Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Little Clean-up

Let's have some fun--care to try and come up with a caption?

Accountability List Update:

#1--Mail family birthday cards on time--I've been pretty good. My grandson, Evan, has a birthday in a couple of weeks and with the length of time it takes for mail to go from here to the U.S. (which I do not understand AT ALL) I better get his card in the mail today. Since I just mailed my package for nancyface today whose birthday was on the 24th--you know I stink at getting other notes out. But--better late than never ; )

#2--Organize my photos on the computer--I'm still struggling with how to do this. I think I will take them off one group at a time--like trip to Hawaii, family reunion, etc.

#3--Be able to play 5 hymns--My piano teacher is on holiday and I haven't been practicing as much as I should.

#4--Meal planning--This has been going really well. It takes away a lot of the stress when I know what I'm fixing for dinner each night.

#5--Be kinder--Let's just skip that one.

#6--Pray and listen--Working hard at this.

#7--Lose 10 pounds--Oh, I think I've lost 2.

#8--Continue exercise routine--This has been going pretty well.

#9--My card cleaning system--February was a great month and I got a lot done. It feels so good.

I completed the family challenge for February and wrote letters to all of our children/grandchldren. Poor Brent's is still here. Kyle got his yesterday and announced he hadn't written one. I feel bad because Heidi still hasn't gotten her note. I know that Stephen and his family got their notes. I hand delivered Nancy and her gang their notes. Allan and I have had a good laugh over the whole experience ; ) Our next challenge is to write 3 things we are grateful for each week on our family website. I feel bad for those in our family who don't really get on the website. Oh well.


It was a good experience for me. I learned there are lots of things I love which always feels good. I try to be positive, but quite often find myself getting negative so it did a lot to help me focus on the things that make me smile.


On Monday Kyle took back the drums he rented for February--I'm not missing them one little bit!!!!

Right before we left for Indiana Kyle competed in a track meet and came in 2nd in the triple jump. Over the next couple of months Allan and I will get a taste of being empty nesters--Kyle is going to Minneapolis this weekend to participate in a track meet, in April he's going on a band trip to Alberta and will be gone for a little over a week.

In September we will have two children at BYU Provo--Kyle and Brent.

I can't wait for Spring--it will be nice to see lawn and flowers and hear birds.


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I can't believe that you are not missing the drums. ;)

A caption.
gotta think...

when I get one I'll be back.

Lauren said...

I am so amazed that they have indoor track meets!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

politically correct traffic sign:
for the small and tall alike.

Nancy Face said...


I said STOP!

That means YOU!

We need one of those at the corner near my house where people are constantly running the stop sign. It's scary! :0

Nancy Face said...'re so sweet to send me a package! Thank you, I'm excited! :D

Our many February celebrations have "helped" me to gain back the pounds I lost in January. But it's sure been FUN! :D

Klin said...

A STOP sign for the big vehicles and the little Tykes ones, too.

"#5--Be kinder--Let's just skip that one." Huh? You are among the kindest people I know. That is totally something I would write, but not on my blog cause then everyone would know ;)

Are you sure you don't miss those drums? Nothing like a good beat to bang your head to.

I love your family challenges. They are great. And u hm, thatsa lotta letters! Do you have writer's cramp?

Corrine said...


Stop! Look Both Ways before Crossing Life's Highways :)

Ok that is a long caption

great goals and glad you accomplished your last ones.

Brent said...

I really liked the family challenge in February better than the one in January, not because I had to refrain from spending, but February required action rather than just not doing something. I still learned a bit in January, but February's challenge helped me step up a bit.

Tonya said...

You're doing great on your list. Way to go!!

I can't belive you don't miss the drums..LOL

I think the family challenges are so cool. What a grea way to keep everyone together when you like in so many different places.

"Stop in the name of love...*in muchkin now..stop in the name of love."

glittersmama said...

#5: I'm with Klin. You are definitely one of the nicest people I've ever met, but maybe I'm not the only person with a secrety dark side.

#7: I've got them right here. Would you like me to mail them to you?

Melissa said...

I'm gonna step out on a limb here and guess that you are one of the nicest people ever! :)
A caption? Hmmm...I'll think about it and see if anything comes to me :)

JustRandi said...

How about
"Stop. No, really."

That's a funny picture. Did you take it?

I've really loved your accountability posts. What a great way to stay on your goals!

Whitney said...

Just in case you can only see smaller objects, and don't realize that a big red sign shaped like an octagon is, in fact, a stop sign, they have created a smaller version of the original... And put it right below the other...because they didn't want to waste wood :S
My brother got drums for Christmas one year, and although they were loud (oooooh so loud), he self taught himself and he is really good now. He's been in a couple bands, and actually got to play drums for Smashmouth one time! (I'm sure you know the song "Hey now, you're an allstar, get your game on, go play"" ha ha :))

chellie said...

You are so great to be held accountable for stuff! And as far as being kind... you ALWAYS are!!!

Funny about the drums!

Bee and Rose said...

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog! I love meeting new friends!

I am with you on the photo organization! It's overwhelming!

Caption: That is me when I am telling my kids to stop! First it's a little voice, then my big voice! lol!

Natalie said...

LOL at the picture. Caption could be stop STOP!

I think it's great to be accountable and you are doing really well.

Even though we haven't met-- yet, I know you are very nice.

I can't wait for spring either. It gets pretty grey here many days.
I love spring with all the new things spring bring.s

Amber said...

OK, I laughed when I saw that picture because our local Target has those small stop signs, which make no sense whatsoever. Maybe a stop sign for mama bear and another for baby bear?!

Valerie said...

I'm not clever enough to come up with funny captions. Oh well.

Good work on fulfilling all your goals for this year!!

And congrats to Kyle for being able to go to Provo. I'm sure that was his first choice and now he gets to be there with his brother and sister.

Yvonne said...

sheila: Not missing them AT ALL.

lauren: sadly, the trip was cancelled because of bad weather--second year in a row it was cancelled. Indoor track meets are great.

sheila: Politically correct--great job.

nancyface: For some people I don't think it would matter how many stop signs there were!!!! Good for you to come up with a caption.

I'm sorry the package will be so late.

klin: For the Little Tykes--cute.

You are very sweet. Some days I don't feel very kind.

Don't miss the drums at all. Frankly, I don't need a beat to bang my head.

No writer's cramp--the sad thing is I doubt everyone could read my writing ; )

corrine: Good for you on the caption.

Being accountable helps me work harder on them and not let me just forget about them.

brent: I'm glad you liked that challenge. I thought it was a good one, too.

tonya: Thanks.

Our family website helps us all feel connected and when we are working on challenges together it's a bonus.

Cute caption.

glittersmama: Oh, every so often my evil twin escapes and takes over ; )

I'm working hard to lose some more--here's hoping.

melissa: You are very sweet--thank you.

justrandi: Allan and I had such a laugh when we saw the sign and I had to get a picture--so glad I had my camera with me. We were on our way to the temple.

Yeah, I do much better when I'm accountable.

whitney: You are so cute.

How fun for your brother--I know Kyle would love to be in a band.

chellie: It helps me when I have to be accountable to someone. Thanks.

bee and rose: Loved your post.

Yeah, still trying to figure the photo organizing out.

Cute caption.

natalie: Great job on the caption.

Believe me having to report on my goals is helping me stay on track.


I love Spring, too--just wish it would hurry and get here.

amber: For mama bear and baby bear makes great sense.

valerie: I haven't fulfilled all my goals, but I'm working at it.

Kyle was quite excited--we haven't had anyone in our family go to BYU Idaho. I think it would have been a great school for Kyle, but I know he had his heart set on Provo.

Suzanne said...

Yvonne, you can skip being kinder because you are already one of the kindest people I know. It's probably impossible for a human to be more kind! :)

mindyluwho said...

I like your accountability list. Very cool idea.

My daughter wants to play the drums...I'm just not sure I can handle it!