Friday, April 10, 2009

Graduation Day and a Special Treat

The graduation was wonderful. We were so proud of Brent. He graduated with honors. I'm sure you all get tired of hearing this, but he truly amazes me. He works so hard and all of his efforts have truly paid off. Allan and I were so glad we were able to be there and join in the celebration.

The night before the graduation we had dinner at PF Changs. His former Mission President and wife, and one of his companions and fiancee joined us for dinner. It was wonderful. (I just love his MP for making the effort to be there.)

While we were in Utah, it felt like we spent most of our time running here and running there. We were able to go and visit Heidi's classroom on Thursday morning. Now I haven't had a child in Grade 1 IN YEARS, and the brain is slowly going, but I was truly amazed at how much these little ones are learning. Heidi is an amazing teacher. Teaching is the PERFECT profession for her. I had to chuckle when the little boy who told me I was beautiful (and that I had wrinkles just like his grandma) told me I looked different--I wanted to say, "So, not beautiful anymore, eh????"

Thursday night we had a little ice cream cake celebration. Got this pic of Heidi and Brent.

Thank you all for your expressions of concern for Allan's mom. She had her first radiation therapy session today and it went quite well. It was tough for us to leave her, but we'll see her in July and maybe even before then.

We left Salt Lake around 8:30 this morning and headed home. We had a brief stopover in Denver and I met up with someone very special. GUESS WHO????





It was justrandi. Can I just tell you--SHE IS LOVELY AND EXACTLY WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT. We had a great visit. And my hubby got to meet her and can see why I think she is so terrific. I think he now understands why I love to meet bloggers ; ) So, thanks, justrandi--I appreciate your making the drive.

Early tomorrow we head off for a quick trip to Regina. We'll head back on Easter Sunday.

By the way, HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE. And, thank you to Nancyface for the Easter card.


glittersmama said...

Happy Easter to you!

Tonya said...

I'm so glad it went well. Brent looks so handsome in his cap and gown. What a great accomplishment.

Happy Happy Easter Yvonne!!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

What a wonderful trip
seeing friends
being told you are beautiful by a child... (that is the best)wrinkles? where?? Maybe I will have to start enlarging your photos and looking upclose. ;>

I went shopping for a dress today (speaking at Lena's funeral in the morning) and I told Tony, 'I wish some of these dresses didn't make me look like a gramma'. (however, I think it's me not the dresses)


Sheri said...

You are such a busy lady!! Happy Easter to you too! And yeah for your MIL and Brent!

Holly said...

Congratulations Brent! What a happy day for all of you. My mom calls those kinds of days, "paydays"!

Valerie said...

It was a fast trip, but a good one. Happy Easter!

chellie said...

yay! What a special graduation and you can say it every day... I think Brent is just awesome!!! Never gonna get sick of hearing that! I'm glad you were able to be there and I'm glad you are back with your sweetie!
That Heidi... she sure is a cutie!

Natalie said...

Congratulations to the happy graduate! Brent looks so handsome.

So glad about your mother-in-laws news. Hope she gets better and better.

Fun to meet a bloggy friend. Someday it will be us meeting.:)


Nancy Face said...

I love Brent's graduation pictures! I'm so happy you and justRandi got to meet, YAY! I'm glad your card made it in time! Happy Easter! :)

Ashley said...

I don't think I ever get tired of hearing about the things people accomplish. I think it is awesome. Congrats to your Brett! Happy Easter!

JustRandi said...

That was SO FUN! I'm so glad it all worked out perfectly. It's funny to meet people and feel just like old friends.
Even Allan was familiar!

Too fun!
And congratulations to Brent!

Melissa said...

It sounds like you had a great trip! And you got to meet justrandi? That's so awesome! I'm a tad jealous... :)
Happy Easter!

txmommy said...

Congrats to Brent!!!

Happy Easter :)

Heffalump said...

Happy Easter!
I'm glad you had a good trip!

Tori :) said...

How fun to have met Randi!! LUCKY!!

Hope your Easter was wonderful!!

No Cool Story said...

Congratulations! One should never get tired of hearing about such an accomplishment.

JustRandi is so cute and her hair is so flippity-doodah!