Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Celebrations, Updates, and a Link


First off, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY. This is what I saw when I looked out one of the kitchen windows--sure wish it was a joke.

April is a very busy month for birthdays in our family--

First off on April 13th Mr Kyle will turn 18. That seems ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. When he brought home his Grad proofs the other day I could have cried--well, let's be honest here, there was a tear in my eye ; ) Isn't my little MIL such a cutie.

April 16, my grandson, Chris, will turn 25--that seems even more impossible.

April 18th, my youngest little grandson, Garrett, will turn 2. He is such a cutie. His mom has LOTS AND LOTS of pictures of him on her blog.

April 21st, Drew will turn 4. There is a slight possibility I might see him when I'm in Utah. We'll have to see what happens.

  • The only news we have on Allan's mom is that she has B-cell lymphoma. Should know more in the next week or two. She has certainly enjoyed having Allan there. As well, Neal was there over the weekend and so was granddaughter, Amanda. She is a remarkable woman and loved by so many.
  • Not much excitement around here--well, other than cleaning and organizing-BORING!!!! Kyle is such a taskmaster. He needs some help organizing his room (although I'd have to save he does a better job than his mom ; ) I've decided I am a bit of a pack rat. My self-psycho-evaluation is that I have kept so much stuff through the years is because I don't have anything from my growing up years. A word to the wise--try and go through and re-organize every couple of years. Right now I have bags and bags of stuff for the Canadian Diabetes Agency.
  • I wish Curves would open before 7:00. I would like to head to the gym first thing in the morning, but I have to wait until the gym opens.
  • After having Allan home every day, it feels funny to not have him here. The nice thing is if I'm working on genealogy and have papers on the bed while I search on the laptop and get tired, I can just leave the papers where they are ; ) (Still NOT WORTH IT--would rather have him here ; )
  • I will not be winning our family bracket challenge. After Louisville losing on Saturday I was out. And, Kyle's out, too. I think our friend Dave may come to our Championship party a week from Monday--and he's out, too. I guess I'll have to check to see if Josh and Cassie are game--at least Josh still has UConn picked.
  • Does anyone know if being clumsy is a sign of anything besides JUST BEING A CLOD!!!!! I told you about my fall on the ice last week, well on Sunday I was changing the hymn numbers because Kyle was playing the organ for Sacrament Meeting and as I was walking back to my pew I missed a step and almost did a face plant.
Has anyone else made a comment on facebook and realized you were commenting on the wrong person's comment. One of my young friends had commented that she just got back into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans--I commented, "My youngest will be 18 in a couple of weeks and I can't say that". Then I realized I had commented on a different comment--EMBARRASSING.


I have a dear friend who is in need of some help, so I'm going to put a link to her blog here. I know this woman and can attest to the fact that she is not a liar. She and her husband are very hard-working, loving people. She is just reaching out for help. Please take a minute and read her post.


Tori :) said...

My bracket was ruined early on when Duke left. NC is the only team I have still standing. :(

I put my Mavs license plate frame and magnet on Sei's car this morning (replacing his Lakers frame!!). He drove all the work without noticing. Yessssssss. April Fools Sei!

Thank you Yvonne.

Mrs. X said...

Thank you so much for the link Yvonne. ♥

Tori :) said...

I forgot to mention that April is like that in our family too. My dad is April 2. Tristan is teh 6th. Izzy is the 9th and my sister is the 20th!

glittersmama said...

You can delete the comments on Facebook. I do it often when I make those kinds or errors.

Locky said...

I am game. Only in UConn gets into the final. =P. As for the facebook comments, I do believe you can delete them.

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I bet you are missing Allan something awful. Even though you know that he is where he should be.

I will keep praying for all of you and for her.


Melissa said...

I still have NC... GO TARHEELS! :) I don't know why I picked them though... as I've said before, my methods of choosing teams are pretty lame ;)

I'm sorry about your mother in law. Hopefully you'll get more news soon and the doctors will be able to put a plan of action together!

You do have a lot of birthdays in April! That means lots of celebrating and LOTS of cake, right? :)

I'm going to try to organize my game closet today. I'm slowly getting my house in order... kind of... good luck with your organizing!

Lauren said...

I can't believe it is snowing that much in Canada still! Craziness!

Kyle is getting so old!

Neal said...

There's NO WAY Kyle can be turning 18. He will always be my young, young little brother, in my mind.

YEAH for the Canadian Diabetes Assoc. As a diabetic, I appreciate it!!

txmommy said...

I don't have a facebook...I might be the only one on the planet.

My birthday is this month too :)

Heffalump said...

Happy April Fool's Day!

Whitney said...

We walked out to snow this morning, too....boooooo. Not a funny prank.
I hate when the hubby is gone, and I hate having to sleep without him :( I'm sorry.

chellie said...

yay for birthdays! Age 25 to 2!

I haven't made a mistake on Facebook, but I can see how it would be easy to do that!

Funny... a laptop and papers have taken Allan's place. :) I'm sure it's not near as warm and cozy as Allan.

Sorry about your friend. I hope great things for her. Such a hard situation. I will check out her site.

JustRandi said...

Sheesh! I hate when I miss steps like that. It makes me feel foolish, but also hurts my back or neck and I just feel out of joint for awhile!

When is Allan getting home?

Valerie said...

Our Curves opens at 5:30 or 6:00... but I don't go until much later. 7:30 when Max is out of town or 8:30 when he's home. I also leave my projects on his side of the bed while he's gone.

The new FB has been quite confusing. I have had to delete several comments because I put them in the wronge place... or I put my status as a comment on someone's wall. We should be FB friends!

Tonya said...

I have done that on facebook and then had to comment again to my mistake.

I'm glad your hubby can be with his mom and I am really hoping for the very best news possible.

I have been cleaning and organizing like a mad woman and it feels so good. I'm a mini-pack rat myself and I too think it's because I don't have much from my childhood. Good job Dr. Yvonne.

Amanda said...

Happy April fool's day! Your view of snow looks just like ours!
We were lame this year and didn't do anything for April fools day. We've been sick and I wasn't feeling it.

Happy birthday to all the April birthday celebrators!! :)

Natalie said...

Wow look at all that snow. Utah has lots of snow too, so be prepared.
TxMommy's b'day is the 18th and so is my son-in-law Greg's. There are a couple others too. I always loved April b'days.
You sure have some nice looking children and grandchildren.:)
Sorry about Allan's Mom. Sure hope the dr's figure it all out and she gets better.
I am a pack rat too, but not now. When we moved to Tx from Ca after living in one house for 31 yrs, I got rid of a ton of stuff(literally a ton). Then when we sold our house in Tx to go on our mission, we got rid of a lot, lot more including most of our furniture. I still feel bad abut getting rid of some of the things. Oh well, I have to stop thinking about it.
I also am known for falling. My kids tease me that I will fall over a piece of nothing. My foot got tangled in my purse strap in the car once and I fell out onto the snow. The girls in the car wondered what happened to Mom? I was fine just lying in the snow. Ha.
I love reading your blog.

Nancy Face said...

Kyle is so handsome! :)

Speaking of CLODS...I was Ward Chorister back when I was pregnant with Lauren. When I was 8 months along and huge, I foolishly wore high heels to church. I directed the closing hymn and started down the steps toward my seat, but I tripped and fell into the piano pit. Luckily, hardly anyone was paying attention! :0

PJ said...

Happy April Birthday's! I love April.

I wiped out on my front steps. I'm glad all my neighbors work during the day:)

sweetpea said...

I'm glad we didn't wake up to that on April Fool's Day! I think I would cry.

Sorry about your bracket--I'm hanging in there thanks to MSU, but they are really my only hope that this point.

Happy Birthday to Kyle! I think I would have cried too, when I opened the grad pics.