Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Accountability Update

It would be so easy to skip April, but then I'll just skip the rest, and I CAN'T DO THAT BECAUSE I NEED TO STAY ACCOUNTABLE. I realize it's already the middle of the month, but I'm still going to report here.

#1--Mail family birthday cards on time--I'm doing so much better at this and IT FEEL SO GOOD. With that being said, I think my grandson Evan's card was late, but only by a day or two. Today is Chris's birthday, and I got his card off in plenty of time ; )

#2--Organize my photos on the computer--I have spent a fair amount of time working on this and I think I know what I'm doing. My goal really is to get them off the computer and onto CD's or DVD's.

#3--Be able to play 5 hymns--I have one down so that feels good. Working on the next one.

#4--Meal planning--I know that this will save money and time. I could use more of both. Not sure if I should try to do it week by week or do it monthly. What do you do?

#5--Be kinder--Shall we say a work in progress. I have decided to use Ephesians 4:31-32 to help me: "Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you."

#6--Pray and listen
--I have been thinking about how my hearing is getting worse and I'm seriously considering getting a hearing aid--wonder what I can get to aid in my hearing the Lord. I guess it's just really striving to be in tune. There is so much power available to us, if we'll just take the time to listen. I am seeking to understand more fully what He would have me do.

#7--Lose 10 pounds--Not going well AT ALL. Easter was a REAL PROBLEM. Starting today--no chocolate AGAIN until I head to Texas for the wedding. (Well, I think I will have a break one day a week) I know this helps.

#8--Continue exercise routine--This has been going pretty well. I have a new exercise routine and I'm feeling really good about it. I will still go to Curves but I feel I need something a little more intense, too. Will let you know how it goes.

#9--My card cleaning system--I've slacked off quite a bit. I have a lot of things organized in rooms but haven't stayed on top of the cleaning.

I'm loving our Spring weather. Today is rainy--I don't like that but then again AT LEAST IT'S NOT SNOWING!!!

I saw these on txmommy's blog and decided I had to post them here--TOO FUNNY. I hope she doesn't mind that I posted them here.


Tiffany said...

I should have an accountability month. That is such a smart idea. I do a weekly dinner menu. It really helps. I haven't been very good about it lately and need to be more on top of it. (Just to share my happy news with you-our baby #5 is going to be a boy!:)) Have a wonderful day!

Chelli said...

You're still keeping up with all your resolutions!! Good work and Congratulations!!

JustRandi said...

You're so good, Yvonne!

Love the cartoons!

Ashley said...

I do my meal planning day to day. If I plan my dinner by lunch it is a great achievement. Out of the things women are really into, my husband wishes I would play the coupon game and meal planning. It just seems to overwhelming. I move first and then think about attempmting those things later.

Doran & Jody said...

Eh heh. Cute comics!
Good luck on all the rest! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...


You are always so good with your accountability to things.

I have spent the whole day... transferring files from my old computer... to my new computer. Via PC Mover. It has made the task almost painless... just time. It sould take less time if I would have had a clue... didn't... but it's almost done now.

I love the cartoons.


ps. I am thinking about doing a card cleaning system like you... time will tell.

Klin said...

Love the cartoons!

I need to do better at meal planning. I am doing more of it than i ever have in the past.

You are doing great at your goals.

mindyluwho said...

Those cartoons are hilarious...and almost scarily true (is scarily a word?).

I love the accountability monthly update. What a great way to keep on task. I like to plan the meals monthly. Actually my husband plans the meals and then I make out the grocery list. When we do it monthly then it seems like we keep it up better than weekly.

Whitney said...

LOL I love the cartoons :) I actually did a little giggle outloud.
Good job/luck with the resolutions. There are a few on there I see myself needing to do :)

Natalie said...

Love your accountability lists.

I have been doing well with cards so far this year.

Anna has all of my photos. I'm hoping she will put them on cd's for me. If not, I will have to learn how to do it and actually do it myself when we get back.

I often have to play the piano now, especially for baptisms. My fingers shake every time, but I'm getting a bit more confident.

Not doing well on meal planning and some of your othe worthy goals. I hope to do better.

Spring is here. We have lots of pretty blooming trees, flowers, etc. I love spring.


Tonya said...

You're doing great!! I love the scripture you posted. I'm going to print it out and put it on the fridge.

I shop weekly so I try to plan meals weekly.

Amber said...

You are doing a great job! And even with the things you haven't stuck to so well? I really admire you recommitting to them. Talk about accountability!

Chel said...

You are the kindest person I know! :)

Sounds like you are doing good - and great job holding yourself accountable!

Nancy Face said...

I love those cartoons...soOOo funny! :D

I have been spending HOURS organizing pictures. I have about 2 years worth to do in all, and I've got about 9 months done and those pictures edited, too. I also want to get them on CD's. :)

Tori :) said...

LOVED the cartoons! LOL!! Although I don't think Team Jacob's team is that big. I actually have people approach me when I wear my Team Jacob shirt in public. "Really? Why Jacob??" lol

I love your list. I should just copy it for mine.

No Cool Story said...

I need to work on the pictures in my computer. Good for you getting it done!

Sometimes just sticking to the exercise plan is good enough. Holidays are always a problem! ;)

I love the cartoons :D

Liam's Mom said...

Holy cow! Those comics are hilarious!

I think you are doing great work! I haven't made time for exercise and I've been off work for more than two weeks now. As Lauren would say, "Lamespice!"