We have quite a few books to give Heidi for her classroom. I know she will be so happy to get them.

Sidenote #1: Our Championship Monday party will be so different this year. We've had some great parties through the years. Allan will host one in Utah and I will host one here. It should be fun--I think we'll have to do an iChat during half-time. If you see all the sheets on the wall, those are everyone's picks. I always put them on the wall so they can see how everyone did. (This year I'll be very close to the bottom) I'm very excited because when we were in Minneapolis I bought myself a "Final Four t-shirt". Kyle and I have been planning the menu for the party.

Sidenote #2: I've sure been missing my hubby. It just doesn't feel right not having him here. It seems like he's been gone forever. Watching 24 was not the same. Brent recorded it for him and he informed me today that he already watched the episode he missed. I'm so glad. I'll have to be sure and watch Monday's episode before I go to bed Monday night--which will be quite late because of the BB game. That will make Seminary VERY EARLY Tuesday morning. (Oh well, I can sleep on the plane on Tuesday ; ) Speaking of 24, I was watching Sweet Home Alabama tonight and never realized Chloe was in it.


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

That is cause Chloe looks so different in Sweet Home Alabama.

I have watched 24 in the past... although not an avid fan like you. I love Chloe.

I can only imagine how much you miss Allan. Tony was supposed to be at home today... the called him out to work at 6:31 am and he is still there. Over 12 hours later... hang in there.

I am looking forward to General Conference as well. Mostly because I love to sit at home and watch it on TV. I almost thought is strange to go to the Stake Center... but that is the way it is some places. If I was at the Stake Center... there would be less distractions.


Tori :) said...

I sooooo wish I could come to your championship party! How fun!!!!

It's just not right when your husband's not with you. :( I'm sorry!!

I never realized Chloe was in "S H A" either!!

Klin said...

I love it when there is something worth watching on tv and I can stay in my jammies all day on Sunday and still get spiritually fed:)

annie said...

You always have so many fun things going on!

JustRandi said...

You DO always have fun things going on! I'm jealous!

PJ said...

April of '74 was two months before I was born:) Good year ;)

I'm looking forward to conference.

Sorry you are missing your honey, you'll be rubbing elbows soon:D

Heffalump said...

We watch/listen to conference online here. It's too hard to keep the kids under control in the church for that many hours.
I'm glad it won't be too many more days before you see your hubby. The waiting can't be fun.

Lucy said...

I always look forward to Conference and always wish I was there 'live' to see it in that beautiful building. Television? Eh....not the same. But what a blessing it is for these two times a year.

Millie said...

I'm sorry you miss the hubby, but think how sad it would be if you didn't miss him and were glad he's gone. Feel better? ;)

chellie said...

Your conference experience sounds so different from many of us who have the luxury of using a remote, while snuggled in our jammies to watch it. I admire you. Your spin on it, gave me a new appreciation for conference.

It's hard having a husband gone... I'm sorry. You'll see him soon!

Your championship parties sound great! I can't wait to see pictures!

Sorry about the weather. Our spring break was gorgeous, but the last two weeks have been breezy and we're lucky if we hit 80!

Locky said...

If you want to sleep, you can always watch the episode of 24 online at Global TV... that is what I do when I miss an episode. here is the link.

Don't worry, it is legit, not one of those dodgy websites.

Jodi said...

I think it's so sweet that it's just not the same with the hubby! You are so awesome Yvonne!

Natalie said...

I loved conference. We had to go to the church for priesthood and since we need to be together, I attended my first priesthood mtg.:)I was very welcomed and it was awesome. I loved all of the talks. We got to watch the rest of conf on our laptop, but 2 of the sessions were broadcast 10 to midnight. Late, but so worth it.

Your party sounds like so much fun!

txmommy said...

yeah on the cleaning.

I love conf. I love watching it at home. Between sessions on Sunday we went out and played in the wildflowers. We eat during conf, keeps the kiddos happy and snacky :)

Valerie said...

I totally understand missing Allan. My hubby will be gone for the next three weeks (home on weekends though) and I like to DVR "our shows" so we can watch them together when he's home. It makes a nice/cheap date night! :]

Nancy Face said...

I guess I'm so spoiled, having Conference on my TV at home! I like to do busy things with my hands (such as ironing or family haircuts) while I watch and listen, because then I don't get sleepy like I do when just sitting still! :)